Park Ji-Hyun Challenges Overseas League

Park Ji-Hyun Challenges Overseas League

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Women's basketball Park Ji-Hyun challenges overseas league... ‘Arbitrary termination’ at Woori Bank


Guard Ji-Hyun Park, considered the ‘future’ of Korean women’s basketball, boldly gave up her free agent (FA) rights to challenge for an overseas league.

According to the results of the first round of 2024 FA negotiations announced by the Korea Women's Basketball League (WKBL) on the 14th, Park Ji-hyun's current status is 'arbitrary termination'.

This refers to a state in which a player who is unable to continue his activities due to individual reasons during the contract period has agreed to temporarily terminate his contract with his club. 온라인카지노사이트

The reason for Park Ji-hyun's arbitrary termination announced by WKBL was 'overseas challenge'.

Players in this state will have their contracts suspended and will be excluded from the registered player quota.

If you wish to return, you can return to your club after one year from the date of voluntary termination announcement.

After three years, you can sign a contract not only with your own team but with all clubs in the WKBL.

However, the method of return is determined separately by the WKBL Board of Directors.

As Park Ji-hyun plans to enter the overseas league, Asan Woori Bank will first play the 2024-2025 season without Park Ji-hyun.

Park Ji-hyun, a 182cm tall guard, played in 28 regular league games last season and averaged 17.3 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 3.9 assists.

He played just as well as the team's star, Kim Dan-bi, and contributed greatly to Woori Bank winning the championship.

Not only Ji-Hyun Park, but Ji-Soo Park (KB), who is considered the best active player, also expressed his intention to advance overseas to develop his skills.

Park Ji-soo, who won 8 gold medals at the women's professional basketball regular league awards ceremony held on the 4th, said, "This was a season in which my desire to play in overseas leagues grew, even if it was not necessarily in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA)."

“I heard it,” he said.

Bucheon Hana One Q had Jinan, who was considered the best player in the center position.

'House rabbits' such as Yang In-young, Kim Si-on, and Kim Dan-ah were also cracked down and predicted a good performance in the new season.

Negotiations with Shin Seul (Samsung Life Insurance), Na Yoon-jeong (Woori Bank), and Lee Hye-mi (Shinhan Bank) broke down with their teams.

Shin Seul requested 135 million won, but Yongin Samsung Life Insurance's offer was 120 million won.

Na Yoon-jeong wanted 121 million won, but Woori Bank suggested 120 million won as the upper limit.

Lee Hye-mi asked for 52 million won, but her club's offer was 50 million won.

12 free agents in the second or higher rounds also remain unsigned.

Hye-jin Park, Lee-sam Choi (Woori Bank), Han-byeol Kim, Hye-ji Ahn (BNK), Sonia Kim, Areum Kim, Ha-eun Lee (Shinhan Bank), Dan-bi Kim, Han-bi Kim, Hye-mi Park (Samsung Life Insurance), Seong-young Shim, Yoon-a Yeom (KB) all.

The second negotiation period is from the 15th to 5pm on the 19th.

During this period, first-round free agents can also negotiate with other clubs.

Those eligible for second or higher free agency can negotiate with any club.

If an agreement is not reached at this time, a third round of negotiations must be held again with the original team from 5 PM on the 20th to 22nd.

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