The Nordic Foreign Ministers meet in Reykholt

29. - 30.April 2014, Foreign ministers meet in Snorrastofa.

This week was very busy in  Reykholt.  The five Foreign Ministers from the Nordic countries held their meeting in Snorrastofa. 

Norwegian minister - Børge Brende

Swedish minister - Carl Bildt

Finnish minister - Erkki Tuomioja

Icelandic minister - Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson

Danish minister - Martin Lidegaard

The ministers arrived in Snorrastofa at 19 hours and dinner was held in our facilities under the church tower.  The food,  pure icelandic kitchen, with fish for starters, lamb for main course and  filled icelandic pancakes for dessert.  Everything was great ( a super chef from Reykjavik called in) but the dessert was really special. The pancakes were filled with the icelandic speciality "Skyr", which was mixed with whipped cream, white chocolate and rhubarb!  something that I am going to make for my children and their in laws when they come to visit this summer :)

The ministers all stayed at the Fosshotel in Reykholt, the weather couldn't have been better, sunshine during day and the night was clear and beautiful. They all slept well, and were fit for the meeting next morning on the , where the all came over to Snorrastofa at 8 o'clock to hold their meeting Snorrastofa library.  Something unpredictable happened in the morning just before 6 pm when everybody were waking up ! The electricity went of all Reykholt (also the hotel of course) This didn't delay breakfast though, the hotel always being prepared, but some  of the guests were a little delayed with their morning shower.  In spring  it's common here in the icelandic countryside that  swans fly at high voltage lines in the twilight!

Off they went at little after 10 o'clock with their staff, all together in a bus. We all from Snorrastofa stood in font of the church waving.  Two busy and successful days for the staff at Snorrastofa and the Fosshotel in Reykholt were over.

(photographer Guðlaugur Óskarsson)

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