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Winter Self Drive Tours

Winter Self Drive Tours

Winter self drive tours allow you to enjoy your Iceland adventure under the ethereal Northern Lights. Fully customised winter itineraries with accommodation, vehicle rentals and all activities booked in advance, allowing you to focus on exploring Iceland’s wondrous terrains and magical ice caves.

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Winter Self Drive Tours

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Winter driving in Iceland

With all the necessary preparations made beforehand, you’ll be more than ready to take to Iceland’s roadways during the winter months. Iceland is a fantastic country in which to undertake a winter self drive tour, granted the vehicle operator is confident driving in more difficult conditions.

One of the many blessings that come with driving in the winter is the snow-blanketed scenery; this is Iceland living up to its name, with fields, mountains and rivers masked and sculpted by the frosty elements.

Aside from this staggering beauty, driving in the winter is an adventure in itself, providing the first-hand experience of just how unpredictable and captivating both Iceland’s weather and nature can be. Travelling from one natural attraction to another, you may even have the chance to see the northern lights dancing above.

As with anywhere, driving in Iceland requires a keen awareness of the road rules and potential hazards. The first, and most obvious, is the darkness. It is a legal requirement in Iceland to keep your headlamps on at all times—this goes as much for the black of winter as it does a fully illuminated day in the spring, and has been put in place as a safety regulation due to the country’s ever-changing level of light. Some rental vehicles will have the headlights fixed ‘on’ automatically.

It is advised only to use high beam in pitch darkness, switching to your normal headlight level on the opposite approach of a vehicle—this is to ensure you are not blinding the other driver.

If you are not experienced in driving in harsh winter conditions, it is highly recommended that you get a four-wheel-drive, and make sure that the vehicle is fitted with quality winter tyres.

Frequently asked questions

Is a self-driving tour safest with COVID-19 even in the winter?

As long as you have experience driving in winter conditions, a self-driving tour is safe in the winter months. COVID-19 has decreased the number of people allowed in tour groups, so choosing a self-driving tour is a better option for some people. 

Why choose a self-driving tour during COVID-19?

Choosing a self-driving tour gives you more independence and the flexibility to stay away from large groups of people. You can set the trip’s pace, avoid busy times at attractions, and choose to skip an attraction if it looks too busy. 

Which winter itineraries do you recommend during COVID-19 so we can avoid crowds?

With 70% of the population living in the capital area, nature-focused road trips are all wonderful options during COVID-19. During the winter, most of the regions are not crowded due to weather and road conditions. Even the most famous sites, such as the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle, are much less busy. Any road trips in this category that fit your departure date would be a great choice during COVID-19.

Do I need a 4x4 to drive the ring road or to drive to North Iceland?

Yes, we recommend renting a 4x4 car in winter. For short and easy routes, we offer the option of booking a 2WD, although it is always best to use a 4WD for driving in Iceland in winter.

Is the car fitted with winter tyres?

Between November and March, Icelandic law requires all cars to be fitted with winter tyres. Therefore, your car will absolutely be fitted with winter tyres during these dates.