The Song of The Sun - Sólarljóð


The church in Reykholt has beautiful windows created by the artist Valgerður Bergsdóttir.  She gets her inspiration from old manuscripts, and focuses on the written word which is the most important thing in Reykholt.  In the window facing North the text is from an old icelandic poem, "Sólarljóð" - "The Song of The Sun". 

"Sólarljóð is a powerful dream vision, in which a dead father appears to his son and advises him or conduct his life and achieve salvation, after having given a striking account of his own death, his  journeys and his vision of Christ as the sun of righteousness. This poem thus combines the  visionary modes and reinterprets pagan wisdom and prophetic compositions like Hávamál, within a Christian context." 


39. The sun I saw,
true star of day,
sink in its
roaring home;
but Hel's grated doors
on the other side I heard
heavily creaking.


54. From the west I saw
Von's dragons fly,
and Glæval's paths obscure:
their wings they shook;
wide around me seemed
the earth and heaven to burs



55. The sun's hart I saw
from the south coming,
he was by two together led:
his feet stood on the earth,
but his horns
reached up to heaven.


56. From the north riding I saw
the sons of Nidi,
they were seven in all:
from full horns,
the pure mead they drank
from the heaven_god's well.


82. Here we part,
but again shall meet
on the day of men's rejoicing.
Oh Lord!
unto the dead grant peace,
and to the living comfort.

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