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Steinarr Lár

 •  16.03.13

Iceland Highlands

    It´s a divine experience driving the great highlands. We are talking 100% untouched nature.

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Camping in Iceland - Checklist

Iceland is a different kind of place, there is stuff you need to know before camping in Iceland. Here's a checklist.   The Iceland Camping Essentials Cash - Here in Iceland every shop, every gas station, every campsite, every grandmother knitting a wool sweater, has a credit card machine.

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9 reasons to rent a camper in Iceland

I have been camping in Iceland all my life and know for a fact that a camper van is the the best way to camp in Iceland. Why choose a camper: It's cheap.

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I´m a hunter, surfer, snowboarder and an avid traveler. I´m also chief officer of KúKú Campers... Contact me if you need travel information, best value campers or motorhomes.

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