The Iceland Saga Trail Association

Friday to Saturday ( 28th February to 1st March)  Snorrastofa will be attending the "Saga Trail Association"  conference in Víkingaheimar ( Vikingworld)  near Keflavik airport. We will be discussing the planned expansion of the organisation to periods after the 1550, and to celebrate a more formal cooperation with" Islandsstofa".

We will be sightseeing around the former Keflavik naval base station aria and  the  museum Vikingaheimar.

Sigurður Ingi from  has designed a beautiful necklace and brooch that match the logo of the Saga Trail Association. The logo is design by Ernst Backmann  These items will be formally  presented at the konference  Friday morning. The items are in sterling silver and will be sold locally by the organisations members.

The Iceland Saga Trail Association was formally founded  in May 2006. The association have nearly 80 members, from all regions of the country. The idea for the association arose after seven of these bodies took part in the European project Destination Viking - Sagalands (2003-2005), which also included participants from Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, the Orkneys, the Shetlands, the Isle of Man and Newfoundland. The unity they experienced has led to the foundation of the new association, whose objective is to be a forum for collaboration and consultation for those involved in history- and saga-related tourism in Iceland. The association also aims to increase cooperation on publicity, quality and professional standards.The association decided that initially it would focus on the heritage of medieval Icelandic literature, the first centuries of Iceland’s history and medieval culture, i.e. the period from the settlement around 870 until 1550.

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