Who do you think are the sexiest women in Iceland 2016? 

About a month ago I wrote the list of the sexiest men in Iceland 2016. Now it's the women's turn.

Presidential elections, Olympics in Rio, fight for equality and positivity and Gay Pride all make their mark on the list this year, possibly making this the most controversial sexy Icelandic women list I've made - but also the best one in my personal opinion!

Once again, I've refrained from putting myself, my mum, my sister and all my best friends on here - sorry girls - maybe next time!

A lot of other gorgeous, smart, funny and charming women are missing from the list this year (as well as all other years) - but maybe you'll find them from my lists of previous years. 

Personality, positivity, humour and intelligence are what I find attractive, as you'll see if you read the descriptions, sorry if you disagree - but, my list, my rules! ;)

10. Glowie aka Sara Pétursdóttir

Glowie is the Icelandic singer Sara Pétursdóttir

Picture by Ernir/Vísir

Glowie is the newest, freshest up and coming rising singstar in Iceland. She won a singing competition between highschools in Iceland in 2014 and the following year her song No More was one of the biggest hits in Iceland.

She has since released a couple of more songs ('Party' and 'No Lie') that have both been big successes in Iceland and I'm sure she's going to go far.

She's got style, talent and confidence and she is only 19 years old, so she's got a bright future ahead of her! Look out for this cool Icelandic girl in the future!

9. Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir

Nína Dögg has found fame abroad for her role in Trapped

Picture by Ernir/Vísir

Nína Dögg is a talented actress that first found fame in Iceland through her leading role with the fantastic theatre company Vesturport, when they staged an acrobatic version of Romeo and Juliet. The play was so popular and successful that it toured around the UK afterwards and sparked the beginning of Vesturport's shows across the world. Nína is also one of the core members and founders of Vesturport.

Nína Dögg has been in a number of plays, films and TV shows and won numerous awards. Non-Icelanders might recognize her from the Icelandic TV thriller series Trapped, that was released around the world earlier this year.

Nína Dögg is incredibly talented and hard working, but I have a feeling that she's also very honest, down to earth and a lot of fun. She has this great spark for life that comes across in her work. A great inspiration!

8. Eliza Reid

Eliza Reid, Iceland's first lady, and the president Guðni Th

Picture by Zoë Robert

Iceland's new First Lady is the Canadian born Eliza Reid. The president, Guðni Th Jóhannesson, only started his presidency a few days ago. During his inauguration Eliza stole all the attention as she honoured Icelandic history and tradition by wearing a stunning traditional Icelandic dress.

Eliza has lived in Iceland for the past 13 years, previously having studied at Oxford University in the UK and before that living in Canada.

She's very interested in Icelandic history and culture, especially literature, and founded the Iceland Writers Retreat, where people from around the world can take part in workshops and cultural tours of the country.

Eliza comes across as a smart and friendly woman that still has both feet on the ground despite her new role as the First Lady. She plans on continuing to run Iceland Writers Retreat along with her new duties, hoping to bring more focus to literature in the country. I look forward to seeing her representing Iceland in the future.

7. Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir

Katrín Tanja, the world's fittest woman

Picture from Pinterest

Katrín Tanja is Iceland's fittest woman. Actually she's not just Iceland's fittest woman, but the world's fittest woman. That's just a fact.

Katrín Tanja recently won the Crossfit World Championship, earning her the title The World's Fittest Woman, again. She won the title for the first time last year, and defended it in late July 2016. She's the second Icelandic woman to win this title twice, following Annie Mist Þórisdóttir who won the Crossfit World Championship in 2011 and 2012. 

Katrín actually only started training in crossfit in 2011, so she's come a long way in an incredibly short time!

Here you can see her in action in an advertisement, I wouldn't want to compete against this girl in any sport!

Katrín is obviously very competitive, but also very determined and hard working and doesn't let anything stop her. That fierce determination is very admirable and attractive, don't you think?

6. Þórunn Antonía Magnúsdóttir

Þórunn Antonía is one of Iceland's sexiest women

Photo by Mihaela Noroc, for the project Atlas of Beauty

Þórunn Antonía is a singer in Iceland. She's also a founder of the facebook group Góða systir or 'Good Sister', where women in Iceland (and around the world) can show support to one another.

Þórunn was tired of negativity she was seeing around her and wanted to start a small group that would focus on positivity and how great it is when women stick together and praise one another. She believes women can make so much progress towards gender equality by working together, and her facebook group aims to reduce the feelings of insecurity and competition between them. This 'small group' quickly expanded and got more than 50 thousand members overnight!

Þórunn was one of the 7 women that were featured in Facebook Stories on international women's day.

Take a look at the music video to one of her tracks, 'So High', here (that also features one of Guide to Iceland's locals) :)

She is a beautiful woman inside and out, and her radiant positivity and zest for life is infectious.

5. The Icelandic national football team

Icelandic national football team

Picture by Hilmar Þór/mbl.is when Iceland's team celebrates one of their goals against Belarus

You may have heard about the national Icelandic male football team as they just played at the European Championship for the first time - and did pretty well!

But have you heard about the Icelandic women's football team? 

The female national team has competed at the European Championship twice (2009 and 2013) - and it looks very likely that they'll be competing there for the third time in 2017 as they are in the lead of their group. Their goal score at the moment is 29-0 with all of their 6 games won! The next game will take place in Iceland on the 16th of September against Slovenia.

They are currently number 16 in FIFA's world ranking.

Sara Björk Gunnarsdóttir, 19th best football player in Europe

Picture by Daníel/Vísir

Sara Björk Gunnarsdóttir was recently voted the 19th best female football player in Europe, the first Icelander (male or female) to be on the list of the best footballers in Europe.

The whole team gets a place here for their hard work, strength and team spirit - and we hope they get the attention (and the pay!) that they deserve during their upcoming matches!

4. Sema Erla Serdar

Sema Erla Serdar is a strong Icelandic woman

Picture from Vísir

Sema Erla is a politician for Samfylkingin. She has been very vocal about and campaigning for multiculturalism in Iceland.

Sema is born and raised in Iceland but has a Turkish father. She is not religious but still has been the target for racist remarks full of prejudice and bigotry, many of whom link her to religion, ever since she started in politics and started voicing her opinions about immigrants in Iceland.

In response she has openly discussed the hateful messages she has received, returning the shame where it belongs. She has opened up the discussion about multiculturalism, and I praise her for standing up to those idiots that send her horrible messages.

She's very eloquent, smart and extremely strong to continue with her talks for multiculturalism despite all this resistance from a number of people in our society. Luckily, she mainly has supporters that also want a varied and multicultural society that stand by her! I am proudly one of them and she has my utmost respect.

3. Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir

Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir, Iceland's swim queen

Picture from Hrafnhildur's Instagram account

Iceland has a few competitors in the Olympics in Rio this year, one of them is Iceland's swimming queen Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir (or Hilda).

She recently won two silvers and a bronze medal at the European Championship in London, making her one of the top 10 swimmers in the world today. Iceland will be watching closely to see what she does at the Olympics.

Here you can see the incredible and exciting 100m swim where she won silver from the European Championship, with world famous Icelandic commentary:

I know this incredibly fun, positive, hard working, always smiling, modest and humble girl personally, and have admired her for years, she is an incredible role model - she simply oozes joy to everyone surrounding her, and I'm only one of her many admirers!

2. Heiða Rún aka Heida Reed

Heida Reed, Icelandic actress from Poldark

Picture by Jeremy Selwyn

Heiða Rún, or Heida Reed as most fans of the BBC drama Poldark know her, is an Icelandic actress that has been getting a lot of attention for her role as Elizabeth Chenoweth in the BAFTA award winning Poldark series. She's also starred as a guest performer at Death in Paradise, another one of BBC's popular TV shows.

She was also chosen as the woman of the year by the Icelandic magazine New Life in 2015 for inspiring other women to follow their dreams and by showing determination, guts and bravery.

She is indeed an inspiration and will surely entertain us with her immense acting talents in years to come!

1. Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir

Ugla Stefanía, queer and trans rights activist

Picture taken by Móa Gustum, image from interview at Heroines of my life

Top of the list this year is equal rights and transgender activist Ugla Stefanía. Ugla has been giving talks about queer and trans people, trying to broaden people's minds towards the LGBT community.

Ugla spoke at TEDxReykjavík earlier this year about their* own experience as a trans person in a binary and two-dimensional society. Ugla is the chairperson of Trans Iceland, that has been functional since 2007 and is very active in educating people about being trans.

I urge you to watch their TED talk here:

Additionally, they writes a hilarious but informative blog at the Huffington Post about transgender issues. I recommend reading what this incredible person has to say, you might learn a lot about trans people!

Being true to who you really are can be tough in today's world, and Ugla is a great example and role model to everyone to just go with what you feel is right for you.

*Ugla prefers not to be defined as a woman, and uses the pronoun 'they' instead of 'she'. Sorry for the gender defining as a woman on this list!

In my personal opinion, this is the best list I've made, full of strong and beautiful women in Iceland that have worked hard to make their dreams come true and/or are fighting for a better world - what do you think? :)

P.s. If you prefer checking out the wonderful, smart and sexy men of Iceland, then we have lists of them too!