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Frequently Asked Questions

About Adventure Tours in Iceland

Adventure tours specialise in the broad range of activities you can undertake in Iceland. With Iceland's wealth of glaciers, the country's unbound wildlife, uncharted cave systems, rugged mountain ranges and whispering rivers, there are adventure tours that appeal to all travellers, be they seeking adrenaline, relaxation or both.

1. When is the best time of the year for adventure tours?

This depends on what adventures you want to take. Northern lights hunts and ice cave explorations only go on during winter, whereas rafting, highland hikes and some glaciers are only accessible during summer.

2. I’m looking for an adventure, what do you recommend?

This depends on your fitness, age, interests and time in Iceland. Browse the choices above or contact us via info@guidetoiceland.is

3. What adrenaline tours are there in Iceland?

Tours such as snowmobiling, ATVs, glacier hiking, dog-sledging and snorkelling are known for being particularly adrenaline-pumping.

4. Are adventure tours safe?

Adventure tours are conducted by experts in their field, so, as long as you heed their instructions, know your limits and wear the right gear, the activities should be safe.

5. Do adventure tours leave from Akureyri and other towns, or only Reykjavik?

Adventure tours leave from settlements all around the countryside, although the majority of tours in Iceland are run from Reykjavík and larger towns.

6. Why is there an age limit on adventure tours?

Domestic laws set the age limit on some tours; other limits are chosen by the operators based on what they feel is most appropriate.

7. Is the age limit on adventure tours negotiable?


8. What equipment do I need for an adventure tours?

Tours which require specialist equipment, such as snorkelling and glacier hiking, will supply them for you. For any adventure tour in Iceland, however, you will need warm, waterproof clothing and sturdy hiking boots.

9. What happens if my adventure tour is cancelled due to weather?

We will try to reschedule, or an alternative tour will be organised for you, and you will be refunded the difference; if this is not possible, you will receive a full refund.

10. What adventure tours are appropriate for children under ten?

Young children are welcome to join many sightseeing, whale- and bird watching and dog-sledging tours, and can join ATV, buggy and snowmobiling tours as passengers. Some rafting and horse-riding tours are also tailored for young families.

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