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Frequently Asked Questions

About Westfjord Tours in Iceland

The Westfjords are the north-western most part of Iceland, a sparsely populated region, renowned for its enormous mountains and winding fjords. Tours will introduce you to features such as Dynjandi waterfall and the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, and you can partake in a wealth of activities such as glacier hiking, sea angling, and kayaking.

1. What is the best time to visit the Westfjords?

In summer, between May and September.

2. Where can I stay in the Westfjords?

There are options for accommodation throughout the Westfjords including campsites. Most hotels and hostels can be found around Isafjordur.

3. How many people live in the Westfjords?

Approximately 7,300

4. How large are the Westfjords?

The Westfjords cover an area of 22,271 km² ( 8,600 mi²).

5. How long does it take to reach the Westfjords from Reykjavík?

It takes around three hours to reach Reykholar, in the south of the Westfjords. Isafjordur is a six-hour drive away, or a forty minute flight.

6. Can you see puffins in the Westfjords?

Yes. Puffins nest on the Látrabjarg birdwatching cliffs and the islands of Breidafjordur fjord.

7. Are the Westfjords crowded?

No. At the most popular sites there may be other guests, but not on the scale of the most sought out sites in West and South Iceland.

8. Is it true that there are polar bears in the Westfjords?

Very seldom a polar bear will arrive on an iceberg or by swimming from Greenland, but polar bears are not native to Iceland.

9. Are there any cultural and historical sites in the Westfjords?

Yes. Specific tours will take you to sites from the Sagas and to areas of historical significance. All of the towns have unique histories and most have museums and/or cultural centres.

10. How much time should I spend in the Westfjords?

Due to the amount of driving required to navigate the fjords, it is recommended to spend at least two days in the Westfjords.

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