Summer Tours & Packages

Summer Tours & Packages

Book a summer tour or package vacation and explore Iceland's magic during the midnight sun without having to consider the organization of your trip—all accommodation, transfers, and tours will be planned and booked on your behalf.

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Summer Tours & Packages

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Summer travel in Iceland

Iceland is a country of beautiful extremes, and the summer is no exception. Although temperatures remain mild rather than hot, the all-night sun casts a bewitching glow over the mossy landscapes and rugged coastlines, and wildlife fills the green lowlands. Stunning locations which are inaccessible during winter become exciting destinations to visit as part of our all-accommodating summer packages.

There is a unique quality to the summer sunlight which has earned Iceland its reputation as a photographer’s dream. With the ‘golden hour’ extending over several hours and sunsets which can stretch on through the evening, it’s important sometimes to remember to put down your camera, take a breath, and simply enjoy the fantastic scenery and natural wonders around you.

Although your tour is in the middle of summer, you can still experience Iceland’s icy wonders by going on a glacial hike or taking a snowmobile ride across the ice caps. If you are not feeling quite so adventurous, many packages are more conducive to comfortable sightseeing with guided tours and drivers who make sure that you’re never far from a warm and relaxing environment. Whatever your preference, there will be a summer package suitable for you.

Bear in mind that Iceland is not the limit. We also offer packages that include visits to our neighbour Greenland for an authentic summertime Arctic experience. Both Iceland and Greenland are home to a fantastic wealth of wildlife. Notably, the summer months herald the arrival of puffins, flocking to Icelandic shores to nest alongside gannets, guillemots and an abundance of arctic terns.

Although our winter is dark and icy, when summer comes to Iceland, it is something to behold. You can genuinely feel the warmth of the midnight sun in the plants, animals and the attitude of the people. Come feel summer inside and out and book a summer package today.

Frequently asked questions

How is pick-up from the airport arranged for my summer tour in Iceland?

You will be provided with an open Flybus ticket which gives you admission to a bus that transfers you to Reykjavik from Keflavik Airport and back. This should quickly get you into the city to start your summer tour in Iceland.

Should my accommodation be in Keflavik, could I be dropped off or picked up from there?

We only offer direct Keflavik International Airport transfers to and from Reykjavik accommodations. You would, therefore, do well to book accommodation in Keflavik that offers an airport shuttle since you will be dropped off and picked up from there. Another option would be to make use of a taxi transfer, which is not included in any of these packages.

Can I get picked up at my apartment, my Airbnb lodging or at a private residence for my summer tour in Iceland?

No, but you can choose from a list of designated pickup locations, such as the nearest hotel, during the booking process of your summer tour in Iceland. Be sure to contact your travel agent if there is any confusion.

Can I customise my summer tour package in Iceland?

You can customize your summer tour package during booking by selecting which tours to opt into, and the level of comfort you want from your accommodation. Please email for further information.

Can I visit the Blue Lagoon on a different day than the one that was originally scheduled?

Yes, rescheduling visits to the Blue Lagoon is almost always possible. Just contact your travel agent so that all the necessary arrangements can be made.

What happens if my summer tour in Iceland is cancelled due to weather?

In the case of a weather cancellation, we will try to reschedule your tour or organize an alternative option. If neither is possible, you will receive a full refund. If you join a cheaper tour than the one that was originally booked, you will be refunded the price difference.

Is it safe to drive in Iceland during the summer?

Yes, as long as you follow local traffic laws, Iceland is a very safe country to drive in. The main roads, including the Ring Road, are paved and well maintained throughout the year. To be on the safe side, you should check the road conditions before heading out on your journey.

Will I see the northern lights during my summer tour in Iceland?

The northern lights are not visible during the height of summer in Iceland. The earliest they can be seen is in mid-August, and the latest is at the end of April. The peak season for the aurora borealis is September to April. However, you do have the option of seeing the midnight sun during the summer in Iceland which can color the sky in different hues of blue, pink, or purple.

How long is the Ring Road and how are the road conditions during the summer in Iceland?

The Ring Road is around 800 miles (1,300 kilometers) long, but the total distance you drive will depend on the specifics of your journey. The entire ring road is paved and easy to navigate. Road conditions in Iceland are generally good in the summer months, however, it is advisable to check the road conditions before heading out on your journey.

Are there any restrictions due to COVID-19 in Iceland?

Currently, there are no restrictions due to COVID-19 in Iceland. Businesses and attractions are open as normal so you can enjoy your self-drive tour in Iceland as you like. Of course, you are free to take any precautions you consider necessary such as wearing a mask or staying away from crowds.