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My name is Pétur. I am the founder and head guide of Icelandic Elements. I am 36 years old, and I have been planning trips all my life.

In all of my childhood memories, I was thinking of the next adventure that would take place in Icelandic nature.

Fishing has been a big part of those adventures, and the oldest picture I have with me and a fly rod is since 1989 when I was seven.

My fishing carrier is decidedly mixed. I have extensive experience in both high-end salmon rivers and less expensive trout and char rivers and lakes.

For the whole summer of 2006, I worked in Hofsá river fishing lodge as a guide and part of the house staff.

For the last six years, mountain biking has taken up most of my free time, and for the previous three years, I have been competing in enduro competitions.

My favourite feeling is when you are in fishing or riding bikes, and you forget about time, and you become one with nature. I would like to offer that feeling to you.

Icelandic Elements is a partnership formed by childhood friends from Reykjavik, Iceland. Our goal is to help you experience Iceland as we know it.



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