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4 days
Ending place
Bíldudalur, Iceland
Mar. - Oct.
Minimum age
12 years old


Explore Iceland’s untouched and tranquil nature by taking a multi-day tour of the Westfjords. Those who’d like to see the best of Westfjords, from its top attractions, wildlife, and culture, should join this tour. 

Your adventure will start from Reykjavik, where you’ll ride a plane and fly to the region’s capital town of Isafjordur, which is also the largest human settlement in the Westfjords.

Westfjords is the region in the westernmost part of Iceland and is known mainly for its unspoiled nature. The area is less-traveled than other parts of Iceland, mainly due to its distant location and vastness. However, this also makes it a charming place to visit, especially for travelers who want a more raw experience of Iceland. 

While at Westfjords, you’ll be able to experience and see waterfalls, mountains, stunning coastlines, beaches, and many more. There are also some volcanoes in the Westfjord region, but all of them are dormant. You’ll also see various wildlife, from Arctic foxes to puffins and seals. 

On your first day during the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the town of Isafjordur, including its culture and history. You’ll also be exploring some of the nearest attractions from the town, such as the tiny bird island of Vigur and the Fisherman’s village. Both attractions are less than 30 miles (48 kilometers) from Isafjordur. 

While your first day in the Westfjords focuses on the Northwestern part of the region, your second day will focus on the Central and Southern parts of Westfjords. Some of the places you’ll be visiting on your second day include the historical town of Thingeyri and the famous Dynjandi waterfall. Dynjandi is the largest waterfall in the Westfjords and one of the most magnificent. 

You’ll also have the chance to visit the Vatnsfjordur Nature Reserve, which according to some, is where Iceland’s history started. 

You will spend your third day exploring the western part of Westfjords. One of the places you’ll be visiting is Latrabjarg, which marks the westernmost part of Iceland. It’s also home to millions of birds, making it a bird watcher’s paradise. Aside from Latrabjarg, you’ll also visit the Raudasandur beach and its gold and red sand. 

On the fourth and last day of your stay in the region, you’ll have the chance to visit more villages and valleys. Some places you’ll see include the Talknafjordur and Bildidalur villages and the Ketildalir and Selardalur valleys. This combination of attractions will help wrap up your Westfjords tour beautifully. 

Your last destination at the Westfjords will be Bildudalur, where you’ll ride the plane back to Reykjavik. 

During your tour, you’ll be visiting the many beautiful and unique sites of the Westfjords region. Thus, be sure to bring with you, and take lots of pictures of the landscapes and wildlife to remind you of this fantastic experience. Also, bring the right clothes and equipment for the adventure, such as a sturdy pair of shoes for hiking and trekking.

Don’t miss this immersive experience of exploring the Westfjords of Iceland on this four-day tour. Check availability now by choosing a date. 

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Flight from Reykjavik to Isafjordur
Boat tour to Vigur Island
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Daily itinerary

Day 1
The beautiful fjord near Isafjordur.

Day 1 - Northern Westfjords

On the first day of your tour, you will explore some northern attractions of the Westfjords region and its capital, Isafjordur. To reach Isafjordur, you’ll ride a plane from Reykjavik to Isafjordur, included in the price of this tour.

Isafjordur is the biggest human settlement in Westfjords, with more than 2,000 people. The town has been the center of business and trade in the region since the 16th century.

You’ll meet your tour guide for your Westfjords adventure when you reach Isafjordur. The guide will be your primary source of information throughout your four-day tour. Thus, approach them freely if you have questions or concerns about the tour.

After meeting your guide, they’ll take you on an incredible boat trip to the bird island of Vigur, which is around 8 miles (13 kilometers) away by boat. The island of Vigur has a huge colony of birds, making it a famous place for bird watchers and enthusiasts. Some bird species you may see here include puffins, razorbills, arctic terns, eider ducks, and black guillemots.

Your next stop after visiting the island of Vigur is at the Fisherman’s village of Sudureyri. The village is relatively young and only started in the early 20th century. The village’s fishing industry has helped it grow rapidly and is part of its tourism attraction. Every year, during summer, hundreds of anglers from different parts of Europe visit Sudureyri to catch a halibut or a cod.

During your stay in the village, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn about its fishing tradition and history. If you’re interested in fishing, you can also take your chances of catching some and eating your catch.

You’ll have a lot of time to explore and take in Sudureyri before going to your accommodation for the night.

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Day 2
The beautiful Dynjandi waterfall, as seen from afar.

Day 2 - Waterfalls and More of Central and Southern Westfjords

You will spend day two exploring the central and southern parts of the Westfjords. You’ll see some waterfalls, historic villages, and a nature reserve.

After taking your breakfast, you’ll travel to one of the popular gems of Westfjords, the Dynjandi waterfall. Dynjandi is the largest waterfall in the Westfjords, with a height of around 328 feet (100 meters). Meanwhile, its width is approximately 98 feet (30 meters) on the top and 196 feet (60 meters) at the bottom.

To reach the Dynjandi waterfall, you’ll have to go through a short hike, where you’ll have the chance to see six other waterfalls.

Don’t forget to bring your camera and take amazing pictures of this majestic Westfjords waterfall. When seen from the front, the waterfall looks like a bridal veil. Meanwhile, images taken from the top of the waterfall will give you a unique view.

After admiring Dynjandi, you’ll visit the Vatnsfjordur nature reserve, located south of the waterfall. Some people believe that Vatnsfjordur is where the Norseman Raven-Floki, settled in Iceland. You’ll learn more about him during this tour.

Vatnsfjordur is primarily rocky or barren, while its lowland is covered with birchwood. The nature reserve is also home to diverse fauna.

Another interesting fact about the nature reserve is that Ice Age glaciers shaped its landscapes. Thus, while you’re here, you’re sure to see millions of years old sights, such as its bedrock made of basalt.

After taking in the uniqueness of Vatnsfjordur, you’ll travel 43 miles (67 kilometers) west to reach Patreksfjordur village. The village is relatively small and only has hundreds of residents. Like most villages in the Westfjords region, the village has a strong fishing industry.

Before your day ends, you’ll be dining with your group here. Afterward, you’ll stay at a cozy accommodation in the village.

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Day 3
Puffin birds are found in many parts of the Westfjords, with many of them, nesting at the Latrabjarg bird cliff.

Day 3 - Grand West and Fishing Trip

You will spend your third day in the Westfjords exploring the amazing grand west. Aside from the usual sightseeing, you will also have time to do some bird watching, visit a beautiful beach, and fish for your food and cook them.

After taking your morning breakfast, you’ll depart from the village of Patreksfjordur and drive to the westernmost part of Iceland, the Latrabjarg cliffs. Latrabjarg is also the largest sea cliff in Iceland. In fact, the cliff has a height of around 1,447 feet (441 meters) and stretches 8 miles (14 kilometers).

Latrabjarg cliff is famous for its bird colony, one of the country’s largest. Among the many bird species found here, the most popular are the puffins, which dominate most images of Latrabjarg. Aside from puffins, you may also see other bird species, such as razorbills, white-tailed eagles, arctic terns, snipes, auks, kittiwakes, guillemots, and many more.

After your Latrabjarg journey, your guide will take you to the beautiful Raudasandur beach, 30 miles (49 kilometers) east of the cliff. The beach is famous for its gold and red sand that stretches 6 miles (10 kilometers). Raudasandur beach is also surrounded by black cliffs and the turquoise sea, creating a beautiful contrast.

In the afternoon, you’ll go on a boat ride on the waters of the Westfjords region and visit some of its fishing grounds. On your boat ride, you’ll also have a great panoramic view of Arnarfjordur. The captain of the fishing boat you’ll be riding will take you to fantastic fishing sites, where you’ll have a huge chance of catching a fish.

If it’s your first time trying sea angling, you can ask your captain and guide to assist or teach you. After catching some fish, they will also help you and your small group prepare dinner from your catch.

After a sumptuous dinner, you’ll return to your accommodation, where you can rest after a long day.

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Day 4
Pollurinn geothermal pool, is a popular among the locals of Westfjords.

Day 4 - Towns and Valleys Combination

Your day four in the Westfjords region will include an exploration of villages and valleys before returning to Reykjavik. You’ll be visiting sites in the Southwest part of the region. Day four is also your last chance to learn more about Westfjords’ culture, people, and history.

You’ll start your day with breakfast to give you enough energy to finish the tour.

One of the places you’ll visit is the fishing village of Talknafjordur. Talknafjordur is a small village with a population of around 300 and is located between two other villages, Bildudalur and Patreksfjordur. The village is relatively young compared to other villages in the country regarding development, and the year people start settling here.

You may want to bring a swimsuit when you visit Talknafjordur, famous for its geothermal pools named Pollurinn. Pollurinn, which means puddle, is a favorite among the locals.

Another place you’ll visit during your fourth day in Westfjords is the valley of Selardalur, from the Ketildalir valleys. Ketildalir is famous for its many valleys, but Selaradlur takes the top spot when it comes to popularity.

Selardalur is home to buildings and sculptures made by the naivete artist Samuel Jonsson. He retired as a farmer when he was 72 and was called “the artist with the child’s heart.”

Jonsson’s sculptures are made from concrete and have been around since the 1950s. Some of his creations include a grotesque replica of the Lions’ Court of Alhambra.

Aside from its sculptures, Selardalur offers a beautiful panoramic view of Arnarfjordur fjord.

After taking in the beauty of Ketildalir, and Selardalur valleys, your next and last stop will be at the town of Bildudalur. Bildudalur is located at the Arnarfjordur fjord, which gives it a beautiful background. Bildudalur has a small population of around more than 200 people. However, it’s one of the towns in the Westfjords region that has an airport.

Your flight back to Reykjavik from Bildudalur will be in the evening. Thus, if you want to explore the town and rest, you can do so before your flight.

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