2 in 1 Bundle Discount Winter Tours | Golden Circle, Ice Cave & Snaefellsnes

2 in 1 Bundle Discount Winter Tours | Golden Circle, Ice Cave & Snaefellsnes
This discounted bundle will take you to see the beloved Golden Circle, an ice cave and the Snæfellsnes peninsula.
See the snow-capped peak of Mt. Kirkjufell, one of Iceland's most beautiful mountains.
Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon is famed across the world for its stunning beauty and dazzling atmosphere.
The northern lights dancing over Búðakirkja church on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in West Iceland.
The size of many of South Iceland's ice caves is astonishing.
The mesmerising Diamond Beach is just a short walk away from Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon.
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Visit many of Iceland’s highlights over four days and save money while doing so with this discounted tour bundle. Those who want to mix their winter-time in Iceland with both sightseeing and adventure, while cutting on costs, should not miss this opportunity.

This combo consists of two tours, which will bring you to many famous sites and all three of Iceland’s National Parks. On the 3-day south coast tour, you will get to explore the Golden Circle, South Coast and the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon; you also get to embark on a glacier hike and an ice caving adventure. On the day tour to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, you will see majestic waterfalls, stretches of dark lava fields and a mighty glacier. 

During the 3-day tour to the south coast, you will be staying in country hotels along the trip for 2 nights, which are included in the price. This will cut down on driving time and put you right in the middle of the sites. You will also be transported around in comfortable minibuses throughout both tours, led by experienced guides, making the experience as personal and enjoyable as possible.

Iceland during winter is one of its most beautiful times. Many of the sites you will visit will be draped in snow and sparkling with frost; the glaciers will be clad in fresh, electric blue ice; and the ice caves are open. These caves only occur in Iceland’s coldest months, and only then under certain conditions, so the chance to explore one is something very few have.

Of course, winter is also the season of the Northern Lights. There will be many hours of darkness each day, and whenever there is no cloud cover, you have a chance of seeing them. This is only amplified when you are staying out in the country, where there is little light pollution.

Make the most of your time in Iceland throughout winter, without breaking the bank. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Sep. - Mar.
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Activities: Glacier Hiking, Sightseeing, Northern lights hunting, Cultural Activity, Ice Caving
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Attractions: Golden Circle, Reykjavík, Jökulsárlón, Hvítá River, Snæfellsjökull, Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Geysir, Gullfoss, Eyjafjallajökull, Dyrhólaey, Þingvellir, Strokkur, Snæfellsnes, Sólheimajökull, Mýrdalsjökull, Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Hellnar, Arnarstapi, Vík í Mýrdal, Hvolsvöllur, Kirkjufell, Búðir, Reynisdrangar, Öxarárfoss, Lóndrangar, Djúpalónssandur, South Coast, Diamond Beach
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 08:00.

  • South Coast 3-day guided minibus tour with glacier hiking and ice caving

  • Snæfellsnes 1-day guided tour

  • 2 nights of accommodation in country hotels (breakfast included, private bathroom) during the 3-day South Coast tour

  • Northern Lights hunting

  • Taxes

  • Accommodation in Reykjavík

  • Dinner

  • Lunch

What to bring:
  • Warm, waterproof clothes

  • Camera

  • Winter hiking shoes

Good to know:

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, and therefore cannot be guaranteed, but this itinerary is designed to maximise your chances to see them if weather allows. Please be advised that there is no specific Northern Lights hunt on this tour, but your guide will notify you if the conditions are favourable and advise you on how to best spot them.

Please be aware that your itinerary may have to be rearranged to fit your arrival date and time better.

It can happen, in the case of extreme weather, that an activity is cancelled. If your chosen activity is cancelled, we will assist you with rearranging or booking other activities when possible, and any potential price difference will be refunded to you.

Note that Icelandic roads and pavements can be slippery in the wintertime. We recommend you bring shoes with slip-resistant soles or ice-grip shoe covers. The covers can be purchased in most supermarkets and gas stations around the country.

For your convenience, it is recommended that you pack lightly for the overnight tour. Additional suitcases can be taken on the overnight tour for a small fee.

You will arrive back in Reykjavík in the early evening. It is highly recommended that you do not book your flight home the same night as bad weather or delays could affect your journey. Please be sure to arrange accommodation for this evening and an airport transfer the next day to take you to Keflavík International Airport for your departure.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - The Golden Circle

See Gullfoss, Iceland's most iconic waterfall, enveloped in winter's dress.

For your first tour, you will be picked up from Reykjavík early, and start the day with a sightseeing trip around the three famous locations of the Golden Circle. The first of these is Þingvellir National Park, the only UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Icelandic mainland.

It was here where early settlers founded a parliament that would last over a millennium, in the shadows of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. The Park is located directly in the valley between the two, and nowhere else in the world can you see them so clearly. As they pull against each other, they tear ravines in the lava fields, making the landscape here rugged and spectacular.

The next site of the Golden Circle is the geyser Strokkur, located in the Geysir Geothermal Area. This remarkable feature blasts water to heights that have before reached forty metres, and it goes off regularly: every five to ten minutes. In the intervals between the eruptions, you can explore the many hot springs that dot the area.

Finally, you will see ‘the Golden Waterfall’, Gullfoss. A jewel in the crown of Iceland’s nature, this massive, mighty fall pours into a dramatic canyon with incredible force; the sight of it is awe-inspiring.

You will then head to your first country hotel, located in the Hvolsvöllur area.

Preferred accommodation by Hvolsvöllur

Below you can see our preferred partners for this night. In the case of these hotels not being an option, an alternative of the same standard will be arranged.

Hótel Hvolsvöllur

Standard bedrooms with private bathroom in 3 star hotel in Hvolsvöllur. Breakfast is included.

Hótel Eyjafjallajökull

Standard bedrooms with private bathroom in a country hotel on the south coast of Iceland. Breakfast is included.

Day 2 - The South Coast with Glacier Hiking

Visit Jökulsárlón during the season of snow and frost and see this natural splendour in winter's mesmerising light.

You will start day two by visiting two of the country’s most loved and well-known waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. Both fall from over sixty metres high from impressive cliffs and can be approached up close for some spectacular views and photographs.

Next, you will reach Sólheimajökull glacier, and strap on your crampons; it’s time for your glacier hike. After a safety briefing and putting on the right equipment, you will be led upon the surface of the ice cap, to take in the otherworldly views. Your trek up here will introduce you to some incredible formations, such as dramatic ridges and plunging crevasses, and your guide will tell you all about the science of the glaciers.

Following this exhilarating adventure, you’ll return to the minibus and continue along the South Coast. The next stop will be at the black sand beach Reynisfjara, renowned for its haunting beauty and notorious sneaker waves; don’t let the former make you forget the latter.

This beach has some fascinating geology, most notably the Reynisdrangar sea stacks which stand tall from the tumultuous ocean. You will also be able to see the Dyrhólaey rock arch, a massive feature that reaches from the cliffs out into the sea.

After a brief visit to the village of Vík for refreshments, you will continue up to your final destinations of the day, Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and the Diamond Beach.

The glacier lagoon is a place of unimaginable beauty. Icebergs, separating from a distant glacier tongue, cruise gently across the waters, some the size of multi-story buildings, as they make their way towards the ocean. As you walk along the lake’s shores, you will no doubt mesmerised by their scale, colouration, and beauty. If you keep a keen enough eye out, you are also likely to spot some seals.

The Diamond Beach is just a short walk away. Its name comes from the fact that the icebergs wash up on the shore here, and glisten against the black sands like jewels. Seeing this stretch of coast, and the lagoon, under the Northern Lights is a spectacular experience, so as night falls, keep an eye on the sky.

It should be noted that Jökulsárlón is within Vatnajökull National Park, meaning you will have now seen two of the three National Parks of Iceland.

You will spend tonight at a hotel in the Jökulsárlón area.

Preferred accommodation by Jökulsárlón and Höfn

Below you can see our preferred partners for this night. In the case of these hotels not being an option, an alternative of the same standard will be arranged.

Hótel Höfn

Standard bedrooms with private bathroom in 3 star hotel in the largest town in southeast Iceland. Breakfast is included.

Hótel Vatnajökull

Standard bedrooms with private bathroom in 3 star hotel close to Höfn. Breakfast is included.

Day 3 - Ice Caves and Return to Reykjavik

The smooth, electric blue shades that surround you inside ice caves are mesmerising to behold.

You will start day three in the most incredible way possible: by exploring an ice cave. You will be driven to wherever the caves have opened beneath Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier, put on your safety equipment, and head inside.

The smooth, electric blue ice that surrounds you is mesmerising, as is the scale that some of these caves can reach. You will spend around an hour exploring, hearing all about how they form, and taking as many pictures as you camera can hold.

Once you have completed the ice cave, you will return to your minibus, and head back to Reykjavík. The drive along the South Coast is long but beautiful, and you will stop for refreshments and any sites you missed the day before.

Once back in the capital, you will stay in the hotel of your choosing. Please note that accommodation is not included for this night.

Day 4 - The Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Be sure to pack your camera before visiting Mount Kirkjufell, one of Iceland's most photographed mountains.

For your second tour, you will be picked up early from Reykjavík, and whisked to ‘Iceland in Miniature’: the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. It has been named as such due to the fact that a huge wealth of the landscapes and features found around Iceland are all packed onto this 90-kilometre stretch.

You will visit the fishing villages of Arnarstapi and Hellnar for some spectacular coastal scenery; nearby is the windswept settlement of Búðir, on the haunting Búðahraun lava field. The backdrop to all three of these locations will be the mighty Snæfellsjökull volcano and glacier; according to the novel ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’, it is said to have a cave that leads towards the deepest reaches of the world’s core. Snæfellsjökull is surrounded by the Snæfellsnes National Park, the third and final National Park you will travel through.

You will also get to see the standalone peak Mount Kirkjufell, one of the most photographed mountains in the country. Djúpalónssandur beach is also on your agenda, where you can test your strength against the historic lifting stones to see how you would have fared as a fisherman of old. Finally, the Lóndrangar basalt stacks will awe you with their scale.

Once you have explored the peninsula, you will be driven back to Reykjavík where you can spend the rest of your time in Iceland sightseeing around the city, visiting museums or relaxing in geothermal pools. The choice is yours.

It is recommended you do not plan to fly home the same evening as your return to Reykjavík since bad weather and delays could affect your journey.


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Everything went smoothly. Our guide really made the trip pleasant especially considering we were a rather quiet group in the beginning. Hugi was informative, funny and didn't give up on us and in no time we were one happy group. We took the 2 in 1 bundle in March and every stop was memorable. Unfortunately, we didn't see the Northern Lights but I absolutely loved Iceland and would love to return. I will definitely use Guide to Iceland again and have already recommended them. They get a 5 star plus rating from me.
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Everything was absolutely great! Tour was perfect, our drivers/guides were very nice and at our complete disposal. We were able to see everything with the right times and even something more. Guide to Iceland is a perfect provider to travel all around Iceland, especially during winter when self-driving is not so easy. Highly recommended!
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The tour company was very helpful and accommodating. Big mention to nice travels bringing us back to our hotel and rescheduling our Snaefellsnes tour for another date when we became too carsick to participate on the original date. Their care and follow up was definitely a highlight, even though we had to miss the rescheduled date in the end. The 3 day tour was full of mist and rain so we didnt get to see auroras or much while in the bus, but our guide/driver managed to get us to all the viewpoints plus some more while there was still daylight. Ice caves were gorgeous, and shout out to Biggi in the ice caves for being an awesome guide and photographer.
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It's difficult to put into words how amazing this tour was. Our guide and driver during the 3 day south coast portion, Gon, was so kind, patient, knowledgeable and helpful. Despite unpredictable and at times harsh winter weather, we managed to see nearly everything on our itinerary--including hundreds of wild reindeer! We were unable to do the glacier hike due to unsafe conditions atop the glacier. It was disappointing but we appreciated that the tour company put everyone's safety first. We understood going into this trip that the weather could play a major role in what we'd be able to experience. Because of a big storm with gusty winds on day 2, the tour company rearranged our entire itinerary including one of our hotel stays. We were extremely impressed with their quickness, efficiency and attention to our safety in order that we might still get to enjoy so many of the incredible destinations. Our favorite was probably glacier lagoon, diamond bay and the super jeep ice cave excursion, but there were so many breathtaking sites it's hard to choose. We want to especially thank Gon for his superior driving abilities and sweet smile. We saw many car accidents and cars in snow banks, these conditions are simply much too dangerous for tourists unaccustomed to driving in Iceland. We always felt very safe with Gon at the wheel. He always had a friendly smile from early morning to late at night and we loved hearing about the culture and history of the country from a local. Our 1 day Snæfellsnes tour was also quite memorable. We felt as if we were on another planet, the scenery was incredible. Our guide, Mikael, was very fun and knowledgeable. He got us back to Reykjavik just in time to catch our boat tour where we got to see the most magnificent Aurora display! We highly recommend this tour as you'll get to experience so much of what Iceland has to offer in a short time. Thank you for an unbelievable trip in Iceland!!!
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This tour was great! 3 day tour that hit all the main stops with all transportation and 2 night stay in 2 different hotels. Felt much more comfortable with an experienced driver taking us around as the roads were crazy and saw multiple car accidents. Tour was in January. All of the locations we went to were so incredible and I highly recommended doing this if you want an already planned tour which helps save money and time. Very pleased with how this tour went and all of the guides were great too.
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Highly recommended.Tour guide and driver from D-Travel are very friendly and responsible.They have done their very best to make sure our journey has a wonderful moment and memorable.
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This 2+1 package, 4 days with 2 night accommodation in total, is indeed amazing. It covers all you must see in Iceland, and the tour guides for our travel are both erudite, polite, and attentive. They know everything about Island from different perspectives no matter historically, demographically, geographically, or geologically. Really appreciate all their effort to present us such a wonderful vacation and unforgotten memory.
Edit review
We had a wonderful time on this tour. Bara was a fantastic tour guide, was very knowledgeable with the sites and went out of her way to make sure all our accommodations were met. Thor was just as funny and easy-going as well. Looking back, it was incredible how much distance we covered and how much we got to see & do in just 4 days. Both hotel nights were good as well with fulfilling breakfast both days. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who don't want to spend the time and anxiety on driving and still get to experience as much Iceland as possible.
Edit review
My mom and I had an amazing time on this tour. Sjonni was the best tour guide - he made sure we got to see everything before the sun went down on this winter tour. He was full of facts about the places we went to see and made a lot of jokes. The tour itself was incredible. You don't know beauty until you've walked on a glacier. Truly mesmerizing. Very professional and fun tours that kept us safe = well worth the money if you don't do these kinds of activities often. I highly recommend this tour.
Edit review
Our family of 4 absolutely had a fabulous time. William (Aurora Hunter Tours) was our guide/driver for the first three days and was very interesting, informative and a great guy. He moved us along at a good pace to ensure we would see the sights during the daylight hours. The weather was very good to us and we saw and did everything on the itinerary and more. Unfortunately the Northern lights were no where to be seen. You cannot imagine how awesome the scenery is unless you experience it! There was no sleeping on the bus for me, as I didn't want to miss a thing. Our competent, knowledgeable guides for the glacier hike and cave tours were A-thor and Ahti(sp). They didn't rush any of us and were patient with the stragglers and always concerned with our safety. The hotels were as stated. They were comfortable and clean and the breakfasts were good. The fourth day we had Thor (Nice Travel) as our guide/driver who happened to be from the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. He was a jolly, happy fellow who kept us entertained and showed us the sights that he grew up with. We had lunch at the Langaholt guest house restaurant that was simply delicious. We made the right decision to let Guide to Iceland provide the guides and driving to ensure us having a carefree and safe time in Iceland. We highly recommend Guide to Iceland for putting together these excellent tour companies with their excellent guides on one easy website.
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