Flights To Iceland | All You Need to Know

Learn how to secure the cheapest flights to Iceland. See this article to find all the information you need to know about travelling to Iceland.

Despite being located in the middle of the North Atlantic, Iceland is extremely well connected to the rest of the world and over the past few years, the number of airlines that offer cheap flights to Iceland has increased manyfold.

But because of the abundance of new routes from North America and mainland Europe, and prices differing between seasons, securing the cheapest flights available might become a long and complicated process. But that does not have to be the case.

Flight comparison websites

Using comparison sights and specified travel search engines is the cheapest and easiest way to find the best offers. Skyscanner is by far the most popular of the comparison sites available today, but a less known site, Dohop, which was developed from Iceland, also provides excellent information on ticket prices.

Dohop is an Icelandic flight comparison site

A search on Dohop will, for example, show that Easyjet offers the cheapest flights to Iceland from London in mid-summer and that anyone travelling from New York to spend New Years Eve in Reykjavik will find the most affordable seat at Icelandair. 

Most popular cities to connect from

London, New York, and Copenhagen are the most common points of departure to Iceland. It takes about five and a half hours to fly to Keflavík, the International airport in Iceland, from New York, but a flight from London or Copenhagen takes three hours. 

Flight time from major cities to Iceland

  City of departure     Flight Time     Connection/direct   Stops
New York 5h 30m Direct N/A
London 3h 0m Direct N/A
Copenhagen 3h 10m Direct N/A
Helsinki 3h 30m Direct N/A
Paris 3h 20m Direct N/A
Amsterdam 3h 15m Direct N/A
Rome 4h 30m Direct N/A
Toronto 5h 15m Direct N/A
Oslo 2h 40m Direct N/A
Berlin 3h 45m Direct N/A
Barcelona 4h 30m Direct N/A
Zurich 3h 40m Direct N/A
Stockholm 3h 10m Direct N/A
Beijing 13h 50m Connection via Frankfurt
Hong Kong 17h 50m Connection   via Helsinki or Oslo  
Tokyo 15h 50m Connection via Amsterdam
Dubai 11h Connection via Amsterdam
Seoul 15h 30m Connection via Helsinki or Oslo

Transportation from Keflavik to Reykjavik

The international airport in Iceland is located in Keflavík. It takes around 40-50 minutes to drive from Keflavík to downtown Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. There is no train or railway in Iceland, so most people rent a car to travel in Iceland.

You can also use the airport shuttle. There is one that takes you from Keflavík airport to your hotel in Reykjavík. And another one that picks you up from your hotel in Reykjavík and takes you to the airport. If you are traveling two or more together it is cheaper for you to rent a car than use the airport shuttle.

The famous Blue lagoon is located between Keflavík airport and Reykjavík, or around 30 minutes from Reykjavík and 15 minutes from the airport, so most people plan their visit to the Blue lagoon either when they land or before they depart. There is a bus that takes you from the airport to the Blue lagoon, before heading to your hotel in Reykjavík.

Flights to East Iceland

In addition to traditional one-way and return fares, a growing number of group fares are becoming available. Those travelling in groups from the UK, for example, should bear in mind that Discover the World now fly directly to the small town of Egilsstaðir in East Iceland, which is a perfect destination for those seeking to get off the beaten track and experience Iceland's lesser frequented highlights. 

Flight safety over and around Iceland

When the glacier volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted in April 2010, enormous clouds of volcanic ash perpetually exploded into the atmosphere for weeks, resulting in a virtual shutdown of airspace across the entire European continent.

It is, therefore, understandable that some might imagine a flight to Iceland to be a risky undertaking. While it is true that volcanic eruptions are very common in Iceland, with minor individual volcanic events occurring on average at a 3 to 4 year interval, only three human fatalities have been attributed to volcanic activity in Iceland since 1918.

So in the event of you being in Iceland when an eruption takes place, there is no need for alarm. Icelanders are familiar with most types of volcanic activity and Iceland remains one of the safest travel destinations in the world, whether one of its volcanoes is erupting or not. 

Flights To Iceland | All You Need to Know

List of airlines that fly to Iceland

Although we definitely recommend that you use comparison sites to find the cheapest flights to Iceland, we have, for your convenience, compiled a list of all the airlines that offer flights to and from Iceland, along with descriptions of their respective routes. To book your tickets to Iceland, simply follow any of the links in this article. 


Flights To Iceland | All You Need to Know

Throughout the year, Icelandair maintains a schedule of regular flights to Iceland from all over Europe and a number of destinations in North America. You can fly directly to Iceland from Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Boston, Copenhagen, Denver, Edmonton, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Helsinki, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Manchester, Munich, New York, London, Orlando, Oslo, Paris, Seattle, Stockholm, Toronto, and Washington DC.

Icelandair also offers seasonal flights to Iceland from Bergen, Brussels, Dublin, Faro, Halifax, Las Palmas, Paris, Rome, Tenerife, Valencia, and Verona.

During summer, Icelandair also flies to Iceland from Anchorage, Barcelona, Bergen, Billund, Brussels, Geneva, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Madrid, Milan, Minneapolis, Portland, Vancouver, and Zurich.

Wow Air

Wow air is an Icelandic low cost airline

All year round, WowAir flies to Iceland from Berlin, Copenhagen, London, and Paris.

Wow Air also maintains seasonal flight schedules to Iceland from Alicante, Amsterdam, Baltimore, Barcelona, Billund, Boston, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Lyon, Milan, Rome, San Francisco, Stuttgart, Tenerife, Vilnius, Washington, and Warsaw.


From May to September, Airberlin offers flights to Iceland from Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, and Munich.

Air Greenland

All year round, Air Greenland flies to Iceland from Nuuk. 

Atlantic Airways

Throughout the year, Atlantic Airways fly to Iceland from Copenhagen, Bergen, and The Faroe Islands.

Austrian Airlines

From June to August, Austrian Airlines fly weekly to Iceland from Vienna.

British Airways

Throughout the year, British Airways offer flights to Iceland from London.

Delta Airlines

From February to September, Delta Airlines fly to Iceland from New York.

Deutsche Lufthansa

From May to September, Lufthansa offers flights to Iceland from Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Munich.

Easy Jet

Throughout the year, EasyJet maintains a schedule of low-cost flights to Iceland from Basel, Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Geneva, London (Gatwick and Luton), and Manchester.

Edelweiss Air

During summer, Edelweiss Air offers weekly flights to Iceland from Geneva and Zurich.

Germania Airlines

From June to September, Germania Airlines fly to Iceland from Bremen and Friedrichshafen.


From June to September, Germanwings maintain regular flights to Iceland from Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, and Stuttgart.


From June to September, Iberia offers scheduled flights to Iceland from Madrid.

Niki Luftfahrt

From June to September NIKI Luftfahrt offers flights to Iceland from Vienna.


All year round, Norwegian flies to Iceland from Oslo and Bergen  and also provide connections from London and New York.

Primera Air

All year round, Primera Air offers flights to Iceland from Tenerife, and seasonal flight schedules from Alicante, Almeria, Barcelona, Billund, Bologna, Khanaria Souda, Las Palmas, Malaga, and Milas-Bodrum.


Throughout the year, SAS maintains a schedule of regular flights to Iceland from Oslo.


 From May and throughout October, Transavia flies to Iceland from Paris.


Vueling offers flights to Iceland from Rome and Barcelona.

Wizz Air

Since March 2016, Wizz Air has flown to Iceland from Gdansk, Warsaw, and Budapest.