WARNING TO FELLOW TRAVELS: MOUNTAIN GUIDES TOURS NOT AS ADVERTISED My sister and I visited Iceland from 3/4/18 to 3/10/18 and seeing a blue glacier cave was on our priority list. While the description of the Mountain Guides tour we selected states that, "The cave that you will visit was formed by water running under the glacier. In the winter, the water freezes over and leaves behind a glacier tunnel of deep blue ice" we did not have this opportunity to see ANY BLUE ICE CAVES (we drove over 11 hours round trip). Upon our arrival, we were assured that the weather was "perfect for caving." We reached the glacier halfway through our 2.5-hour time slot. It was not until we were on site, with our crampons on, that we were told that we would not see a blue ice cave due to the weather and issues with flooding (later in email correspondence we also found out that blue ice caves ARE NEVER INCLUDED IN THIS TOUR). Instead, we were shown an arch of gray ice called "The Black Pearl." We would never have driven up for the tour had we been sent an email alert regarding the change in the tour. Furthermore, upon arrival, we would have canceled the tour had we been informed that the blue ice cave was inaccessible. After communicating our disappointment about not seeing a blue ice cave and questioning the advertising of the Mountain Guides website, we were offered defensive excuses and only a 20% refund. (A full refund seemed appropriate.) We declined the 20% refund and hope that fellow travelers learn from our experience.

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