Surtshellir and Gilsbakki - Lectures in Reykholt

Saturday of February,  we will be having some very interesting lectures in the old school house in Reykholt, from 13 to 17 oclock.  Lecturers are Kevin and Michèle Hayeur Smith, their lectures will be in English.

Kevin Smith:   "Den of Thieves or the Temple of Doom?"  Recent Archaeological Investigations in Surtshellir,  and Excavations at the Eagle’s Home: Archaeological Investigations at Gilsbakki in Hvítársíða, 2008-2009 ( Kevin is an archaeologist and has done research in “Surtshellir” since 1987).

Michèle Hayeur Smith:  "Spin me a Yarn, Weave Me a Tale" ;  Textiles, Women and Cloth in Iceland, AD 874-1800. Main focus will be on the part of the study, which gives us a picture of the history of textiles and clothing from the settlement until 1800, Michéle has devoted herself to this work in particular.

Hildur Hákonardóttir, she will be telling us about ancient textiles.

Árni Hjartarson (geologists):  "Hallmundarhraun" and volcanic activity in sagas.

Heimir Palsson ( literary) :  "Surtur"  and volcanc activity.

The lectures are free of charge, refreshments  in coffee break for 500 kr.


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