Scenic 1-Hour Boat Tour from Hornstrandir Nature Reserve to Isafjordur in the Westfjords

A boat travels over the blue waters near the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in the Westfjords of Iceland.
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Tour starts
Látrar, Iceland
1,3 hours
June. - Sept.
Minimum age


Travel from the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in the Westfjords back to Isafjordur with this scenic one-hour ferry tour. Adventurous travelers visiting this remote area of Iceland’s Westfjords without a tour guide and who need to return to Isafjordur should book this convenient ferry ride.

The Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is one of the most isolated areas of Iceland. There are no roads in or out of the reserve, meaning it’s only accessible by boat from elsewhere in the Westfjords.

This one-hour ferry tour is a convenient way for people visiting this remote region to return to Isafjordur. You can board the ferry in Latrar or Saebol, both of which are in the Adalvik area on the western coast of the nature reserve.

You’ll be collected in a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) that will take you to the larger ferry. Each ferry has two engines to ensure passenger safety. These boats seat between 25 and 48 people.

After boarding the boat, you’ll travel through the waters of Adalvik Bay and into the Isafjardardjup fjord. It’s a beautiful area with spectacular views of unspoiled nature. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the magnificent sights around you.

The family-run ferry company you’ll travel with has been operating in the Hornstrandir area since the 1990s. They have plenty of experience and can answer any questions about the nature reserve.

Hornstrandir has no shops or permanent dwellings, so visitors must bring everything they need, including food. The area is inaccessible to travelers outside of the summer because weather conditions make it too complicated and dangerous. However, during the summer, it’s an incredible destination.

Travelers can take day trips to the nature reserve from Isafjordur using the ferry service. More adventurous visitors can camp in the area and enjoy multi-day hikes along the clifftop. There are small campsites at each destination, which have stunning views over the fjords and oceans below.

The ferry transfer runs between May and September and takes about an hour and 15 minutes. Saebol and Latrar are two of the most popular hiking areas in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. The area is rich in animal life, such as Arctic foxes, and is home to various beautiful birds, including Arctic terns, guillemots, and Atlantic puffins.

After an enjoyable boat ride, you’ll arrive in the harbor at Isafjordur to continue your journey or return to your accommodation in the Westfjords.

Travel by boat from the remote Adalvik Bay in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve to the town of Isafjordur in the Westfjords with this one-hour ferry transfer. Check availability now by choosing a date.

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One-way boat transfer from Saebol or Latrar to Isafjordur


Boat Trip

What to bring

Warm, waterproof clothing
Sturdy outdoor shoes
Fully charged camera
All garbage and luggage from your trip to the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve
Reusable water bottle

Good to know

This is a one-way ferry transfer from Adalvik Bay in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve to Isafjordur.

There’s no minimum age for this ferry transfer. However, visitors to the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve should be advised that it’s an extremely remote area with no amenities, so it may not be a suitable destination for children.

This transfer does not include a guide for your time in the nature reserve, and the provider is not responsible for you while you're in the area. Make sure you have everything you need for your visit to the nature reserve with you before you travel.

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