This is a list of the sexiest men in Iceland as seen from a man's perspective. I have to admit, it was harder than I thought to pick only 10, as there seems to be a whole lot of sexy men in Iceland. 

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10. Benedikt Valsson

Benedikt Valsson is almost like a Hollywood movie star

Benni Vals is a comedy talk show host in Iceland. With his bronze tan and white teeth it's almost as if he could star in Beverly Hills 90210. He's also very funny.

Picture from Visir.

9. Jón Gnarr

Jón Gnarr the mayor of Reykjavík has huge charisma

Who can resist redheads? Jón Gnarr is the mayor of Reykjavík. With his impressive talent in demagoguery, Irish charm and stingy blue eyes; Jón was able to convince the majority of people in Reykjavík to vote for his party, even though his main election promise was to break all election promises.

Picture from his Facebook page.

8.  Ómar Ragnarsson

Ómar Ragnarsson has the heart of a teenager

Ómar is an Icelandic legend. He can in short, do everything, and the energy possessed by this man definitely makes him one of the sexiest men in Iceland. He has been educating the Icelandic people about Iceland for decades, and at the age of 74, he's still one of the most vocal environmental activists in Iceland.

Picture from Morgunblaðið.

7. Sigurður Eggertssson

Siggi has the sexiest thighs in Iceland

A former handball champion and now a teacher, Siggi E as we call him, is Iceland´s very own Brad Pitt, but with thicker thighs.

6. Ólafur Darri Ólafsson

Ólafur Darri is cuter than a teddy bear

The actor Ólafur Darri has a beautiful smile and his teddy-bear-like-looks just make you want to hug him.

Picture from DV.

5. Emil Thor Guðmundsson

Emil Þór is an Icelandic model and a whole lot of hunk

You've seen his picture and get my point. This guy is everywhere you go in Iceland as he's one of the most popular models here.

Picture from 66 North

4. Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson

Páll Óskar makes you happy

I don't know exactly what it is… but the pop singer Páll Óskar always makes you feel happy when you see him. As everyone knows nothing is sexier than a person who always makes you feel happy.

Picture from DV.

3. Skúli Mogensen

Skúli can help you get to Iceland

An entrepreneur and owner of Wow air, Skúli is not just ridiculously handsome but also wealthy. 

Picture from Routes News.

2. Jónsi

Jónsi is a talent!

The lead singer of Sigur Rós, Jónsi, has a voice like an angel and massive artistic talent; there are therefore few men in Iceland who can match his charm.

Picture by Kennyson from Wikimedia commons. 

1. Gunnar Nelson

Do you see his six pack ?

Gunnar takes first place with a unanimous decision. Almost every woman in Iceland would like to wrestle with him while almost every man in Iceland dreams of being him. A world-class MMA fighter, Gunnar Nelson is not your average street fighter.  With his cool head, Viking-like look and strong self-esteem; Gunnar Nelson takes first place as the sexiest man in Iceland.

Picture from his Facebook page.

Do you agree with this pick of the top 10 sexiest men in Iceland?