8 Day Winter Package | Ring Road of Iceland in a Small Group

The sun is only in the sky for four hours or so in Iceland's winter, dying the skies above features such as the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon in vivid colours.
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Tour starts
Keflavík Airport
Starting time
8 days
Ending place
Keflavík Airport
Aug. - Mar.
Minimum age
12 years old


Witness the marvels of Iceland in winter without worrying about planning or driving yourself. This immersive vacation package is perfect for anyone who is spending seven nights in Iceland. You will be guided in a comfortable minibus around Iceland's famous ring road to incredible locations like the Golden Circle, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, the Eastfjords, and Lake Myvatn.

This package should appeal to anyone eager to see the beautiful landscapes of Iceland and to include some adventure on their holiday. In addition to sightseeing across the South, East, and North of this amazing country, you will get to go whale-watching, glacier hiking, and ice-caving to truly make the most of the opportunities that come with winter. You can also book an optional horseback ride and a geothermal spa visit.

Of course, as this tour is conducted in the winter, you will also have plenty of chances to see the northern lights. You will be traveling in the dark hours to reach your destinations around the ring road and often staying in rural hotels, giving you better odds of capturing the phenomenon than those just staying in the capital.

With this carefully crafted package, you won't have to spend weeks planning the perfect Iceland itinerary. The package offers a great price and ensures you don't miss out on the best attractions Iceland has to offer. Experience the highlights of Iceland's natural wonders and cultural treasures.

One major advantage of the package is that you don't have to worry about driving yourself, especially in bad weather or on icy roads. Professional and experienced drivers and guides will accompany you throughout the tour, ensuring your safety and providing valuable information about Iceland. Sit back and relax in a comfortable minibus while enjoying the stunning landscapes.

Upon booking, you will receive a detailed itinerary that guides you through each day of your adventure. The itinerary outlines exciting activities and breathtaking sights, allowing you to make the most of your time in Iceland and create unforgettable memories.

To enhance your experience, a personal travel agent will be available to assist you 24/7. They can help with any questions, provide recommendations, and offer support throughout your trip, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey.

This thoughtfully crafted package comes highly rated by satisfied customers who appreciate its convenience, value, and exceptional service provided by knowledgeable guides and staff.

For flexibility, the package offers free cancellation and a full refund up to 24 hours before departure, allowing you to adjust your plans as needed.

Your accommodation in Iceland, transfer to and from Keflavik International Airport, as well as a guided six-day tour will all be sorted for you before arrival. You can also choose to add a trip to the Blue Lagoon for a bit of extra pampering.

Do not miss this chance to see Iceland's greatest sites in the winter. Check availability now by choosing a date.

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Airport transfer on arrival/departure for Keflavik International Airport
6 day small group guided tour of the Ring Road of Iceland
2 nights of accommodation in Reykjavik (different levels available; breakfast not included for Super Budget or Budget levels; breakfast included for Comfort and Quality levels; more detailed info below)
5 night of accommodation in various country hotels (breakfast included, private bathroom depending on availability)
Northern lights hunting
Detailed Itinerary
Personal travel agent
Glacier hiking tour
Whale watching tour
Ice caving tour


Glacier Hiking
Horse Riding
Whale Watching
Northern lights hunting
Hot Spring Bathing
Cultural Activity
Ice Caving

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Heal your skin, rest your mind and nourish your soul in the Blue Lagoon Spa in south-east Iceland.

Day 1 - Arrival

On your first day, you will fly into Keflavik International Airport and use the voucher provided to pick up your bus ticket. 

On your way to Iceland’s capital city, you could choose to make a stop at the Blue Lagoon. This world-renowned spa is known for its healing waters, vivid azure colors, and luxurious treatments. It is located in the middle of a moss-covered lava field, giving it an otherworldly atmosphere. 

If you add the Blue Lagoon, it will be arranged according to your flights. 

If there is no time to visit the lagoon today, it can be added to another day. Your travel consultant will be able to arrange this for you. 

There is still plenty to see and do in Reykjavik if you have extra free time.

Once you reach Reykjavik, you can settle into your accommodations and explore the museums, shops, bars, and restaurants of Iceland’s vibrant capital.

Reykjavik, the lively capital city of Iceland, has much to offer in terms of culture, history, and entertainment. Take a stroll through the city's charming streets, admiring its colorful buildings and unique architecture. Visit the National Museum of Iceland to delve into the country's fascinating history and heritage, or explore the unique exhibits at the Icelandic Phallological Museum. 

For panoramic views of the city and its surroundings, head to the iconic Hallgrimskirkja church and take the elevator to its observation deck. Discover local art at the Reykjavik Art Museum or indulge in retail therapy at the boutique stores along Laugavegur, the city's main shopping street. 

In the evening, sample Icelandic cuisine at one of Reykjavik's acclaimed restaurants, savoring dishes like fresh seafood, Icelandic lamb, and traditional delicacies such as fermented shark and smoked puffin.

After a day of exploration in Reykjavik, retreat to your comfortable accommodation for a restful night's sleep. Relax and recharge, preparing for the exciting adventures that await you on the upcoming days of your Icelandic journey.

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Day 2
The spray from the popular waterfall Gullfoss rinses the faces of any who get close with glacier water from the ice cap Langjökull.

Day 2 - Golden Circle

On day two of your Icelandic adventure, your six-day guided tour begins. You'll be picked up early from your Reykjavik accommodation to embark on the famous Golden Circle route, which encompasses three incredible sites that have made it a favorite among tourists.

First on the itinerary is Thingvellir National Park, a place of great historical and geological significance. This park, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, was home to Iceland's ancient parliament, Althingi, founded in the year 930 AD. Nestled within the Mid-Atlantic Rift, this unique location is shielded by two tectonic plates, resulting in stunning landscapes characterized by dramatic gorges and geological wonders.

Continuing the journey, you'll visit the Geysir geothermal area, renowned for its active geyser named Strokkur. Watch in awe as this natural wonder erupts, sending water shooting into the sky, often reaching heights of over 66 feet (20 meters). The area is also dotted with hot springs and fumaroles, offering a glimpse into the powerful forces that lie beneath Iceland's surface.

The final highlight of the day awaits you at Gullfoss waterfall, an iconic and majestic sight. Witness as the cascading water tumbles down in two magnificent steps, creating a breathtaking spectacle within an ancient canyon. 

In winter, the falls are adorned with glistening ice, adding an enchanting touch to the already awe-inspiring view. Take your time to appreciate the raw power and ethereal beauty of Gullfoss before making your way to your accommodations in southern Iceland.

As the day comes to a close, be sure to keep an eye out for the captivating northern lights dancing across the night sky, providing a magical display that will leave you with unforgettable memories. 

Rest well in your southern Icelandic accommodations, knowing that more exciting adventures await you in the days to come.

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Day 3
The view from Vík Í Mýdral in south Iceland over Reynisfjara beach and Reynisfjall mountain is spectacular in winter.

Day 3 - The South Coast

On your third day, you will embark on a scenic expedition along the captivating South Coast of Iceland. This area is renowned for its diverse and stunning landscapes, offering plenty of landmarks and natural wonders that can be easily accessed from the main road.

Your adventure begins with a visit to two remarkable waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss. These magnificent cascades descend from towering cliffs, reaching impressive heights of over 197 feet (60 meters). While both waterfalls are truly awe-inspiring, they possess distinct characteristics. 

Seljalandsfoss offers a unique experience as the cliff behind it has a hollowed-out space, allowing daring visitors to fully encircle the falling water, providing an unforgettable perspective. On the other hand, Skogafoss showcases its sheer power and beauty with a width of up to 66 feet (20 meters), creating a dramatic and thunderous display.

Continuing your journey, you will have the opportunity to explore Solheimajokull glacier, a breathtaking natural wonder. During winter, this glacier becomes adorned with vivid blue ice, casting an enchanting glow. Embark on a hike across its otherworldly surface, marveling at the intricate crevasses, majestic ridges, and captivating ice formations that adorn this glacial wonderland. 

Before reaching the charming Vik i Myrdal area, you will make a stop at the magnificent Reynisfjara beach. As you set foot on the black-sand shoreline, take a moment to admire the unique rock formations and towering sea stacks known as Reynisdrangar rising majestically from the roaring Atlantic Ocean. 

These dramatic rock formations add a sense of mystique to the already captivating landscape. Additionally, marvel at the grandeur of the massive Dyrholaey rock arch, which provides a stunning backdrop to the rugged coastline.

As the day comes to an end, you will settle into your accommodations in South Iceland. 

Rest well, knowing that the following day will bring even more wonders as you continue your unforgettable Icelandic adventure.

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Day 4
Under Vatnajökull glacier, there is a network of ice caves that fortunate visitors to Iceland in winter will have the opportunity to explore.

Day 4 - Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

On the fourth day of your remarkable journey, you will continue your adventure along the captivating South Coast of Iceland, and this particular day promises to be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding.

As you traverse the vast expanse of Skeidararsandur glacier outwash plains, a breathtaking landscape will unfold before you. Driving past the scenic Skaftafell nature reserve and passing beneath the towering peak of Mt. Hvannadalshnjukur, Iceland's highest summit, you will soon arrive at your next destination: Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon.

Considered by many as Iceland's crown jewel, this extraordinary location will leave you in awe. Behold the immense lake filled with colossal icebergs, gracefully making their journey from the glacier outlet above to the surrounding ocean. The mesmerizing sight is enhanced by the presence of playful seals, adding to the charm for wildlife enthusiasts.

Not far from the glacier lagoon, you will also have the opportunity to visit the renowned "Diamond Beach." This stretch of coastline is adorned with glistening icebergs that have washed ashore, creating a stunning contrast against the foaming surf and black sands.

Adding to the day's already remarkable experiences, you will have the privilege of exploring an ice cave, a phenomenon that occurs under very specific conditions and in limited locations. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity allows you to venture into the captivating depths of the ice, witnessing its enchanting formations and ethereal beauty. 

If your visit falls before November, you will embark on a thrilling caving expedition in Myrdalsjokull glacier, while later visits will offer an afternoon exploration of the magnificent Vatnajokull glacier.

As the day draws to a close, you will find respite in the charming southeast region of the country, where you will spend the night. 

Reflect on the unforgettable natural wonders you have encountered throughout the day, knowing that your journey through Iceland's landscapes is far from over. The next day holds new adventures and breathtaking sights as you continue your exploration of this remarkable country.

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Day 5
Mount Vestrahorn on the Stokksnes Peninsula is jagged, unforgiving, and very photogenic, especially when blanketed in snow in the winter.

Day 5 - The Eastfjords

On the fifth day of your extraordinary adventure, bid farewell to the captivating South Coast as you embark on a journey to explore the remote and dramatic Eastfjords. This region is a hidden gem, and few have the opportunity to experience its rugged beauty, particularly in winter, allowing you to enjoy spectacular destinations without the usual crowds.

As you traverse through this remarkable area, be prepared to make frequent stops to marvel at the breathtaking fjords, towering mountains, picturesque seascapes, and quaint villages that dot the landscape.

The Eastfjords are known for their striking natural scenery, and you'll have ample opportunities to capture stunning photographs and soak in the tranquility of this unspoiled region. Keep a keen eye out for the diverse wildlife that calls this area home, as the Eastfjords boast a rich array of species.

Your knowledgeable guide will navigate you through the mountainous terrain, selecting hidden locations and lesser-known gems along the way. These stops will be carefully chosen to complement the itinerary and take advantage of the prevailing weather conditions, ensuring you have the most rewarding and memorable experiences.

For those seeking an additional adventure, you have the option to arrange a beautiful horseback riding tour through the enchanting landscapes of the Eastfjords. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the surroundings as you explore on horseback, taking in the majestic vistas and forging a deeper connection with the stunning natural environment.

Alternatively, consider a visit to the breathtaking Vok Baths, a geothermal spa nestled in a lake near Egilsstadir. The water flowing through these mineral-rich baths is remarkably pure and clean, inviting you to unwind and rejuvenate amidst the serene beauty of the Eastfjords. You may even be tempted to taste the pristine water, a testament to the pristine nature of this untouched region.

As the day comes to a close, you will find warmth and comfort in one of the Eastfjords' charming towns. Embrace the tranquility of this remote corner of Iceland as you settle into your accommodations, savoring the unique atmosphere and reflecting on the extraordinary landscapes and experiences that have unfolded throughout the day. 

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Day 6
Steam rising from the ground at the geothermal area of Námaskarð near Lake Mývatn.

Day 6 - Lake Myvatn and surrounding Area

On the sixth day of your unforgettable journey, you will venture towards the northern region of Iceland to explore the captivating Lake Myvatn area. This geothermally and geologically active region offers a diverse array of fascinating sites for you to discover.

You’ll be mesmerized by Dimmuborgir, aptly nicknamed "the Dark Fortress" due to the impressive scale, unique coloration, and striking formations of the lava rocks found here. As you explore this surreal landscape, take in the eerie beauty and marvel at the natural wonders shaped by volcanic activity.

Next on your itinerary is a visit to the geothermal area of Namaskard pass. Delight in the dramatic sight of bubbling hot springs and energetic fumaroles, which showcase the raw power and energy of Iceland's volcanic activity. The steam rising from the ground and the vibrant colors created by mineral deposits add to the otherworldly atmosphere of this geothermal wonderland.

Lake Myvatn itself is a picturesque gem known for its scenic beauty and unique basalt formations rising from the water. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance, surrounded by the serenity of the lake and the remarkable geological features that adorn its shores.

Continuing your journey, you will be driven to the charming town of Akureyri. Along the way, a stop will be made at the breathtaking Godafoss waterfall. Translating to "Waterfall of the Gods," its name carries historical significance from the year 1000 AD when Iceland underwent Christianization. 

Witness the impressive display as the cascading water plummets 39 feet (12 meters) into the turbulent river below. Capture memorable photos from different vantage points while your knowledgeable guide offers insights and assistance if needed.

Conclude the day's adventures in a comfortable accommodation in North Iceland, where you will stay for the night. 

Reflect on the remarkable sights and experiences you have encountered throughout the day, appreciating the unique blend of nature, history, and culture that define this incredible region of Iceland. 

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Day 7
Reykjavík in winter is a city of gorgeous, idyllic snowscapes.

Day 7 - Akureyri to Reykjavik

Today is, sadly, your final day on the road, but the tour isn't over just yet. 

You will begin your day in the serene village of Haugarnes, offering a charming glimpse into idyllic seaside life. The peaceful ambiance is complemented by Hauganes' black sand beach and picturesque harbor, providing a perfect setting to soak in tranquility. 

Keep your eyes peeled as the waters of Hauganes are swarmed with whale activity, offering a wonderful opportunity to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Seals, known to inhabit the area, might also make an appearance, adding to the delightful marine wildlife encounters.

Next, embark on a whale-watching tour, boarding a boat that will venture into the harbor's depths in search of these gentle giants of the sea. With luck on your side, you may witness the magnificent sight of whales gracefully breaching the water's surface. 

Keep your camera ready to capture these awe-inspiring moments. Seals may also make delightful appearances, showcasing their playful nature as they dance in the water or lounge along the shoreline.

Continuing the journey, you will visit the iconic rock formation known as Hvitserkur, affectionately referred to as the 'Troll' of the Northwest. Rising 49 feet (15 meters) high, this basalt rock structure protrudes proudly from the bay, captivating all who behold it. 

Not only is Hvitserkur a geological marvel, but it also serves as a haven for native birdlife, creating a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem. As you capture the beauty of this landmark, photographers will particularly appreciate the unique compositions that can be framed here.

As you make your way back to Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. A leisurely stroll through the city will unveil an array of shops, cafes, and bars, providing a chance to absorb the vibrant atmosphere and perhaps bring back a memorable souvenir or indulge in local culinary delights. Allow yourself to be captivated by the charm and warmth of Reykjavik.

Conclude your journey by returning to your comfortable accommodations in Reykjavik.

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Day 8
Grótta lighthouse, in Seltjarnarnes, is arguably the best place in Reykjavík from which to admire the aurora borealis, especially considering it has a hot-pool where you can warm your feet.

Day 8 - Departure

On day eight of your Icelandic adventure, you can savor the delights of Reykjavik until it's time to catch your return bus to the airport. 

For those fortunate souls with later flights and a penchant for relaxation, a visit to the world-renowned Blue Lagoon is the ideal way to conclude your remarkable journey through the land of fire and ice. Here, you can luxuriate in the soothing embrace of the warm, mineral-rich waters while reflecting on the awe-inspiring experiences you've encountered.

However, if your flight departs later in the day, Reykjavik offers several captivating activities to engage in. You can explore the city's vibrant art scene, indulge in delicious Icelandic cuisine at one of its renowned restaurants, or stroll along the picturesque waterfront, taking in the views of the rugged coastline.

For those unfortunate souls with early morning departures, we extend our warmest wishes for a smooth and pleasant journey back home. 

May the memories of your Icelandic escapade linger, and may you return one day to explore even more of this enchanting island.

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What to bring

Warm Clothes
Winter hiking shoes
Good waterproof outer layers

Good to know

The northern lights are a natural phenomenon, and therefore cannot be guaranteed, but this itinerary is designed to maximize your chances to see them if the weather allows. Please be aware that your itinerary may have to be rearranged to better fit your arrival date and time.

Some optional activities might need a valid driver's license, or you might need to send additional information to your travel planner. Please note that you need to know how to swim and present medical documents should you choose to go snorkeling or diving.

It can happen, in the case of extreme weather, that an activity is canceled. If your chosen activity is canceled, we will assist you with rearranging or booking other activities when possible, and any potential price difference will be refunded to you.

Note that Icelandic roads and pavements can be slippery in the wintertime. We recommend you bring shoes with slip-resistant soles or ice-grip shoe covers. The covers can be purchased in most supermarkets and gas stations around the country.

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Accommodation in Reykjavik

See our accommodation levels below and our preferred accommodation partners under each day in the daily itinerary. Super budget level accommodations will be arranged in hostel dorm beds. For budget and comfort levels, bookings for one person will be arranged in single rooms, and bookings for two or more people will share a twin/double or triple room(s). For quality level, odd number groups will always be allocated a single room. If you are travelling in a group, but prefer a single room, please make separate bookings. Teenagers and children will be arranged in the same room with parents. If additional room(s) is needed, additional costs will incur.

For multi-day guided tours, accommodation cannot be upgraded and the levels below do not apply. Guide to Iceland will provide you with the best available accommodation at the time of your booking from our preferred partners. If our preferred partners are fully booked at the time of your booking, we will find another suitable accommodation for you of similar level.

We always do our best to accommodate special requests, which may incur additional costs. Press choose a date to find availability.

Super Budget

Dormitory beds with shared bathrooms in guesthouses or hostels, such as HI Hostels. Located in the capital region. Breakfast is not included.


Private rooms with shared bathroom in guesthouses or hostels such as Capital Inn Guesthouse. Located in the capital region. Breakfast is not included.


Rooms with a private bathroom at three-star hotels such as Hótel Klettur, or quality guesthouses. Located in the city center or in close vicinity. Breakfast is included.


Rooms at four-star design hotels in the city center with a private bathroom at the absolute best locations downtown such as Hotel Alda. Breakfast is included.

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