7 Day Guided Ring Road Tour | Explore the Circle of Iceland

There are many seal colonies situated around the Ring Road of Iceland.
Húsavík is often called the whale watching capital of Iceland.
Resting on an iceberg at the Diamond Beach in Iceland is cool and comforting.
Gullfoss is the most famous and beloved waterfall in all Iceland.
Gullfoss is the king of all waterfalls in Iceland and the main attraction of the Golden Circle route.
The Icelandic horses are known to be very friendly.
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Jump aboard this seven-day guided tour all around the circle of Iceland. If you want to see and learn about as much of this incredible country as possible, without worrying about organising or driving, then this is the perfect tour for you.

Over a week, you will see a vast variety of sights, including world-famous spots such as the Golden Circle and Jökulsárlon glacier lagoon, as well as little-known national treasures, such as hidden waterfalls and the East Fjords. The price includes entry to multiple museums, and to top it off, this tour includes some fantastic adventures, including glacier hiking and whale watching.

This tour is designed to be relaxing, easy, and exciting. Furthermore, it is conducted in a mini-bus which hosts a maximum of fifteen passengers, ensuring a comfortable and personalised trip. There are few better ways to bond with fellow travellers than exploring such a beautiful country with them in a small group. 

The first day of this tour takes you on the classic Golden Circle route, with a few bonus stops such as at Kerið crater lake and Seljalandsfoss waterfall. The second will centre around glaciers and volcanoes, as you observe the notorious Eyjafjallajökull, the mighty Vatnajökull and the stunning glacier lagoon; on this day, you will also have the option of glacier hiking. 

The East Fjords, one of Iceland’s least visited regions, will be next on the agenda, providing you with unbelievable scenery and an abundance of wildlife. On the fourth and fifth days, you will see the diverse North, witness the beauty of the Lake Mývatn area, visit some stunning waterfalls, and go whale watching from Europe’s whale-watching capital Húsavík.

The final two days will show you the West of the island, including the Snæfellsnes peninsula, which is often called ‘Iceland in Miniature’ due to its diverse beauty.

This tour has appeal to people of all interests, be they photography, sightseeing, wildlife, adventure or culture. For those who have the time, it provides an excellent and informative way to see the country.

So jump aboard, and see as much of Iceland is as possible in a week, in comfort and style. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Jun. - Oct.
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Activities: Glacier Hiking, Hiking, Whale Watching, Sightseeing
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 10 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Golden Circle, East Iceland, Akureyri, Jökulsárlón, Mývatn, Dimmuborgir, Goðafoss, Dettifoss, Snæfellsjökull, Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Geysir, Gullfoss, Þingvellir, Hraunfossar, Deildartunguhver, Snæfellsnes, Sólheimajökull, Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Bjarnarhöfn, Hellnar, Arnarstapi, Vík í Mýrdal, Kerið, Kirkjufell, Hvítserkur, Lóndrangar, Djúpalónssandur, Stokksnes, Ytri Tunga Beach, South Coast, Diamond Beach, Ring Road, Kvernufoss
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 08:30

  • Hotel pick up & drop off in Reykjavik

  • English guidance

  • 7 days minibus tour around Iceland with maximum 15 passengers in the bus

  • Guesthouse/hostel in double rooms with shared bathrooms and breakfast

  • Glacier hike (1,5 hours)

  • Whale watching tour (3 hours)

  • Entrance to the shark museum in Bjarnarhofn

  • Entrance to the Mývatn Nature Baths

  • Entrance to the area of Stokksnes and Vestrahorn

  • Entrance to the Icelandic seal center in Hvammstangi

  • Entrance to the Stone museum in Stodvarfjordur

  • All necessary safety equipment for the Glacier hike

  • Free Wi-Fi on bus

  • Lunch and dinner

What to bring:
  • Warm and water/windproof clothes

  • Good hiking shoes (if you do not have hiking shoes then we offer these for rent)

  • Camera

Good to know:

This tour typically returns to Reykjavik on Day 7 around 08:30pm (20:30)

If you are a single traveler then a Single Room Supplement of 36.000 ISK is mandatory.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - The Golden Circle & Kerid Volcanic Crater

The Iceland geyser Strokkur erupts naturally every few minutes, much to the delight of visitors to Haukadalur Valley.

For the first of your seven days of adventure, you will see the most popular locations in Iceland belonging to the three incredible sites of the Golden Circle.

The first is Þingvellir National Park, the only UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Icelandic mainland. The reasons for its popularity are twofold. Firstly, it has a fascinating history, being the original site of what has become the world’s longest-running, ongoing parliament; early settlers to Iceland first convened here in 930 AD.

Secondly, it has spectacular geology; the park sits right in the rift valley between two tectonic plates, both of which are clearly visible as you travel through the sweeping lava fields of the Almannagjá gorge.

Following Þingvellir, you will head to see the geysers in geothermal hot-spot area Haukadalur Valley. Geysir itself, which gave all others their name, only goes off sporadically these days, but its neighbour Strokkur is happy to entertain; every five to ten minutes, you can see it eject water up to forty metres high. 

The final stop on is the majestic Gullfoss Waterfall, the most iconic falls in the country. You, however, will get to see two more beautiful locations. The first of these is the water-filled crater-lake Kerið, which is far too often overlooked by visitors. The second is Seljalandsfoss waterfall on the South Coast. This waterfall pours off a concave cliff, meaning it’s possible to walk the whole way around it for some incredible, unique views.

You will stay overnight in a guesthouse right beside this beautiful feature.

Day 2 - South Coast Sights & Glacier Hike

Get all geared up before going on your glacier hike up Sólheimajökull by the South Coast of Iceland.

On day two, you will better explore Iceland’s incredible South Coast.

This stretch of Iceland is renowned for its vast diversity of landmarks and landscapes, all visible from the Ring-Road you will be travelling on. You'll drive through verdant fields and across deserts of black sand, all in the shadows of massive volcanoes and glaciers. One of these volcanoes you may already know about; you will be able to see Eyjafjallajökull in decent weather, the volcano that seriously disrupted air travel in 2010.

You will make multiple stops to appreciate the diverse world you are driving through. For example, you get to visit three unique and magnificent waterfalls: the famous Skógafoss, and its lesser-known neighbours Írafoss and Kvernufoss. You will also stop at the black sand beach Reynisfjara, to admire its stark beauty and the fascinating geological formations in the area, such as the sea stacks Reynisdrangar.

The main highlight of the day, however, will come when you stop at the glacier Sólheimajökull. If you are willing, you will have the opportunity to spend an hour and a half hiking on the ice cap, something you can do in very few places across the world. The beauty from atop the glacier is unreal and will stay with you for life.

The day has more surprises to come following this adventure. You will travel in the shadow of the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull, to reach the Jökulsárlon glacier lagoon, which many consider to be Iceland’s most beautiful spot. Watching icebergs cruise through the water, and seeing where they wash up on the Diamond Beach, is nothing but mesmerising.

You will stay overnight in a cosy guesthouse in the south-east of Iceland

Day 3 - Vestrahorn Mountain, Viking Village & the East Fjords

The mountain Vestrahorn in East Iceland is dramatic, haunting and beautiful all at once.

Your third day will start with a visit to the incredible mountain Vestrahorn, one of the country’s most popular spots for photography. Following this, you’ll have a real taste of culture with a visit to the settlement of Stokknes and the Viking Village.

After enjoying these sites, you will start to head up the East Fjords. This postcard-perfect stretch of coast will completely awe you, as you look down from huge mountains to narrow strips of glistening ocean, and picturesque villages nestled in remote corners. 

Nature lovers should keep their eyes open when traversing this area. The East Fjords are the only area in Iceland where reindeer roam, but you could also spot puffins, seals or even whales and dolphins in the waters.

Another museum is on the agenda today, the Petru Stone Museum. The appeal of this place extends further than to geologists, as the institution helps paint a picture of the fascinating processes that this volcanic island goes through continually. 

You will spend the night in a comfortable accommodation in East Iceland.

Day 4 - Dettifoss Waterfall, Lake Myvatn & the Nature Baths

The waterfall Dettifoss in North Iceland is reputed as the most powerful in all of Europe.

On day four, you will leave East Iceland for the beautiful North, by crossing the magnificent Highlands. En route, you will stop at Europe’s most powerful waterfall, the awe-inspiring Dettifoss and feel its roaring powers beneath your feet.

The highlight of this day, however, is the Lake Mývatn area. This incredible place has more than just serene stretches of water; expect to see fascinating geothermal areas, impressive lava formations, and a huge wealth of unique birdlife.

You will fit a lot of sightseeing into this day. You will visit the dark rocky fortress of Dimmuborgir, with its stunning geology; a hot spring cave called Grjótagjá, an ancient bathing spot; the power plant Krafla and the Hverir geothermal area. After all the activity, you will likely be seeking relaxation, so you will treat yourself by visiting the Mývatn Nature Baths for a rejuvenating soak by the end of the day.

You will spend the night in a country guesthouse in North Iceland.

Day 5 - Husavik Whale Watching & Godafoss Waterfall 

Húsavík boasts some of the most successful sightings of all whale watching venues.

On day five, you will better explore the incredible beauty of North Iceland. After a scenic drive along the coast, you will reach the beautiful fishing village Húsavík, where you will partake in a whale watching adventure.

Húsavík is known as Europe’s whale-watching capital for a reason. On your three-hour boat tour, you can expect to see mighty, acrobatic humpback whales and many other species that are known to frequent the area. Between whale sightings, it is incredible to admire the nature around you; the serene fjord is surrounded by stunning mountains.

After what is sure to be a delightful experience, you will continue on the road to Akureyri, the Capital of the North. En route, however, you will make a stop at one of the country’s most powerful, beautiful, and historical waterfalls, Goðafoss, which translates to ‘the Waterfall of the Gods’.

Once you reach Akureyri, you will have a bit of time to explore the charming town and its many shops, cafés, museums and boutiques. Your accommodation, however, is a short drive away, immersed in the beautiful nature of the North.

Day 6 - West Iceland, Seals, Waterfalls & Hot Springs

The waterfalls of West Iceland cascade over fields of rugged lava rocks.

Your penultimate day on this tour has a diverse wealth of scenery for you to marvel over.

As you make your way south, you will stop at a unique rock formation called Hvítserkur, which looks just like a dragon standing in the shallows of the sea; this is a great spot for photographers.

Following that, you will head to the village of Hvammstangi, which is renowned as Iceland’s seal watching capital, and you will have a chance to explore the fascinating Icelandic Seal Centre while you are there.

Continuing to the fjord of Borgarfjörður, you will pass the haunting but beautiful lava field of Hallmundarhraun. Just 900 metres from here, you will find two of West Iceland’s most celebrated waterfalls, Hraunfossar and Barnafoss.

While right near each other, they are vastly different, with the former being wide, serene and gentle, and the latter rushing violently down a narrow gulley. Finally, you will head to Deildartunguhver, the hot spring with the highest flow in all Europe.

You will spend your last night in the Borgarfjörður area.

Day 7 - Black Beaches, Lava Fields & the Magic of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula

A photo of the mountain Kirkjufell on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula is a must-have for any nature photography portfolio.

On your final day, you will explore Snæfellsjökull National Park, often called ‘Iceland in Miniature’ due to its incredible diversity of the country's most characteristic landscapes.

The first stop is the crown jewel of the peninsula; Snæfellsjökull glacier. This amazing, cone-shaped mountain is jaw-droppingly beautiful, and you will be left in no wonder as to why it has inspired artists for centuries. It was, for example, where Jules Verne chose to set his novel ‘A Journey to the Centre of the Earth’.

After marvelling over this site, you will head to a farm called Ytri-Tunga. If over the seven days, you have not spotted a seal, you can be almost guaranteed to see a colony here, basking lazily on the rocks with little care for people. 

You will continue to travel the coast, passing the beautiful, historic settlements of Arnarstapi and Hellnar. There is stunning geology in this area, which culminates with the Lóndrangar basalt columns, that tower above the road and ocean. 

Djúpalónssandur is gorgeous black pebble beach you will stop at, and here you can test how valuable a fisherman you would have been in times gone by; four large, smooth stones here are called the lifting stones, and were used to measure one’s strength and suitability to life on the ocean. Your guide will explain the history of each one as you try them out.

You will interrupt your sightseeing for a stop at the famous Bjarnarhöfn Shark Museum. There may even be fresh hákarl (the famous “rotten shark”) to try, dried in a shed behind the museum several times per year, along with a taste of Icelandic cumin schnapps to wash it down.

At your last stop, you will find Kirkjufell mountain, rising out of the green hills, surrounded by trickling rivers. This is one of the most popular photography spots in Iceland, so be sure to get a picture for your collection.

You will then head back to Reykjavík, no doubt fully aware that you have made the most of every moment in this amazing country. Many of the locals travel the ring road in a week as a summer holiday, and so could you, so reserve your spot now and get acquainted with Iceland. 


Average rating 4.9 / Number of reviews 28

The sceneries are just stunning. There were so many to highlight. I would like to send my special thank to our tour guide - David, he always presented us the most authentic side of Iceland. He was very thoughtful for all the arrangements. And he also went an extra mile to take care of us. He is the star. We enjoyed the tour very much. Thank you David.

My husband and I joined this 7 days tour in Oct 2017. This was a memorable and awesome trip to us and we did enjoy all the highlights in the ring road. We would like to express heartfelt thanks to our guide - David who took good care of us. He is funny, passionate and always wants to show us the best of Iceland. He tried his best to show us the beautiful scenery of Iceland as much as possible during our trip with limited daylight in Oct. Apart from the scheduled spots, David would arrange to let us explore extra hidden places. That's great and we enjoyed a lots. He also shared interesting stories and history of Iceland with us, that added much more wonderful memories to our trip. I would definitely recommend this tour to those who have limited time but still want to explore Iceland as much as possible, with their excellent guide David.

I am very happy for this Iceland travel with your company, and will come again, with you guy again!

I definitely love this 7 day tour with our guide David. David is a really competent and passionate guide who truly wants to show us the beauty of Iceland. He was very flexible and allowed us to spend more time in the places that we were interested. He took good care of us and listened to our needs. He is also a good photographer and took great pictures for us! Overall the trip is well planned and basically includes all the places I wanted to go. I highly recommend this tour to those who go to Iceland for the first time.

I have just finished this 7 days tour guided by David. He is a fantastic tour guide who shared a lot of information about different spots and even stopped at extra sites for us to explore more about Iceland. He is also very kind and funny, making the tour very enjoyable. Nicetravel also responded promptly for any inquiry via E-mail. Definitely recommend this tour. 100/100!

My mom and I had David as our guide for a September trip. He was very flexible, allowing us to spend more or less time in certain places as well as stopping if we wanted to pet horses or take pictures. His excitement for the places we visited and their history was contagious. He added a personal touch to the trip by giving us an opportunity to stop at some of his favorite places as well. Overall, the sightseeing and activities kept the tour busy and enjoyable. Recommended to those who want to see a great deal of Iceland in 7 days.

I did the tour in August 2017 with David as our guide. This tour is awesome because allows you to see all the highlights in the ring road and David adds extra stops to include hidden spots that are fantastic and not other tour companies visit. David gives enough time for each stop so you don't feel you are in a hurry. David is passionate about Iceland and will give you all the information details you need to appreciate more your tour. He will make sure you get on time to each destination in a safer manner and most important he will make sure you enjoy the trip. Excellent customer service. I will definitely come back to Iceland and book a tour with David as our guide.

Now waiting at the airport writing this review. It's my first time to Iceland. I'm traveling with my dad and in order to save us time and trouble, I decided to sign up for this 7-day tour which basically covers all the highlights along the ring road. Our driver Davis is such a nice guide that he gave us enough time at every single stop and even added extra stops whenever he could. My dad and I cannot enjoy the tour more and I'll definitely be back in winter to see ice caves, and with David again!

Had a brilliant time during the tour - amazing sights on all 7 days and our guide Michael was funny, informative and took great care of all of us. Can't wait to return to Iceland!

We feel very fortunate to sign up for this Iceland tour and the memories from this tour will indeed last us forever. First of all, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to our guide and driver throughout these 7 days. Ms Lucia, our beautiful and caring guide, I must say that she is a super cool, humorous and friendly person. She is very attentive and patient to our needs throughout the tour. Our handsome and awesome driver - Mr. David, he is such an experienced and trustworthy driver. We felt very safe inside the passenger van with David's driving skills and experiences. David always ensure that we reached our destinations on time and safely. With this tour, we didn't have to worry about driving on Iceland’s narrow roads and still able to enjoy everything that Iceland had to offer without needing to plan for each attraction. Last but not least, the hotels that both of them have arranged for us in this tour were really cosy and with awesome views. It has been a super enjoyable and unforgettable week with Ms. Lucia and Mr. David. We will definitely going to miss both of them so much. To anyone who wish to travel and explore Iceland, I would highly recommend Nice Travels Inc. and the 7 day Ring Road tour.

Super good!

We signed up for this tour for our honeymoon and we must say that the memories will indeed last forever with us! I would like to thank our guide, Mr Peter who is a very humorous and friendly person. He shared a lot of his personal experiences (both in Iceland and around the world ) with us which made our trip more interesting. He is also attentive and patient to our needs throughout the tour. This round-the-island tour brought us to nearly all the breathtaking sites in Iceland. The schedule is well planned so there are no instances whereby we were rushing for time. Finally, all the guesthouses that we stayed in are simple but cosy enough. Kudos to Nicetravels and I would strongly recommend this tour.

Firstly me and my husband would like to start by saying a big thank you to Mr David and Ms Lucia from Nicetravel for taking care of our daily needs when we were in Iceland.The itineraries and accommodation they planned for us was very well.Everyday is like an adventure that kept us very excited.Thanks to our pretty Tour guide Ms Lucia and handsome driver Mr David.Hopefully can see you guys again.Take care~

Iceland tour in August 2016 was with my wife. I intended to visit popular location and to eliminate the various cumbersome procedures. Thus, we signed up for 7 days Ring Road round bus tour. The tour which uses hostels such as use the shared shower rather than a fine hotel, or uses an ordinary small bus was not luxurious. However, we loved it. Place to visit, accommodation and or restaurants had been re-arranged due to the conditions such as the weather, while we arrived the hostel around the midnight. Efficiency was much better than my last travel in April using rent-a-car. I would recommend this way for the first time. Another aspect of satisfactions was members; Antonio, Guide; Davito, the driver; Sandy, Chris, Jordan and Yin. All were open and hilarious. They made our travel enjoyable. I posted photos on my web site. Please visit, if you are interested in.

Forgot to mention, my guide is Antonio, best guide ever

It's a wonderful tour that my guide and driver provided wonderful service. I will definitely recommend this tour to my friends

It was such a great experience and our guide Antonio is the best guide ever for making the trip a really personalized one and having brought us to some charming spots away from the tourists. He is doing great photography so he can take us to the best view. Perfect trip, perfect guide, and our driver David is also cute!

I highly recommend Nice Travels Inc. and the 7 day Ring Road tour. I picked this tour for a couple of reasons; I wanted to relax and enjoy the countryside, I did not want to worry about driving on Iceland’s narrow roads and I wanted to enjoy everything that Iceland had to offer without planning each attraction. This tour was the answer to everything I wanted. Our tour guide, Antonio, was knowledgeable, efficient, and very personable. The tour company outlined a list of attractions of what we would do each day. However, I felt our tour guide made sure that our trip was unique and special to what I personally wanted to see while in Iceland. Antonio stated several times “This is your tour. What would you like to do? I want to make sure you see everything you want”. I saw all of the major attractions and more; I also appreciated our tour guide’s knowledge of Iceland which allowed me to have the best experience possible on my vacation. David was an experienced, knowledgeable and extremely trustworthy driver. Iceland’s roads can be narrow and often times nerve racking considering there are one lane bridges. I felt very safe inside the company passenger van while David drove hundreds of kilometers per day. David got us to our destinations on time and safely. Iceland has more natural beauty than I thought was possible. I was very humbled by this trip due to the overall beauty of the landscape. Go to Iceland to experience it all; travel with Nice Travels and their company will provide you the experience of a lifetime.

Lucia is a great guide, she took good care of us during our 7 day stay with her. She made very detailed plan in her schedule book everyday, and she could always arrange interesting attractions to visit and good restaurant to try, especially the cow farm restaurant. Many thanks for all the amazing arrangement. It is much appreciated.

The round trip offered by Nicetravel was valuable, we had many different sight-seeing that could not see anywhere else. They also arranged fantastic activities for us, such as Glacier Hiking, Whale Watching and Horse Riding. It was the first time I saw so many Dolphins playing around me! Our Italian guide Lucia (also our driver) was very nice and always ready to help us enjoy the trip. She often told us interesting things / stories about Iceland. The food and accommodation was also good. Carmen

It was super fun and super nice to have the seven days trip guided by David and Antonio. They are caring, interesting and sweet persons and brought a lot of joys to the tour. We went hiking, sought for beautiful waterfalls, met the glacier, tried lagoon spa, saw seals and whales together. We have seen many wonders around Iceland from the tour and there are many things that would definitely amaze you. Hotels we stayed in the tour are clean, cozy and comfortable. I highly recommend the tour and extremely recommend David and Antonio to you all. They are great guys and like your friends and there is no doubt you will have a lot of unforgettable memories with them. I have many many cheerful moments here and already miss them :)

We are very lucky to be the first ones to experience this tour. This 7-day tour enables you to visit all kinds of fantastic attractions in Iceland, and all around the island. Our tour guide Antonio is the best! He is super cooooool, humorous and friendly. And he really cares for his clients, including providing any kind of help at any time and offering flexible itinerary as the costumer's wish. Our driver Dawid is also the best! A good driver would make sure your time on bus is relaxing and safe, let alone these two guys were more like your old friends rather than just some boring "companions". Most of the hotels in the tour were really comfy and with beautiful views. Antonio always let us pick the room first to try to make us satisfied. : ) In short, it has been an extremely enjoyable and unforgettable week with Antonio and Dawid. For sure, I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wishes to explore Iceland deeply. We are going to miss our best guide and driver so much!

The 7-day Ring Road Circle of Iceland tour is of the most amazing travel experiences I've had in my entire life. Though we were the first tourists of this tour, this fact definitely offered more personalized experience to it. There are lots of must-see and less-popular-yet more-mysterious sightseeing attractions included in this trip, or even those attractions that I didn't know existed before, which are totally worth visiting if you are the first comer to Iceland. For me, for example, the highlights are the waterfalls, the black sand beach, glacier walking, whale watching and the blue lagoon. Each day, accommodation and properly arranged and time perfectly managed as well. Rooms were nice and comfortable, with breakfast included each day. Also the car came to pick us at the hostel every day on time. The nice, welcoming and humorous guide has lots of knowledge on traveling and Icelandic customs and concerned a lot about my safety; He made detailed explanation on every seeing, and told lots of stories and jokes on the car to us. Even we did spent plenty of time on the minibus, we still had great times sitting in the mini bus listening to music and chatting with the driver and the tour guide (for sure, they added great fun to my experience). Highly! Highly! Highly recommended for those who want to explore every part of Iceland sceneries with ease (The mini bus is so comfortable!) and fun (The guide and the driver could make you laugh all day long). The price is quite reasonable so it is really worth trying if you want to stay for a longer time in Iceland. Unforgettable experience, thanks to nice travel :)

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