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If you are the first time to visit Iceland, you have to join this tour, this is a MUST! As a first time Iceland visitor, i was the same situation with you guys, struggling the plan and the decisions because there are lots of options you can choose. Straight to Point. 1. This is a valuable tour! Knowledgeable tour guide, very very hard working, he explains everything during the tour, even on the bus, your eyes can't move out and play your mobile phone because of the funniest tour guide. If you want to enrich your experience or have a really good time and unforgettable time, May i introduce David, he is the most hard-working tour guide i even seen! Lead by heart! I highly appreciate what he did with my trip, he is a amazing guide! 2. This tour is a small group, if you prefer small group travel, far away from the big company, this is a good choice! i felt very lucky when i saw a big group of visitors (50-60 ppls) heading to the same place, and on the same big coach because i was in the mini-bus with 10+ppls, feels like a family! If you prefer travel in a small group and experience more about iceland, this is the best choice. 3. I was so surprised because of the extra things and activities they did. When I was in the bus and heading to our hotel, we saw aurora, and they just stop the bus to give us a chance to enjoy even we are in hurry. And when we arrived the hotel the tour guide (David) he suggested us to had a walk after dinner with him to see the Aurora even he is super tired. Because he knew most of us wanna see the aurora. And i had the best night in my life with him just because his little action. A good Tutor can enrich your Tour! I highly recommended this tour to those who wanna experience more about Iceland and go deeply to it, This is the best choice!

Aurora Hunter is owned by the world-famous, Iceland-based photographer Iurie Belegurschi. It operates 2, 3 and longer circle tours around Iceland with a special emphasis on northern lights and ice caves. Browse our tours to find the unique attractions in Iceland
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