Drysuit Snorkelling Tour in Silfra

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Silfra is famous the world over for its dramatic scenery and crystal clear water.
Experience nature like never before with a drysuit snorkelling tour in Silfra.
Swimming over the gorgeous Silfra Cathedral, the fissure's deepest point.
There are many hiking trails and attractions in Thingvellir for those who choose to forgo the diving experience.
The crystal clear clarity of Silfra Lagoon, at the end of the fissure.
Silfra is instantly recognisable for its tantalizing deep blue colour.
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Dive into this drysuit snorkelling tour of Silfra fissure in Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Conducted at the edge of Þingvallavatn, the largest natural lake in Iceland, this tour is sure to enthral and mesmerise you!

You'll have an unforgettable view down into the depths below, thanks to the silvery water which gives Silfra its name. The water is so clear, you'll be able to see as far as 100 m (almost 330 ft) down, to the shadowy caves that are formed by centuries of earthquakes widening the fissure and releasing the pressures of the earth's crust.

It's the only place on earth where you can swim between a meeting place of worlds: the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Witness the strength and power of the land as you drift on the current. Plants resembling troll hair grow on the rocks, floating in the water, and you'll see many shades of green and yellow algae.

Silfra was recently ranked #15 on the World's Best Dive Sites, chosen by CNN News. With this tour, you can experience the mysteries below without being a fully qualified diver, and make a fun afternoon of it while you enjoy the national park. There are also several walking trails around Silfra if you'll like to enjoy the scenery by the water.

Because you're wearing a drysuit, you'll view Silfra from the surface while the slow current carries you through a stunning underwater landscape. You stay dry underneath the drysuit, and you'll be warmer in the water, which is usually around 2–4 °C (36–39 °F).

It's so cold because it is meltwater from Langjökull glacier, filtered through porous lava rock for as much as 100 years before finally flowing into the fissure at the height of purity. Go ahead, take a sip!

Don't miss your chance for a refreshing dip in the purest water on earth! Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Feb. - Oct.
  • Duration: 4,5 hours
  • Activities: Snorkelling
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 16 years.
  • Languages: English, Icelandic
  • Highlights: Þingvellir, Silfra, Þingvallavatn
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 08:00 09:00, 11:00, 12:00, 14:00,

1 April - 30 Sept:  Pick up is at 8:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM

1 Oct - 31 Oct: Pick up is at 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM

1 Nov - 31 March: Pick up is at 9:00 AM and 12 PM

  • Drysuit

  • Gloves

  • Shoes

  • Hood

  • Snorkel

  • Snorkelling Mask

  • Fins

  • Thingvellir National Park Silfra Fee

What to bring:
  • Warm undergarments and clothing (fleece/wool sweater and pants)

  • Thick socks

  • Towel

Good to know:

We offer pick-up, but you can also drive yourself. If you prefer to arrive at the location in your own vehicle, please be there at listed tour starting time. Please note that times displayed on the booking portal are listed pickup times, and the correct tour start time will be displayed on your voucher.

The meeting point is Silfra car park in Thingvellir National Park. Please park your car at “Thingvellir P5” and walk 400m back along the road until you reach a smaller car park with all the snorkel and dive vans, and look for your Adventure Vikings guide. Please be there, ready to meet your guide 5-10 minutes before your tour is due to begin. For GPS: 64°15’23.508″N 21°6’58.676″W


Prerequisites for this tour:

Be at least 145 cm (4’8")

Be at least 45 kg (99 lb)

Be able to swim and be comfortable in water

Be physically fit

Not pregnant

Be at least 16 years of age

Please note that should you have any neurological, circulatory or respiratory problems or underlying diseases, battled any illnesses or have any physical problems you might have to turn in a physicians allowance to participate in this tour. If you are over 45 and partake/have partaken in pipe smoking or heavy alcohol intake, you might need a medical waiver. If you are over 60 years of age, you need a medical waiver. Please contact the operator for further information and application papers.


It was definitely awesome! More than I expected, not like snorkeling in a colorful reef but lake in a cave of stones of different shapes. The experience of being in such cold water compares to meditation.

We LOVED this tour. Even though it was cold out the dry suits keep you warm and are fitted very well. Your hands and the cap over your head are the only wet suit materials. Highly suggest bringing or renting one of their gopros. Well worth it as the Silfra is stunning, peaceful and magnificent. Our guide was wonderful as well and the shuttle service was incredibly convenient.

Booked this tour with 3 others. Booking process through Guide to Iceland was fast and easy. Our tour company was Adventure Vikings. We met them at the small parking lot near P5 parking area of Thingvellir. Julian was our tour guide. He was personable, very helpful and friendly. Felt safe with him the whole time. You are expected to change into the dry suits right there in the parking lot even though it was really cold. I would have preferred a place to change so it would have been more comfortable and private. Julian assisted in getting all of our gear on. There was a total of 6 people in our group. My friend wanted to propose to her fiancé during our dive so she asked Julian if he would assist, he agreed and came up with a cool way to do it. He was very accommodating and helped make the proposal possible. We paid extra to have him record the whole thing with his GoPro. He gave us the memory card after the dive. Also, my gear was leaking a bit and my suit took on a lot of water from the shoulder area, Julian was great and helping me get out of the water and helping me dry up and giving me some warm clothes. All in all it was as a good rest experience and I would recommend it!

What an amazing experience!!! This was my Dad's Christmas present from me, and we both loved it. Don't be afraid to go in the winter! We stayed warm, and the water is cold even in the summer. My dad and I swam an extra ten minutes, and the guides didn't mind at all. Also take pictures/use a GoPro because our eyes can't pick up some of the amazing colors with the depth and water. I highly recommend this once in a lifetime experience!

Although it’s my first time to do snorkeling, the dry suit always kept me floating so it’s not hard to follow the team. Our guide Julian was nice and also took us to a site in Þingvellir National Park to see the beautiful scene. It was a cold day in late December but it definitely a COOL experience to share with family and friend!

This was an amazing experience! The guides were knowledgeable and very helpful! Swimming in the cold water was honestly not as bad as we thought! So don't worry about that, the drysuits and undergarments are warm. I would recommend to everyone :)

This is the most incredible experiance and is surely once in a lifetime! It is a MUST and is totally worth the money. The guides are Incredible especially anaSara and her brunette colleague . Safety Was very important and in my personal experience I was a little bit scared and they HELP ME A LOT and I was able to experience this adventure. The experiance itself is out of this world. The visibility is insane and swimming in glacier water is somthing you just can't do everywhere . 100% recommended!!

This is the most unbelievable experiance and is surely once in a lifetime! It is a MUST and is totally worth the money. The guides are fun and helpful. Safety is number 1! The experiance itself is out of this world. The visibility is insane and swimming in glacier water is somthing you just can't do everywhere (especially the background and history of the site silfra). 100% recommended!!

Plongée au top à faire au moins une fois dans sa vie. Attendez vous cependant à avoir froid aux mains et au visage jusqu'au cou qui seront en contact avec l'eau. Nous avons eu deux guides géniales qui ont su nous mettre à l'aise et ont été de bons conseils pour compenser la température.

We had an absolute blast doing the tour! Our guides were very knowledgeable and gave us great tips on the diving technique. Beware-it is very cold! But absolutely worth the experience. We will be doing it again on our next trip to Iceland!

Wow, what a surreal experience! Adventure Vikings were super, we were very well looked after and a small group, which was really nice. We recommend the Dry Suit over the wet suit, mainly for warmth purposes!! As it's 2C in the water and 6C out - one of our group had a wet suit and he was certainly cold, we were ok, especially with the hot chocolate they give you post snorkel. We didn't feel we missed anything by not being able to dive lower. What you see under that lake is absolutely awesome and beautiful. Highly recommend.

My sister and I loved our dry-suit snorkeling trip with Adventure Vikings. The team was amazing, fun, and super friendly. This by far was our favorite part of our trip and we'd come back to Iceland just to do this and do it with the same company - Adventure Vikings, b/c they were so nice and positive.

Amazing experience for beginners. I really want to get certified to explore more. The staff was very professional an concerned with safety and anxiety of the participants. I would highly recommend this very UNIQUE experience to see Iceland from a different vantage. Amazing Iceland!

I had a wonderful time in Iceland. The GuideToIceland staff ( a few of them took turns e.g. emails and FB messages from Sverrir Omar, and I learnt later that it was actually a few people responding to me) continuously contact me on Facebook messenger and email throughout my stay with great advice so I didn't feel alone and stranded/helpless (especially crucial for me as Norwegian Air LOST my luggage WITHOUT offering any compensation at all in the emergency situation, so I was left without my winter clothes, hiking shoes, swimsuit etc. that I had prepared for super cold and windy Iceland!) All I had was the summer Bangkok clothes I was wearing on my flight on my way after spending 2 weeks in hot sunny Greece. They recommended a shop to rent winter clothes and shoes although it was closed as I arrived on Sunday. The Loft hostel staff was helpful recommended the weekend flea market where I shop keepers helped dress me with affordable polar fleece and gore tex jacket (100€) and Ugg type boots (8€). GuideToIceland staff helped to reorganized my trip on the spot so that I had full activities everyday right till I went to the airporr at night for 1 am departure flight. E.g. arranged for 2nd night of free Northern lights hunt, last minute switch to go snorkeling in Silfa instead of going inside the volcano ( no hiking boots to do that), moved the Jokulsarlon South Coast trip to the last 4th day instead of 3rd day so that the 14 hour day trip ends perfectly in time for a bus ride from the central bus terminal to the airport for 11 pm check in. When I visited their office in City Hall I got a postcard set

This was a fabulous experience!! I have done plenty of snorkelling but never in a dry suit and it was great - the only parts of my body that felt cold at all were my face and hands. I was in the water for around 40 minutes. The visibility was amazing, and the guides were fantastic. Loved it, and would highly recommend it.

Weston was an excellent guide. I had signed my kids up but was too apprehensive about the swimming part to sign myself up. However, once we got there Weston asked if I wanted to do it, so I did and he held my hand and stayed with me while also making sure my kids were doing well also (we were the only ones on the tour). You put on a jumper over your clothes (better not to wear anything bulky) and the the dry suit, etc., This is all done outside. The guide helps you get everything on. Then you walk over to where you will snorkel and put your flippers and snorkels on. The water is cold but it really isn't bothersome. The only thing that feels cold is your hands and maybe your face. There are no fish to see here but the rocks and algae and the clear water are very nice. Thanks Weston for being such a wonderful guide!

This was the most beautifull experience ever!

This was an amazing experience every bit worth the money. The view was spectacular and the drysuit kept you plenty warm. Heimir and Weston did an awesome job with our group I highly recommend this tour.

This was a great experience! Our guide Weston did a superb job of making us feel perfectly comfortable and safe - and let us enjoy and explore the fascinating crystal clear water! Do not hesitate - just sign up and you will not regret it!

This tour was one of the highlights of our trip. The guides were nice, friendly, and patient. The water wasn't as cold as I had anticipated and the view underwater was breathtaking. Bonus getting to drink fresh glacier water while snorkeling. I would recommend this tour to everyone!

The guides were very friendly but also professional! Thank goodness the sun came out. This is totally worth the money! The water is so clean and clear that we drank it (not on purpose, but we did :P)

Dry suit snorkeling with Adventure Vikings was amazing!! Brindi and Ari were so awesome helping us get into our dry suits (no easy feat...) and Heimir guided us through the water and was fantastic! We loved every minute of it. Other than my lips and face being a little cold in the beginning, I was very warm and comfortable in the water. It was incredible and the staff was great!!

My friends and I went snorkeling in the beginning of March. Before we go, we heard a lot about the freezing water. But actually we wore a lot under the dry suit when we were in the water. So only the face and hands where exposed in the water felt a little bit cold at first. The glacier water has three colors, and the view and experience in the water are soooo unique. And our guides are very patient and nice. They actually helped us a lot when we were stuck in the rocks. Will definitely recommend this tour and attend once more if there is a chance back to Iceland.

Amazing experience! The water in incredibly clear and your discover a world you couldn't imagine from above. I was a bit frightened to swim in a so cold water but everything went well. You feel the cold on your hands and on your face but it's ok. Very good guide!

Great experience, well organized even though it was very cold during preparation but no problem in the water. Would really recommend it!

Wonderful and unforgettable experience to swim in this lake! The 2 guides were so friendly, helpful and responsible. They took care of us very well. We drove yourself to the meeting point, which was very easy to find. The dry suit (and our warm undergarment) kept us warm despite a temperature of -3 outdoors. However, a little bit of water still comes into the gloves so our hands were really cold by the end of the snorkeling tour. In total, we stayed around 30 minutes in the water.

So much fun and Brindi was lovely and very helpful!

super good! Not so cold as i thought. The guider is really nice.

Amazing experience !! The 2 guides are really nice and patient guys to answer our questions. The drysuit of Adventure Box keep us really warm and dry. We are lucky to have good weather.

Absolutely amazing experience!!! Would definitely recommend this trip and experience to everyone. We decided to drive ourselves and meet the guides at the meeting point, which was very easy to find. The guides were great, very friendly and great to get to know. Water was extremely cold but the dry suites keeps us warm except for the parts of skin that were exposed. And getting to not only swim between the tectonic plates but also touch both was an experience of a life time.

Our snorkeling tour with Adventure Box was amazing! While cold, the water was incredibly clear and a lot of fun to be in. The views of the rift are worth every minute in the cold! We would definitely recommend this tour to anyone willing to brave the cold!

Just came back from the Silfra snorkeling tour with Adventure Box and highly recommend it! Floating between two continents is super cool and must-have experience in Iceland! The water is crystal clear and the underwater view is amazing! The water temperature is 2 degrees - it sounds very cold but I can tell you with my own experience it's actually not that cold, at least not as cold as you would expect it to be, if you are in a dry suit! ;-) I'm a person who is actually very afraid of cold and I was fine! Tips: get well-prepared - I put on two layers of sweaters and pants under the dry suit, all in wool, and I didn't feel very cold. The equipments they provided include shoes and socks and undergarments which also helped to keep you warm. I wouldn't recommend wet suit, though. I could imagine it must be cold if you don't wear anything under the suit. Also highly recommend the Adventure Box who delivered the tour very well and helped made the tour a perfect and unforgettable experience. Our guide Bjarki and Ari are very kind and responsible. It wasn't easy to put on every single piece of the equipment and they spent a lot of time helping everyone of us get well dressed before getting into water and double checked to make sure there's no water leak (at least I didn't get any leak ^ ^). Ali took special care of the few people who claimed to be poor swimmer, including myself, and had been very patient with us. He even took the trouble to take a man who failed to get into the water back there after the snorkeling is done (at his request) so that he could take a few pictures as his memory of the tour in Iceland (a huge favor, I think). Many thanks to Bjarki and Ari for making this tour a great memory! Xiaowu Sun

We recently booked a Silfra snorkel excursion with Adventure Box. We booked them through Guide to Iceland. The tour guide was on time and very helpful in explaining the excursion. Every single other tour group bailed, so we had the water to ourselves. It was very cold outside and windy. Colder than normal, hence all the other groups bailing. There was a chance our trip would be canceled due to the weather and the company was in great communication throughout. We had flown straight from the US and just had gotten off our flight to do this excursion. Our group was very tired, cranky, and cold. The guide did a great job with putting up with us and helping outfit us. Be sure to wear warm clothes under and great socks. You will be slightly cold but the views are worth it. Thank you Adventure box. Be sure to tip your guides because it is a lot of work helping put on the gear!

It was an amazing experience to swim between two continents. The water was very cold, but worth every minute.

Experience was amazing! Especially enjoyed the taste of fresh glacier water as we snorkelled around the lagoon. Our guide Wesley was really friendly and helpful. The actual guide and experience was great but we did have an unpleasant situation. Our bookings were not reflected with the actual guide operator so it was overbooked by Guide to Iceland. Although the actual guides gave us options to join the later tour, we wasted a few hours waiting in the cold and it disrupted the rest of our travel plans. It wasn't the fault of the actual tour guides but it was really not a good situation . For this reason, I've down rated this.

The good: equipment was in excellent condition. Views and visability were remarkable. Our group was one of the first in the water (10am reservation) so we didn't have to stand in line with the other hundred(s) of tourists that were waiting their turn in queue when we got out of the water. The BAD: no signs for Viking Adventures anywhere, we had to wander around and ask people to find our group. The man who briefed us was nice enough, but the two women guides had sour faces the whole time and wanted to be anywhere else it seemed. Not a single smile, and they were downright nasty to the 2 nice Chinese men in our group. When dozens of your companies offer the identical package, your guide really makes or breaks the experience. This was a miss. Also, while trying to warm up after the swim, we were told "Sorry we were going to have hot chocolate for you, but we need the hot water for the next group instead." So they were unprepared in this regard. I would not use Adventure Vikings again or recommend them.

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Drysuit Snorkelling Tour in Silfra

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