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See the best priced whale watching tour in Iceland! Whale watching is a unique experience where you can see a variety of whales by the Reykjavik coast.

You can see all sorts of the wildlife on this tour and at the same time enjoy the view around the coast of Iceland. Over the past 15 years Iceland has become one of the best countries in the world for whale watching.

Your tour will begin in the Vesturbugt Harbour area located in downtown Reykjavik. Our dedicated tour guides will provide you with the best whale watching experience possible.

During the whale watching tour you'll be able to see a variety of whale and other aquatic species, from the minke and humpback whales to whale-beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises. The summer is the peak season for all sorts of wildlife around the world, and the ocean is no different.

Join us for a whale watching tour that will capture the true majesty of these animals, by observing them in their natural habitat, among the beauty of the ocean and the glory of their own pod. Choose a date above to check availability. Reserve early to secure your spot on this best value whale watching tour in Iceland. Check availability by choosing a date!

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Mar. - Jan.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Activities: Whale Watching, Boat Trip, Bird watching
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English, Icelandic
  • Highlights: Reykjavík
Pickup information:
  • Starting time : 07:45, 11:45

Pick up starts 60 min before departure
  • Guided boat tour

  • Warm overalls!

  • Heated indoor cabins with toilet facilities

  • Free Wi-Fi on board

  • Admission to Whales of Iceland exhibition

  • Seasickness tablets available

  • Free parking in front of the boat

  • Pick-up available for extra charge

  • Snacks and refreshments sold on board

What to bring:
  • We recommend wearing good footwear and warm clothing.

Good to know:

Whale Watching tour depart from 2 locations:

Hlésgata at 8:45/12:45 and from pier behind Harpa Concert Hall at 9:00/13:00.

Join our Whale Watching tour in the most convenient place for you!!!

NOTE: It is departure time so please show up at the meeting point around 10 min in advance.


Unfortunately We could not see anything because of the bad weather.Most pf the people got seasick because of the waves.I beleive that they tried to do their best and also offered to attend on an other trip.Check the weather before going.

The sailors are so nice and funny! Although the weather was not good and the whale didn't show up in the end, I still felt excited about this trip (Except for my dizzy on the boat... ).

The trip went as well as I hoped: whales weren't spotted but they gave us an opportunity to come back free any other time. I couldn't. We went on a terrible day; weather was right before one of the worst days of the year. The guides told us whales/dolphins leave when storms come. That would have been handy to know, so if you're reading this now: check the weather before you book! The guide himself was great, Spanish-Icelandic and fluent in English, he made the trip entertaining and made it obvious they were actually trying to find the whales. Also, we saw a rainbow there. THAT was a good photo!

Great time with Reykjavik sailor, not that much people as others' so you would have better view. We saw several whale Dolphins, really exciting. We would go further to H city if we had more time.

We spotted two dolphins and three whales. Great! The crew provided us with lots of info on the characteristics and the behaviour of these animals. Really interesting.

We managed to go when the sun was shining in Reykjavik. Spotted playful dolphins and 2 whales. Sadly we only came across the whales towards the end of our tour. A great day all round.

Strongly recommend!

I loved this boat trip! We saw several whales, even though the conditions were not 100% perfect. We saw a minke whale and two humpback whales, and also quite a few dolphins! I liked how we were a very small group of people on the boat, so we could friendly chat with our guide and each other. We had a great time together! Our guide was a biologist who knew a lot and was happy to share his knowledge. I'd recommend Reykjavik sailors to anybody wanting to meet the great mammals!


We saw some incredibly large and majestic mink whales on this tour. The water was still and the weather was great, which is unusual for Iceland. I can highly recommend this trip!

Was seasick but still had a great time!

Could not have been bette! This as one of the greatest traveling experiences I've ever had. The tour guide and the crew are so nice, welcoming and diligent. It was perfect, do not miss this tour.

I arrived around my pre-booked time but was told the boat broke down. And there was nobody working in the small place beside the boat. No notice neither about the situation. I was asking around and people told me where to find their office which was about 5 minutes walk from the boat. I didn't realize it was such an accident. A lady who was working there told me to come the day after because I had a tour to join in the next day. When I went there after one day, was told there wasn't any tours going on. I was very angry and disappointed by their unprofessional behavior. They were really sorry and because I was leaving the next day so not a chance to go on that time. So they paid me to go whale watching with another neighbor company. But because that day was very rough and we didn't see any whales. Very very disappointed. Also tourists need to notice, they don't use any sona things to tract these animals so it is really something depends on your luck.

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