Festive 5-Day Christmas & Northern Lights Tour with South Coast & Golden Circle from Reykjavik

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Tour starts
Keflavík Airport (KEF), Iceland
Starting time
5 days
Ending place
Keflavík Airport (KEF), Iceland
Minimum age
8 years old


Immerse yourself in the rich Christmas traditions and breathtaking landscapes of Iceland on this five-day winter tour from Reykjavik. Families and groups of travelers keen on seeing the highlights of Reykjavik, Golden Circle, and South Coast under the aurora borealis will enjoy the itinerary of this tour.

Your multi-day adventure in Iceland opens with a convenient bus transfer to Reykjavik upon your arrival at the Keflavik International Airport. After reaching the Icelandic capital, you have the entire day to explore the city on your own, as your guided excursion starts on day two.

The three-day guided tour begins in Reykjavik, with a pick-up from your accommodation or a designated bus stop in the city. You'll be greeted by your friendly English-speaking guide, who will be your companion throughout the journey. A spacious and comfortable bus equipped with free Wi-Fi will transport you to the most remarkable destinations in the countryside.

Over three days, the guided bus tour will take you on an awe-inspiring trip through the Reykjanes Peninsula, Blue Lagoon, South Coast, and the Golden Circle.

First to see on your itinerary is the Reykjanes Peninsula, home to dramatic volcanic landscapes and geothermal wonders. Your main destination here is the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa set amidst a lava field, where you can take a rejuvenating dip in the milky-blue waters.

The adventure continues along the South Coast, where you'll encounter majestic waterfalls, black sand beaches, and vast glaciers. Nearby are the scenic wonders of the Golden Circle, with visits to the Geysir geothermal area, Gullfoss waterfall, and the historic Thingvellir National Park.

However, the true highlight of the tour comes on Christmas Eve. Your guide will lead you to the charming towns of Hvolsvollur and Hella for an immersive Icelandic Christmas experience. These settlements come alive with captivating lights and decorations. 

While exploring, the guide will regale your group about the origins of Christmas in Iceland, with fascinating folklore associated with this festive season. As night falls, you'll savor a delectable four-course dinner at a restaurant overlooking the tranquil river banks of Hella.

Fortunately, the excitement doesn't end there. As darkness blankets the Icelandic countryside, you'll get an excellent opportunity to see the elusive northern lights. Your guide will share intriguing insights into the science and folklore behind these dancing lights as you wait for their appearance under favorable weather conditions.

Throughout the tour, you'll enjoy accommodations for four nights, with stays in Reykjavik and the tranquil countryside, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds.

Other tour inclusions are airport transfers, entrance tickets to the Blue Lagoon and the Skogar Folk Museum, and a culinary treat in downtown Reykjavik. Optional activities are available upon request for those seeking even more thrills, including a glacier hike and a northern lights cruise tour.

On day five, your multi-day Christmas and northern lights tour ends as you enjoy a complimentary bus transfer to the Keflavik Airport.

Get ready to bask in the festive spirit and experience the wonders of an Icelandic winter wonderland like never before. Check availability now by choosing a date.

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Three-day bus tour with an English-speaking guide
Airport transfers (arrival and departure)
Four-night accommodation with upgrade options
Complimentary hotel breakfast for four days
Four-course dinner on the 24th of December
Fine dining at culinary restaurant in Reykjavik on the 26th of December, including transfers
Christmas lights tour and Christmas Day Celebration
Northern Lights program during two evenings
Entrance to the Blue Lagoon (with towel use)
Entrance to the Skogar Folk Museum with turf houses
Visit to a geothermal greenhouse with a horse stable


Northern lights hunting
Cultural Activity
Food & Drinks

Daily itinerary

Day 1
A skating rink in Reykjavik surrounded by Christmas decorations.

Day 1 - Arrival in Iceland

Welcome to the first day of your adventure in Iceland.

After a smooth landing at the airport, you'll have the convenience of stepping out of the arrivals hall and hopping on a complimentary bus ride. The bus will take you on an hour-long journey to the heart of Reykjavik.

During the ride, prepare to be mesmerized by the rugged landscapes and volcanic terrain of the Reykjanes Peninsula. The large windows of the bus provide unobstructed views of the breathtaking vistas surrounding you.

The rugged beauty of the peninsula and the deep-blue waters of the North Atlantic Ocean will leave you in awe, and you'll find plenty of opportunities to snap some truly stunning photographs.

Once you arrive in Reykjavik, the northernmost capital city in the world, an inviting ambiance of charm and allure awaits you under the wintry skies. The quaint streets invite you to take leisurely strolls, explore local boutiques, and immerse yourself in the city's vibrant arts and culture.

For foodies, the downtown area offers delightful options of Icelandic cuisine from various cafes and restaurants. Take the chance to savor traditional dishes like Icelandic hot dogs, lamb stew, or delectable seafood fresh from the surrounding cold waters. And while you're in the area, explore the charming shops to find unique local items and souvenirs.

If you're feeling adventurous, a magical experience awaits you in the form of the northern lights. On clear winter nights, the elusive auroras paint the dark sky with mesmerizing colors, creating an unforgettable spectacle. To maximize your chances of witnessing this natural wonder, consider venturing into the countryside where there's less light pollution.

However, if you prefer to rest and prepare for the next day's adventure, you can head straight to your accommodation in the city. Your three-day guided tour begins tomorrow, so you need plenty of rest today.

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Day 2
The Blue Lagoon of Iceland features milky-blue waters.

Day 2 - Blue Lagoon with Christmas Eve Celebration

On day two of this winter tour in Iceland, you'll begin your three-day guided bus tour. The guide leading your excursion will be your primary source of information and assistance.

You'll start the day with a short but delightful tour of Reykjavik, the charming capital city. As you wander through the city's quaint streets, your knowledgeable guide will regale you with captivating tales of Icelandic history and culture.

You can admire the unique architecture, visit iconic landmarks like the Hallgrimskirkja church, and experience the vibrant atmosphere that characterizes this Nordic gem.

After exploring Reykjavik, the journey continues to the captivating Reykjanes Peninsula, a geothermal wonderland filled with breathtaking volcanic landscapes.

The most famous attraction on the peninsula is the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa with iconic milky-blue waters. This is the perfect place to relax and experience a soothing geothermal bath. Your tour package includes an entrance to the Blue Lagoon with towel use.

As evening approaches this special Christmas Eve, your group will head to the small towns of Hvolsvollur and Hella in South Iceland. During the Yuletide season, these villages come alive with an enchanting display of Christmas lights and festive traditions unique to Iceland.

Your guide will enlighten you about the country's intriguing customs and rituals associated with this joyous time of year.

As darkness descends, you'll be treated to a delicious four-course dinner at a popular restaurant on Hella's riverbanks. The restaurant will serve delicious Icelandic dishes from fresh local ingredients as you soak in the festive environment.

After dinner, the adventure takes an even more magical turn. Your guide will lead you to the garden of your accommodation, where you'll participate in a captivating program about the northern lights.

With a bit of luck and favorable weather conditions, you may be graced with an awe-inspiring aurora borealis display as the guide regales you with interesting trivia and folklore.

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Day 3
The Skogafoss waterfall has a flat ground for the best viewing experience.

Day 3 - South Coast of Iceland

On this day, the adventure takes you further south to witness the awe-inspiring features of the region. The South Coast is home to diverse natural features like glaciers, waterfalls, coastal villages, and long stretches of beaches.

Start your day with a delicious and hearty breakfast before setting off to the breathtaking Seljalandsfoss waterfall. This majestic 200-foot (60-meter) tall wonder allows you to experience nature's power up close by walking behind its cascading water curtain.

Next is the Skogar Folk Museum, where you'll learn more about the traditional Icelandic way of life and gain insight into their rich cultural heritage. The museum features well-preserved turf houses, once typical dwellings of Icelandic farmers.

Near the museum is the majestic Skogafoss waterfall, boasting the same height as the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. During winter, the waterfall's cliffs and surroundings are covered with ice and snow.

For the adventurous souls, an optional glacier hike at Solheimajokull outlet glacier awaits. Led by experienced guides, this exhilarating journey, with an additional fee, will take you through icy landscapes, crevasses, and stunning ice formations.

Make sure to signify your interest in joining the activity beforehand.

If you prefer not to partake in the glacier hike, the bus will take you directly to the Reynisfjara beach. It's the most famous black sand beach in Iceland because of its long stretch of volcanic sands, striking basalt columns, unique sea stacks, and powerful waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

As the day ends, your group will return to the cozy country accommodation in Hella. Like the previous night, if the weather cooperates, you'll have the chance to witness the enchanting dance of the aurora borealis.

After a day filled with extraordinary sights, cultural discoveries, and the possibility of witnessing the northern lights, it's time to retire at your comfortable country accommodation for the night.

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Day 4
Strokkur geyser erupting in the snowy landscapes of the Geysir area in winter.

Day 4 - Golden Circle with Reykjavik Culinary Treat

On day four of your winter tour in Iceland, get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey through the iconic Golden Circle. On this scenic route, three extraordinary attractions await.

Before delving into the wonders of the Golden Circle, the tour will begin with a visit to the Fridheimar farm. You will explore a tomato greenhouse powered by geothermal energy throughout the year at the farm.

Additionally, you'll be delighted to meet some friendly Icelandic horses at the farm's stable. Icelandic horses are unique because they are the only breed in the world that can perform five gaits.

The journey continues to the Golden Circle, beginning with the beautiful Gullfoss waterfall. Feel the mist on your face as you stand in awe of the thundering cascades, which plunge dramatically into a rugged canyon below. In winter, the waterfall becomes more breathtaking as ice covers its cliffs.

Next on the itinerary is the Geysir geothermal area, home to the Great Geysir that gave all geysers their name. Although the Great Geysir is dormant these days, its neighbor, the Strokkur geyser, remains active with its eruption every five to 10 minutes. Make sure to bring out your camera to capture this dramatic event.

The journey through the Golden Circle culminates at Thingvellir National Park, a place of immense historical and geological significance. Here, you'll be treading upon the ground where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates drift apart, forming a stunning rift valley.

Soon after, the bus will make its way back to Reykjavik. A fine dining culinary treat awaits you at a traditional restaurant in the downtown area. This is the opportunity to indulge in delectable Icelandic delicacies, celebrating the last night of your unforgettable winter adventure.

After dinner, take the chance to explore the vibrant streets of Reykjavik, with its charming cafes, boutique shops, and lively atmosphere. By now, the city is still brimming with Christmas festivities, so don't forget to head to the Christmas markets.

If not, you can call it a day by heading to your accommodation for the night.

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Day 5
Reykjavik looks breathtaking in winter.

Day 5 - Departure Day

On the last day of your winter tour in Iceland, enjoy a complimentary hotel breakfast, savoring the flavors of Icelandic cuisine one final time. Today, the schedule accommodates travelers with both early and later flights, ensuring a smooth departure from the land of fire and ice.

After breakfast, those with early flights will bid farewell to Reykjavik and take the convenient bus transfer from the city to the Keflavik International Airport. Reflect on the incredible experiences of the past five days as you traverse the picturesque landscapes of Iceland.

For travelers with later flights, you have the luxury of a few additional hours to immerse yourself in the local culture and explore the vibrant city of Reykjavik. As you stroll through the streets, there are must-visit destinations that offer a unique glimpse into Icelandic wonders and history.

Consider visiting the Perlan Museum, an architectural marvel set atop Oskjuhlid hill, offering panoramic views of Reykjavik and its surrounding winter landscapes. Inside the museum, you can learn more about Iceland's wonders through interactive exhibitions showcasing the country's natural phenomena, including glaciers, volcanoes, and the elusive northern lights.

This indoor experience perfectly complements your outdoor adventures in the past four days.

Take time to explore the charming streets of Reykjavik's city center, adorned with winter and Christmas decorations, creating a festive atmosphere during the holiday season. Visit local shops, art galleries, and cafes, where you can warm up with a cup of traditional Icelandic hot cocoa or a hearty bowl of hearty lamb soup.

Finally, as the time to bid farewell arrives, you'll board the complimentary bus transfer from Reykjavik to the Keflavik International Airport, where the journey comes full circle. As you traverse the otherworldly beauty of the Reykjanes Peninsula one last time, you'll carry with you the memories of Iceland's natural wonders, captivating traditions, and the warmth of its people.

See you on your next trip to Iceland.

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What to bring

Warm and waterproof clothing with layers
Winter gloves, hat, and scarf
Sturdy hiking shoes

Good to know

- The tour is scheduled from December 23 to December 27.

- A single supplement is mandatory for this trip if you want to have your own room.

- Seeing the northern lights is not guaranteed as it remains a natural phenomenon that requires favorable sky and weather conditions.

- Itineraries may be subject to change at short notice during severe weather conditions.

- Optional activities are available upon request for an extra cost.

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