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Magical 2 Week Northern Lights Winter Road Trip in Iceland with Waterfalls & Glaciers

Gullfoss is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland.
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Join this brilliant 15-day winter self-drive tour around Iceland’s Ring Road and discover for yourself the wealth of natural attractions that make this country so special and beloved. This is a fantastic opportunity for guests looking to maximise their time in the country, seeing as much of Icelandic nature and culture as possible. 

Travelling around Iceland during the winter allows visitors to partake in countless unique tour opportunities including dog sledging, ice caving, and glacier hiking. Circumnavigating the Ring Road also allows plenty of opportunities to see the dazzling Northern Lights, one of Iceland’s greatest draws. To top it all off, you'll visit countless Icelandic towns and villages, delving into their compelling surrounding attractions, and learning more about the local culture.

Not only that, but circling clockwise on the Ring Road allows you to see the majority of Iceland's stunning natural regions, including the picturesque North, the haunting Eastfjords and, of course, the South Coast. You will also have an opportunity to partake in Iceland's most popular sightseeing route, the Golden Circle. 

You will also visit stunning sites such as Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and the Vatnajökull glacier national park in the south, the dramatic Lake Mývatn geothermal area and lava fields in the north, and the black beaches of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in the west. 

To top it off, you can choose from a variety of amazing activities and excursions during your trip, from snowmobiling to snorkelling, dog sledding to whale watching. Adding tours to your Self-Drive is a perfect way to get some added thrill into your holiday, and saving money at the same time.

Another of this tour's many benefits is the ability to take it slow; self-drive tours allow a level of independence, within the itinerary, that leaves you in charge of your holiday experience. During this 15-day excursion, you will be spending a number of nights in the same location, allowing you to savour the attractions and activities of the day, -  and as you'll have a 4x4 vehicle, you'll have peace of mind while travelling in this winter wonderland. Your road safety is paramount. 

Don't just sit at home! Hurry now and make sure to secure your 15-day self-drive tour and discover everything Iceland has in store during the beautiful winter months. Check availability by choosing a date. 


14 nights of accommodation (different levels available; breakfast included for Comfort and Quality levels; more detailed info below)
Vehicle for 15 days (Dacia Duster or similar. Upgrades available)
CDW, SCDW and gravel protection insurance for vehicle
GPS system
Detailed itinerary
Personal travel agent


Glacier Hiking
Horse Riding
Whale Watching
Northern lights hunting
Dog sledding
Hot Spring Bathing
Cultural Activity
Ice Caving
Self drive

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Reykjavík downtown gardens, the Hljómskálagarður, garbed in white.

Arrival and Car Pick Up

Welcome to Iceland, and to the beginning of your fifteen-day adventure discovering all of the amazing sights, sounds and experiences found here. First things first, you’ll arrive into Keflavík International Airport, located on the haunting Reykjanes Peninsula, where you will start your adventure. After collecting your bags and vehicle, take off on the journey towards Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavík.

Travelling through the volcanic landscapes of Reykjanes, you’ll be immediately overcome with Iceland’s untouched and undeveloped nature. The coastline is cragged, worn and ever-changing, whilst distant mountains and rocky hillsides line the horizon.

On your way to Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik, you could choose to make a stop at the Blue Lagoon. This world-renowned spa is known for its healing waters, vivid azure colours and luxurious treatments. It is located in the middle of a moss-covered lava field, giving it an otherworldly atmosphere. If you add the Blue Lagoon it will be arranged according to your flights. If there is no time to visit the lagoon today it can be added to another day, your travel consultant will be able to arrange this for you. There is still plenty to see and do in Reykjavik and the Reykjanes Peninsula if you have extra free time.

Finally, you will arrive at the planet’s northernmost capital where you will check into your accommodation, then head out for some urban exploration. Depending on the time of your flight, you may have ample opportunity to check out some of Reykjavík’s most recognised cultural landmarks, including the likes of Hallgrímskirkja Lutheran Church, Harpa Concert Hall and Perlan Museum and Observation Deck.

Alternatively, if you happen to arrive in the evening, why not unearth the city’s famous nightlife, delving into its acclaimed restaurants and bars? You can also head out to scout for the northern lights, for they might be dancing above in the sky for you.

Day 2
Hraunfossar translates to 'Lava Falls'.

Saga of the West

Today, you will be heading north for a stay in the town of Borgarnes. First, however, there are a number of memorable attractions that demand your attention, the first of which are the waterfalls, Hraunfossar.

Hraunfossar (translating to “Lava Falls”) are a series of waterfalls seeping through rivulets originating from Hallmundarhraun lava field. The lava field itself originally formed after an eruption of one of the volcanoes that lay beneath Langjökull glacier. Nearby, you’ll pay a visit to another waterfall, Barnafoss which is known for its striking blue shade.

And what’s the best way to end a day of sightseeing? Relaxing in heated water, of course! Thankfully, a visit to Krauma geothermal baths in order; here, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of water originating from Europe’s most powerful hot spring, Deildartunguhver. To achieve a comfortable bathing temperature, this output is blended with glacial water from an ice cap known as 'Ok', creating an authentically soothing, all-natural spa experience.

There is also the possibility to try your hand at caving during the day. Depending on your choice, you could explore the glittering ice cave tunnels in Langjökull glacier, or alternatively, delve into the craggy, subterranean world of Víðgelmir Cave, Iceland's longest lava cave.

In the evening, you will stay in accommodation in the Borgarfjörður area. If the weather allows, you could go on a small drive away from any light pollution, and see if the Auroras make an appearance.

Day 3
Kirkjufell is known to be Iceland's most photographed mountain.

Snaefellsnes - Iceland in Miniature

Your third day will see you heading northwest onto the beloved Snæfellsnes Peninsula, otherwise referred to as “Iceland in Miniature” thanks to the eclectic nature of its attractions. As this colloquialism suggests, the peninsula is positively brimming with points of interests, ranging from glaciers to waterfalls to mountain.

One of the peninsula’s greatest highlights is the “mountain like an arrowhead”, Kirkjufell, as showcased in HBO’s fantasy epic, Game of Thrones. As Iceland’s most photographed mountain, it is almost a requirement to bag your own snapshot of this magnificent feature. Nearby, by Stykkishólmur township, are also well-known locations from 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty', if you feel like skateboarding.

Another of Snæfellsnes’ major attractions is the 700,000-year-old glacier, Snæfellsjökull, the namesake of this region’s national park. The glacier was made famous by the Jules Verne novel, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, but has since gone on to be one of the country’s most alluring points of interests. In 1993, some Icelanders even believed Snæfellsjökull to be the proposed landing spot for an ancient, alien civilisation.

Of course, there are plenty of other things to see and do during your time on the peninsula. For one, why not make a stop at the beach Ytri-Tunga, known as one of the prime seal-spotting stops in Iceland?

Whilst here, a voyage into Vatnshellir Cave can be added as an extra tour activity. Descending a spiralling staircase, you will gain a firsthand impression of this dazzling lava tube, taking time out to appreciate its raw, rustic colours and goblin-like rock structures.

Once again, this evening you will be staying in accommodation in the Borgarfjörður area.

Day 4
Hvitserkur is a 15 metre high basalt rock stack, known as 'White Shirt'.

Heading North

Known as ‘White Shirt’ in Icelandic due to the excess of bird guano, Hvítserkur, a fifteen-metre high rock, will be the first stop of the day. Known as “The Troll of the Northwest”, many point out the visual similarities of this feature to mythical creatures, be it a frozen ogre or a dragon bending over to drink. What will you see at Hvítserkur?

The Tröll peninsula, an untouched mountainous region, is next on your list of discoveries. This area has long been considered to be home of countless magical creatures, including ‘The Hidden Folk’, Elves and, of course, Trolls. The peninsula is a beloved spot for hikers and horse riders, and during the winter, becomes the home of off-piste skiing in Iceland.

On the evening of your fourth day, you’ll be staying in Iceland’s unofficial capital of the north, Akureyri. If you are lucky, the Northern Lights will make an appearance, but they are often very well visible in the high north.

Day 5
Aurora dancing in the North Icelandic winter sky.

Capital of the North

Today, you will have a chance to explore the picturesque town of Akureyri. With a population of approximately 18,000, Akureyri boasts a vibrant local culture, complemented by truly stunning scenery. Among other things, you could choose to visit Iceland’s best ice cream shop, Brynja, explore the Kjarnaskógur forest, discover the historic buildings of Old Town or appreciate the iconic church, Akureyrarkirkja. The possibilities are endless.

An extra activity that can be added to the day is whale watching. Akureyri is well-regarded for the quality of its whale watching tours, allowing you to not only get a close-up perspective of these gentle giants, but also to see the landscapes of north Iceland from the ocean. There are approximately twenty different species of cetacean that live in Icelandic coastal waters, with Minke Whales and Humpback Whales being the most common sightings.

If Wanderlust grabs you on this day, you can head out to explore the Troll peninsula and visit the many small fishing villages there, nestled in deep fjords and valleys by high mountains.

Once again, you will be staying in Akureyri overnight.

Day 6
Goðafoss waterfall in North Iceland, bound in ice in high winter.

Lake Myvatn

On your way to the Lake Mývatn area, you will pass the Goðafoss waterfall, which translates to “Waterfall of the Gods”, a name received after an important moment in history. In approximately 1000 AD, when Icelanders converted from Norse Paganism to Christianity, former religious leaders threw their pagan idols into the cascading whitewater. The falls have a total width of 30 metres, its height measuring at 12 metres.

Lake Mývatn is one of the attractions on the Diamond Circle sightseeing route, though the region, in fact, includes a number of points of interest within it. One of these is the Martian-esque landscapes of Námaskarð Pass, a geothermal area that sports hot springs, bubbling mud pools and steaming fumaroles.

Another otherworldly location is the Dimmuborgir lava fields. Called 'The Dark Castles' in Icelandic, legends state this to be the capital of the hidden people, with towering rock formations and winding paths in between the strange, asymmetrical pillars of black lava.

A great way to end your day in the area is to visit the Mývatn Nature Baths. Often considered to be the less known, quieter alternative to the Blue Lagoon Spa, the nature baths sit between the lake and the geothermal areas, offering a stunning vista as you relax. You could lie there in the warm, blue waters and look to the sky to see if the Northern Lights will pay you a visit.

In the evening, you will be staying in accommodation in the Lake Mývatn area.

Day 7
Dettifoss has the most powerful flow rate of any waterfall in Europe.

Snowland & Dettifoss Waterfall

It's your seventh day of adventure, and you will continue your exploration of the Mývatn area. You could visit the pseudo craters at Skútustaðagígar, a collection of intriguing elevations formed through the interaction between volcanism and water. These unique natural features only occur in Iceland and Mars!

You have the option to undertake a super jeep tour to Dettifoss waterfall which has the most powerful flow rate of any waterfall in Europe, making it an essential stop for anyone visiting the region. Because of the falls' incredible and otherworldly aesthetic, it even took a starring role in Ridley Scott's science fiction epic, 'Prometheus' (2012). Your seasoned guide ready to teach you all there is to know about the waterfall and surrounding area.

Another possible extra for the day is taking a dog sledding tour. Dog sledding is one of the more exhilarating means of exploring the Icelandic countryside, as well as offering up the opportunity to meet working Husky dogs!

This evening, once again, you will be staying in the Lake Mývatn area.

Day 8
Aurora in the sky above the East Mountains.

Exploring the Eastfjords I

The east of Iceland is known to be one of the least visited regions of the country, due only to its distance from the popular capital region. The area is known for its incredible, untouched wilderness, herds of wild reindeer and eerie isolation.

Today, you will pay a visit to the town of Seyðisfjörður, where you can experience the place's historical wooden buildings and a variety of museums. From there, you travel to the main settlement of the east: Egilsstaðir.

Another fun activity today is to stop for a picnic at the charming Atlavík Cove, situated in the heart of Iceland's largest forest, Hallormsstaðaskógur. Because Iceland is a largely treeless landscape, spending time in Hallormsstaðaskógur feels like a privilege; it should come as no surprise that this is a favourite camping spot amongst Icelanders themselves.

This evening you will be staying overnight in Egilsstaðir.

Day 9
Vestrahorn mountain marks the boarder between the East fjords and the South coast. towering over the black sand beaches, it strikes an imposing image in summer and winter alike.

Exploring the Eastfjords II

Today, you will continue your exploration of the east of Iceland, paying a visit to more of the region's most memorable natural attractions. Remember to keep an eye out for wild reindeer herds—this is, after all, the only area of the country in which they can be seen.

One such location is the lake, Lagarfljót, which aside from its serene beauty, is thought to hold a large and mysterious creature known only as 'The Lagarfljót's Wyrm'.  Considered to be Iceland's version of the Loch Ness Monster, the Wyrm has even been captured on video!

As you travel south, you will pass other towns in the area worthy of a visit. A notable place is Fáskrúðsfjörður, with its captivating relationship to French history, and the village of Reyðarfjörður, which sports a fantastic WW2 Museum.

As evening nears, you can make a stop on one of the mountains you cross, and step out for some thrilling views over the fjords, and hopefully some Northern Lights, for a perfect display of Icelandic nature.

In the evening, you will cross into the south of Iceland, and be staying in accommodation in either the Jökulsárlón area or close by to the village of Höfn. It is highly recommended to take dinner in Höfn, and give the local speciality a try:  North Atlantic langoustine lobster.

Day 10
The glorious frozen landscapes of Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, located in South Iceland.

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

You could start your day by visiting Vestrahorn mountain, located on the Stokksnes peninsula. This dramatic feature is a favourite amongst photographers and filmmakers who will often make the journey east for the sole reason of photographing its incredible facets.

The most impressive stop of the day, though, will be at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, otherwise known as “The Crown Jewel of Iceland” due to its ethereal aesthetic. Icebergs drop off the outlet glacier, Breiðamerkurjökull, itself a part of the larger ice cap, Vatnajökull.

Only five minutes walk away, you’ll stumble across the majestic Diamond Beach. This jet-black shoreline is adorned with wayward icebergs of various shapes and sizes, making it a fantastic destination for nature lovers and photographers.

Today’s added extra is paying a visit to the Blue Ice Cave. Located in Breiðamerkurjökull glacier tongue above the Glacier Lagoon, reachable only by massive super jeeps, this truly is an opportunity of a lifetime. Stepping inside of one of these stunning natural caverns puts you directly beneath the glacier, allowing an insider perspective of just what the ice looks like at this depth.

Afterwards, you could visit Höfn town for dinner and try the langoustine lobster they are famed for. You’ll then have another night in the Jökulsárlón area.

Day 11
Hiking in Skaftafell Nature Reserve is one of the most authentically Icelandic experiences available to visitors in the country.

Discover Skaftafell Nature Reserve

Skaftafell is a nature reserve enclosed within Vatnajökull National Park. Once a national park in its own right, Skaftafell is an area characterised by its creeping outlet glaciers, luscious hillsides and lively wildlife, including birds and Arctic Foxes.

One of the major highlights of the day could be partaking in a glacier hike, one of the most authentically Icelandic experiences available. Glacier hiking allows you the opportunity to get up close to these sleeping giants, as well as scope out the surrounding landscape from a high, icy plateau. It is one of the most exhilarating and educational activities in the country but requires a guide and specialist equipment.

To make your day into a highlands adventure, you can join a glacier hike to one of the glacier outlets of the great Vatnajökull glacier. Your guides will be well-versed mountaineers that will convey their knowledge as you hike and experience the ice cap to the fullest.

In the evening, you will be staying overnight near the village Vík í Mýrdal. Remember to scan the sky in the evening for the Aurora!

Day 12
Reynisfjara beach is known for its volcanic black sand and the mighty rock stack, Reynisdrangar.

Exploring The South Coast

Reynisfjara will be the first stop of the day. This stunning black sand beach is a visual reminder of Iceland’s volcanic nature, with impressive hexagonal columns imprinted into the cliff face, and the mighty rock stack, Reynisdrangar, sitting just off the coast.

After your time at Reynisfjara is over, you’ll pay a visit to two of the South Coast’s most famous waterfalls, Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss. Attending Skógafoss first, you’ll be impressed by this 60-metre high curtain of water cascading over the lip of an ancient sea cliff, finally plummeting into the rocks below with a billowing, omnipresent cloud of mist.

The waterfall, Seljalandsfoss, is much narrower than Skógafoss but does boast a small cavern behind the cascade that allows for a truly unique perspective. Seljalandsfoss is illuminated during the dark winter months, allowing visitors to experience the waterfall throughout the whole year.

Today you will also pass Sólheimajökull glacier, where you can join another glacier hike, this time on a very different ice cap, offering you to experience another frozen heart of Iceland in a new and thrilling way. In the near area, you could also opt to go snowmobiling and speed over the vast expanse of ice and snow.

On the evening of your twelfth day, you’ll be staying at accommodation in Hvolsvöllur.

Day 13
Visibility in the glacial spring, Silfra Fissure, will sometimes exceed 100 metres. Now that's what we call clear!

The Golden Circle Sightseeing Route 

The Golden Circle is comprised of three well-known attractions—Þingvellir National Park, Haukadalur Geothermal Valley and Gullfoss Waterfall—making it the most popular sightseeing route in the country, - and you will visit them today.

On your way there you can visit the Secret Lagoon, a clear hot spring located in the Flúðir area, surrounded by small bubbling geysers and relaxing countryside vistas. What a way to start the day and warm up for the adventures it may hold.

The first stop of the Golden Circle route is the beloved waterfall, Gullfoss, otherwise known as ‘The Golden Falls’. This stunning feature sees frothing white water tumbling over two rocky crags, falling a total of 32 metres into a dark canyon below.

From Gullfoss, it is possible to add on a snowmobiling trip on the glacier, Langjökull. Snowmobiling is one of those unique tour opportunities where it is possible to balance wild adrenaline with stunning sightseeing—how often, after all, do you get to shoot, whizz and slide across one of the world's most stunning ice caps?

Haukadalur Geothermal Valley, the second stop of the Golden Circle tour, is known as the home of the hot springs, Strokkur and Geysir. Geysir is no longer active, though is still recognised for having lent its name to geysers across the world, while Strokkur erupts every five to ten minutes or so, shooting boiling jets of water up to 6 metres into the air.

Your last stop is UNESCO World Heritage Site Þingvellir (translating to “Fields of Parliament”). It is one of the only places in the world where it is possible to see the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates standing exposed from the earth, an experience best examined with a snorkelling tour in the glacial spring, Silfra Fissure. A snorkelling tour in this gorgeous glacial gorge can be purchased as an extra on this day.

Þingvellir is also famous as the site where the world’s first democratically elected parliament, Alþingi, was formed in 930 AD.

Alternatively, you can choose to spend your evening visiting the spectacular Fagradalsfjall volcano, which is currently erupting on the Reykjanes Peninsula. This 5-hour-long hiking excursion will provide you with an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime perspective of this primordial phenomenon.

In the evening, you will be heading to your accommodation in the capital city.

Day 14
People walking over the frozen Reykjavík pond, Tjörnin, in the low light on a late winter afternoon.

Free day in Reykjavik

Finally, you have a free day to explore Iceland’s capital city. Thankfully, Reykjavík offers a wealth of opportunities from exciting day tours to museums, art galleries and live exhibitions.

Why not dip into Icelandic cuisine? The city boasts fantastic restaurants with countless vegetarian and vegan options available. If you're thirsty for some nightlife, the city's bars offer a reasonable discount for a few happy hours each day!

There are a number of possible extras that could be added today. For one, you could partake in a helicopter tour, taking off from the city’s domestic airport toward some of Iceland’s most geothermally active valleys and plateaus.

Another option for your 14th day could be taking a horse riding tour. The Icelandic Horse, though is one of this country's most iconic animals, known for its muscular body, intelligence and five unique gaits. Horse riding in Iceland is an amazing way to see the countryside, as well as to experience how ancient Icelanders moved from location to location.

A final option today - available only for a limited time - is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to embark on a different 1-hour helicopter ride over the currently erupting Fagradalsfjall volcano. Nothing inspires more awe than the most primordial forces of the earth bursting from Iceland’s dramatic landscapes, particularly when watching from the air. This tour includes a short landing by the eruption site, and departs from Reykjavik’s Domestic Airport, allowing you to also witness the capital from a breathtaking aerial perspective.

If you wish, you can take a drive out of town on this night as well, and explore the nearby countryside, and hunt the Northern Lights away from the light pollution.

Again, you will be spending the night at accommodation in Reykjavík.

Day 15
Until next time, we hope you had a fantastic two weeks in the Land of Ice and Fire.

Departure & Car Drop-Off

How two weeks fly by!

For those who have a later flight and choose to visit the Blue Lagoon today, you will finish off your stay unwinding before you head to the airport. This is the perfect place to relax as you bathe in the warm, mineral-rich waters as you look back on the incredible adventure you have just taken in the land of fire and ice. If your flight is later there are plenty of things to do in Reykjavik. If you have an early flight back home, we wish you a pleasant journey.

What to bring

Warm and Waterproof Outdoor Clothing
Good Hiking Boots
Swimwear and towel
Driver's License

Good to know

Self-drive tours begin either in Reykjavík City or at Keflavik International Airport. A valid driver's license is required, along with a one-year long on-road experience. Please be aware that your itinerary may be rearranged to better fit with your arrival date and time.

This self-drive is set to take place at wintertime. Conditions in Iceland can vary greatly during that season; snow and ice are commonplace, and Iceland has limited daylight hours. Please consider your ability to drive in winter conditions before booking this tour. If you feel insecure about driving in these conditions, we recommend a package tour instead.

Note that Icelandic roads and pavements can be slippery in the wintertime. We recommend you bring shoes with slip-resistant soles or ice-grip shoe covers. The covers can be purchased in most supermarkets and gas stations around the country.

Some optional activities might need either a valid driver's license, or you might need to send additional information to your travel planner. Please note that you might need to present medical documents should you choose to go snorkelling.

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, and therefore cannot be guaranteed, but this itinerary is designed to maximise your chances to see them if weather allows.

It can happen, in the case of extreme weather, that an activity is cancelled. If your chosen activity is cancelled, we will assist you with rearranging or booking other activities when possible, and any potential price difference will be refunded to you. Please note that the ice caves are only accessible from November to March each year.


Below you can see the car rental options available for this self-drive tour. All our vehicles are new or current models, maximum 2 years of age, and include standard Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Gravel Protection (GP), and Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) insurances. Please note that off-road driving is illegal for all types of cars. All levels come equipped with a GPS and free Wi-fi. You can enjoy unlimited data with the Wi-Fi device, which can be connected to up to 10 devices at once. The car rental will provide 24-hour roadside emergency services. Age requirement for each level can be found below. For all levels, the driver must possess a valid driving license for at least one year before the date of the rental. We recommend Budget 4X4 level for summer driving and Comfort 4X4 for winter driving. In wintertime, all cars have winter tyres.

Budget 4x4

A basic 4WD (4X4) jeep or SUV such as a Dacia Duster or similar. Comfortably fit up to 3 travellers with 2 large pieces of luggage. Fit for most travel and decent for snow and off-asphalt driving. Has basic highland capabilities. The driver must be of 20 years of age or above.

Comfort 4X4

A medium sized 4WD (4x4) jeep or SUV such as a Toyota Rav4, or similar. Comfortably fit up to 4 travellers with 3 large pieces of luggage. Fit for most travel and good for snow and off-asphalt driving. Has basic highland capabilities. The driver must be of 21 years of age or above.

Luxury 4x4

A large 4WD jeep such as a Toyota Land Cruiser or similar. Comfortable for up to 4 travellers with 4 large pieces of luggage. Fit for nearly all travelling. Has full highland capabilities to drive on accessible mountain roads. The driver must be of 21 years of age or above.


A large 9-seater van such as a Renault Trafic (2WD manual), Mercedes Benz Vito (4WD automatic, has highland capabilities and better suited for winter driving), or similar. Comfortable for 5 to 7 travellers. If seated full, luggage space is limited. The driver must be of 23 years of age or above.


See our accommodation levels below and our preferred accommodation partners under each day in the daily itinerary. Super budget level accommodations will be arranged in hostel dorm beds. For other levels, bookings for one person will be arranged in single rooms, and bookings for two or more people will share a twin/double or triple room(s). Teenagers and children will be arranged in the same room with parents. If additional room(s) is needed, additional costs will incur. Guide to Iceland will provide you with the best available accommodation at the time of your booking from our preferred partners. Please keep in mind that hotel quality in Iceland varies among locations and availability is highly limited. If our preferred partners are fully booked at the time of your booking, we will find another suitable accommodation for you of similar level. Please note that not all locations offer quality level accommodation. Comfort level accommodation will be arranged at those particular locations, which is reflected in the quality level upgrade price. We always do our best to accommodate special requests, which may incur additional costs. Press choose a date to find availability.


Rooms with shared bathrooms in farmhouses, guesthouses or hostels, with good locations near the best attractions. Breakfast is not included.


Rooms with a private bathroom in three star hotels or quality guesthouses. Very close to the best attractions at each location. Breakfast is included.


Rooms with a private bathroom in a four star hotel or superior rooms in a quality three star hotel at the best locations in Iceland. Breakfast is included.


Are you looking to try some of the best dishes Iceland’s top restaurants have to offer? You can now add delicious meals to your booking without having to research where to find them. Select this option to include dinner every night as an extra, and we’ll provide you with vouchers as part of your booking confirmation. We’ll choose the top-rated restaurants that fit with your vacation itinerary and make your reservations for you. Your server will offer you a set menu of two to three courses at the restaurant, from which you can choose meat, fish, or vegetarian options. If you prefer to try a different dish, the meal voucher will act as a credit that you can redeem at the restaurant against menu items that are not part of the set menu. Save time and effort during your vacation, and let us take care of your meals for you. Choose the meal option today so you’ll be guaranteed to eat well on your forthcoming trip. Please notify the restaurant on arrival about any dietary requirements. Vouchers are non-refundable.

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