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Top 22 Winter Packages

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Winter Packages in Iceland

Winter Packages invite you to explore Iceland’s winter landscapes and partake in activities such as northern lights hunting and ice caving. All transfers, tours and accommodation are planned for you in advance, meaning that you need not worry about any organisation.

1. Where can I see the northern lights in winter?

The Northern Lights can be seen anywhere in the country when it is dark, when solar activity is optimal and when there is no cloud cover. They will appear brighter without any light pollution, so it’s better to look for them out in nature. Winter packages that have accommodation out of the capital area provide a lot of opportunities to see them.

2. Which months can I see the northern lights in Iceland?

From late August, until the end of April, when there is some darkness at night time. They can not be seen at all in May, June, July and early August because the nights aren't dark enough.

3. What happens if I arrive late to a tour or cannot make it to the meeting point because of bad weather or closed roads? 

Guide to Iceland is one of the largest travel companies in the country—if the road is closed, we will try our best to assist you with all necessary arrangements. This depends on the availability of hotels and/or tours. If new hotels or tours are needed, there might be extra charges, but we always try to provide assistance and rearrangements without any extra cost to the customer.

4. What kind of shoes do I have to pack for an ice cave excursion?

Thick-soled hiking boots with ankle support.

5. Can I rent winter clothes?

Yes you can. Most glacier hiking operators rent out hiking boots for their tours, but you can also rent shoes and clothes from companies, such as Gangleri and Outfitters, that are located in Reykjavík.

6. Are there any luggage restrictions for the 2-3 day mini bus tours?

Yes, you can only bring a small handbag or a small backpack that fits in the overhead compartment of the minibus. Airplane cabin bags are too big. You can leave your other luggage at your hotel in Reykjavík or store it for a small fee somewhere in town, such as in the BSÍ bus terminal.

7. Can I book winter packages during the Christmas holidays and the New Year?

Yes, winter packages are available during both Christmas and New Year's. Please note that Christmas and New Year's are extremely popular travel seasons in Iceland so we recommend that you book as early as possible to secure the best prices and spots.

8. Which languages does the tour guide speak?

All of the tour guides speak excellent English. Most of them also speak Icelandic. Other common languages are Danish, French, German and Spanish, unless otherwise stated.

9. How long do we spend at each location?

It depends on the tour, the location, the weather and the group. Your experienced tour guides will allow suitable time for each location, fitting the tour itinerary and group morale.

10. How many people are usually on these tours?

The day tours and tours that go out of Reykjavik for 2-3 days are operated in mini-buses that can accommodate between 12-16 people.

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