Reykholt Winter Wonderland

This March it is really amazing how buisy we have been in Snorrastofa the cultural center at Reykholt. First of all a succesful conference of the archeological investigations at Gilsbakki and Surtshellir by Kevin and Michelle Smith. A week later a lecture regarding Icelandic girls who had a relationship with British troops at the beginning of the occupation during World War 2. Some of these girls were sent to "Kleppjárnsreykir" near by Reykholt, were they were kept against their will at an institution! A documentary is beeing made by the young journalist Auður Ómarsdóttir, look forward to to seeing the whole documentary. Last week we had an amazing consert with the Sætabrauðsdrengirnir ( Gingerbread boys) Viðar Gunnarsson, Bergþór Pálsson, Garðar Thór Cortes og Gissur Páll Gissurarson, they were really good :) not to forget all very handsome, so something nice for the ladys to watch! Next weekend we are having a 3 day "pilgrims Conference" in the old school house at Reykholt. Friday night a concert at 8 o'clock with "Ungfónía" and the University choir. On the program are Love hyms for King Olaf by Jorunn Vidar, Mendelssohn Violin concert and 9. Dvorak symphony. We have been having many more tourists visiting us this March than last year. There have been some Japanese "Aurora hunters", Saga fans from York England, and Tromsö Norway :) Sunday we are open from noon, as two groups have informed of their arrival and ordered guidet tours. One of the groups are from China and the other one from Norway. Yes the spring season in Snorrastofa has set off! This beautiful winter picture from Reykholt is by our local photographer Guðlaugur Óskarsson, you can find him on flickr

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