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Winter Tours & Packages in Iceland

Winter Tours & Packages in Iceland

Winter tours & vacation packages in Iceland are tailored to those seeking travel during the magical Northern Lights season in Iceland. Explore Iceland’s snowy mountains and dramatic nature without worrying about driving on icy roads yourself. Discover the largest selection of tours in Iceland now

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Winter Tours & Packages in Iceland

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Winter Travel in Iceland

During winter, Iceland is almost always blanketed in glimmering layer of snow, and tempered by unpredictable weather; be it a frozen starlit stillness, blizzards of dazzling white, or a magnificent display of the Northern Lights, there’s no exact telling what the skies will be up to.

The height of winter only provides a few hours of sunlight each day, meaning you’ll need to be acutely aware of your scheduling, but the majority of Iceland’s attraction, including an abundance of crystal blue ice caves, are accessible.

This also goes for a great number of activities. It is, for instance, a popular choice to go on a snorkelling tour in Silfra fissure during the winter months (many, in fact, believe the cold weather makes the glacial water feel warmer), as well as such activities as dog sledging, whale watching and hot spring hunting. 

By opting for a package, travellers rest easy knowing all accommodation, transfers and tours are prepared and confirmed by Guide to Iceland prior to their arrival. This removes the pressure of logistical planning and dealing with third parties, leaving you free to enjoy Iceland’s frostbitten landscapes to your heart’s content.

Naturally, wintertime means cold temperatures, so you will need to pack the proper clothing for your trip to Iceland. Be sure to include a waterproof jacket and pants, a woolly hat, scarf, gloves, thick socks and sturdy hiking boots.

Frequently asked questions

Will we be able to see the Northern Lights despite COVID-19?

The Northern Lights are a natural wonder. Therefore we won't able to guarantee they will be visible during your stay, but the longer you stay in Iceland the likelier you are to find them. Northern Lights tours offer some of your best chances to see them. Tour operators that offer Northern lights tours know the best places to locate them and are operating under the guidance of the Icelandic health authorities to minimize the risk of COVID-19.

Are glacier tours still available during COVID-19?

Glacier tours have implemented the necessary safety protocols determined by the Icelandic health authorities. While some have had to close temporarily, many are still operating during these times. By selecting a date and searching for glacier tours, you will see which glacier tours are running during the time you are here in Iceland. 

During which months can I see the northern lights in Iceland?

You can see the northern lights from mid-August to the end of April when the night is dark. They can not be seen in May, June, July and early August because the nights are too bright.

Can I book winter packages for Christmas or New Year's Eve?

Yes, winter packages are available during both Christmas and New Year's. Please note that Christmas and New Year's are extremely popular travel seasons in Iceland so we recommend that you book as early as possible to secure the best prices and spots.

What kind of shoes should I wear on an ice cave excursion?

Thick-soled hiking boots with ankle support are essential when going on an ice cave tour.