Apartments in Reykjavik

Apartments in Reykjavik

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best neighbourhood to stay in when visiting Reykjavík?

Most people live in Reykjavik, and the city covers an area of almost 300 square kilometres. Like any capital in the world, Reykjavik has several districts where tourists feel the best and safest. These are primarily districts marked with numbers 101 and 102, as well as 104. You can book your accommodation near the Laugavegur shopping street or close to the Old Harbour. One of the best locations are accommodations around the historic Austurvollur square.

What are the best apartments in Reykjavík close to Reykjavík domestic airport?

Reykjavik domestic airport is located in the city centre. If you want to stay in this part of the capital, look for accommodation in District 101 or 102. The airport itself is small, and you can get to it quickly by taxi or reach the BSI station, where you will have a 15-minute walk to the departure hall.

What is the average check-in time in apartments in Reykjavik?

Most apartments offer self-check-in at any time. It's a convenient solution if your arrival is delayed or scheduled at night. The time of check-out from the apartment may vary depending on the specific property, and the accommodation reception staff will inform you about this personally or in the welcome message.

Do all apartments in Reykjavik offer free WiFi and free parking?

Reykjavik is the biggest city in Iceland, and it may happen that you will have a problem finding a parking space near the apartment where you booked accommodation. In this case, you can use the EasyPark parking app on your smartphone to check in advance in which parking zone you are in. Also, if you need to find a parking lot, the accommodation staff will be happy to help you. Free WiFi will be available for guests in every accommodation.

Do apartments in Reykjavik offer a large kitchen for all guests, where everyone can prepare a meal?

Most apartments in Reykjavik offer guests a well-equipped kitchen. It is possible that if you book accommodation in an apartment with a shared kitchen, other guests will have access to it, so it's always best to check the available options before booking.

Can I pick up the rental car directly from the apartment in Reykjavik?

Yes, most car rental companies in Iceland allow to pick up your vehicle from the accommodation in Reykjavik. Provide the apartment's address at the time of booking or inform the car rental company in advance. Remember that sometimes such a service can generate additional costs.

How do I get around Reykjavik if I book an apartment away from the city centre and do not have a rental car?

In Reykjavik and the surrounding area, there is a well-developed network of bus stops, which you can get to by city buses that run every day. To buy a ticket, you can install an application called Klapp on your smartphone. If you do not want to use public transport, you can order a taxi on the Hreyfill smartphone app.