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IceAk is a 3rd generation mountain tour operator with over 70 years of experience.

​IceAk is a small family run company operated by Björn Pálsson and his son Þórður Már Björnsson.

Björn's father Páll Arason was one of the pioneers when it comes to 4x4 car travelling in the Icelandic Highlands, starting his private expeditions in 1944, and then going on the first organised passenger tour in 1945. He later started a formal travel agency in 1956 which he ran for over a decade.

Björn started very young to explore the Icelandic Highlands with his father and has continued his travels till this very day, both on his own and later as a tourist bus driver. Björn has had his own tourist bus company since 1998 and has been organising tours and driving tourists continuously since then.

Þórður also started to travel with his father at a young age and soon got fascinated by the magic of the wilderness like his father and grandfather before him. Þórður has helped to build up the company for the last few years and has worked by his father’s side since 2005.

IceAk has now expanded the company's services and offer year-round super jeep tours from Akureyri and has therefore added some new very well equipped super jeeps to its fleet and started a cooperation with other companies in the tourist industry in the Akureyri area.



An average customer rating of 4.5 ranks IceAk North Iceland Super Jeep Tours as an excellent tour operator.
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IceAk North Iceland Super Jeep Tours

Average review rating 4.5

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