Small Group Glacier Hiking & Ice Climbing Tour on Solheimajokull Glacier

Skógafoss, alongside Seljalandsfoss, is one of the most popular natural attractions along Iceland's South Coast.
Best be prepared for some incredible views from the glacier's high elevation.
Crampons are necessary in order to get a grip on the ice and avoid slipping over.
Glacier hiking is one of the most rewarding group activities available in Iceland.
Make sure to listen carefully to your experienced guide; they will lead you safely up the glacier.
There are a great number of caverns and crevasses at Sólheimajökull Glacier.
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Hop aboard for this adventurous and popular ice climbing and glacier hiking adventure, taking you from Reykjavík to the magnificent glacier of Sólheimajökull in South Iceland.

Sólheimajökull is an outlet glacier, extending all the way from Mýrdalsjökull to the shoreline. From Reykjavík, your journey down the South Coast will take you passed numerous natural spectacles; you will see trickling rivers cutting through a wide expanse of rolling farmland, waterfalls big and small that cascade down the mountain faces and even small traditional farmsteads.

Travelling down the South Coast is one of the best ways to experience how diverse Iceland's landscapes truly are. On this tour, you will explore the glacier's amazing and intricate ice and rock formations, as well as delve into the jagged crevasses that slice through the Sólheimajökull ice cap.

The more adventurous hikers will also have the chance to try their hand at ice climbing, a truly thrilling and unique way to experience and conquer the glacier. Nothing can quite describe the feeling of smashing in your ice axe for the first time! For those who choose not to ice climb, you will still be able to bask in the majestic panoramas.

You will be lead by friendly and experienced guides, trained to the highest standard in mountain safety and glacier expeditions. Your guide will provide you with all of the necessary equipment you need for a safe adventure, including helmets, crampons and ice axes. On your way back to Reykjavík, you'll stop off at Skogafoss waterfall, one of Iceland's most beautiful waterfalls. You will be mesmerized and enthralled by the cascading water, falling majestically into the pool below.

Please note that pick up from Reykjavík is not included in this tour but can be added for a small fee upon booking. Check availability by choosing a date.  

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Activities: Glacier Hiking, Ice Climbing, Sightseeing
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Minimum age: 14 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: South Iceland, Highlands, Skógafoss, Sólheimajökull
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 08:00

Please be at your pickup location in time for your departure. Should your pickup location be at a bus stop and you need assistance finding it, seek guidance in your Hotel's reception or contact your tour provider directly.
  • Small group guarantee

  • Certified glacier guide

  • All necessary glacier gear

  • Glacier hiking on Sólheimajökull Glacier

  • An introduction to ice climbing

  • Pickup from Reykjavík can be added for 5.000 ISK extra per person

  • Hiking shoes, waterproof pants & waterproof jacket (Can be rented for a small fee)

  • Food & drinks

What to bring:
  • Warm outdoor clothing

  • Good Hiking Shoes

  • Packed lunch

  • Waterproof pants & waterproof jacket

  • Camera

Good to know:

Lunch is unfortunately not provided so we recommend that you bring packed lunch with you.



The glacier hike/ice climbing tour was definitely a fun time! Such beautiful scenery walking through seeing the vast glaciers and volcanic ash all around. Our tour guides were great and very knowledgeable. Ice climbing is super tough and sure gives you a good workout. Spent a lot of time waiting around for everyone to take turns at climbing, which I understand is something that's tough to organize with so many people. But overall, a fun experience on our awesome trip to Iceland!

I went in not really knowing what to except from the ice climbing - I was sort of imagining that scene from Game of Thrones when they scale the wall. Well, it wasn't quite that high, but it was still super fun making your way up by hammering your picks and kicking into the ice with your crampons. Fairly do-able, even for someone who's never even been rock climbing, definitely gives your arms a fair workout though. The glacier hiking was also great, the views amazing, the guide was informative and had a good sense of humour.

This trip was the best experience we had in Iceland! Tristan was our main guide and was amazing! Not only did we enjoy the physicality of the ice climbing and hiking but we also learned a lot about glaciers and Iceland. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone seeking more adventure beyond the beautiful scenery of Iceland!

It's a great experience for hiking!

If you are looking for an adventure to talk to your grandchildren about, then look no further. This was an awesome experience for both my wife and I. I have an outdoor background and have climbed before and felt like this was a fun experience and still challenging enough for my wife , who has little climbing experience, to have a great time. The guides were friendly, experts of the trade, and receptive to questions about the geography and practice of hiking glaciers. If you are on the fence about doing this, just do it! You will not be let down one bit. PS - Bring a waterproof camera of some time to share this life event with the people at home!

Glacier Hiking and Ice Climbing was a great trip! It lasted 4 hours and the guide offered lots of insights into the formation and movement of the Glacier. Hiking up and along the Glacier was a totally inspiring experience, seeing the fissures and crevices and natural water pools which were a stunning blue color. We also got to Ice climb, working our way up the ice wall with crampons and pick axes was definitely unique. The Ice climbing is done one person at a time so you do have to wait for each person in your group to take a turn. You can therefore get pretty cold and wet if it is raining, which it was on the day we were there. The guide advised that the Glacier normally experiences a lot of rain and snow so I would advise anyone doing the activity to ensure you have fully waterproof clothing e.g. trousers/pants, jacket with hood etc. One couple decided to turn back as they were too wet and cold. We were wet through even before we left the car park and stayed cold and wet the rest of the tour but our tour was still highly enjoyable. The only thing I would say was that our tour guide was over an hour late and we were not contacted to advise of the delay or whether the tour was still taking place. We waited with another 3 couples at the café deciding whether to stay or go. We were only advised by another tour guide of the delay when he saw us wandering around the car park looking and speaking with other guides. Our guide also didn’t have a record of us paying for additional equipment so make sure to take a print out of your order confirmation.

Amazing experience! Guides were fantastic. Great value for money, would 100% recommend.

The glacier hike was probably the best adventure I went on in Iceland. It was very worth it to see the glacier up close. Rare opportunity and amazing activity to try ice climbing.

Norris and Gabriel were the perfect guides for this even more perfect tour! The guides were adjusting the trip very well to the participants. They were very entousiastic and told a lot of fun facts. They were very patient and helpful and they even were eager to take photos if you asked. The hike itself was fantastic as well! We had amazing views, the weather was good (especially for February) and next to hiking on the ice, we also actually climbed an ice wall with axes. I recommend this trip to everybody and it was the best experience we had in Iceland. Wouldn't have missed it!

We had a wonderful time on our Glacier Hiking/Ice Climbing tour. Our guide, Ravi, was funny and informative. We got incredible views and a once in a lifetime experience. Definitely worth every penny.

This is the best tour i have joined in my life. I was in Sunny´s tour and he was funny and professional. Thank you for teaching us how to do glacier hiking and ice climbing. I'm so happy with that I will join this tour again sometime

We had three guides for our hike, and all we’re great with all distinctive personalities. Paid attention to each person to make sure they were keeping up with the pack. It was a tough hike but they guides knew good times to take breaks. I never really felt rushed. They gave great scientific info as well as offering local stories about both the glacier and various places of note along the way. They also played some awesome variety of music during the drive there and brought the bus together I felt. I appreciated getting to hear some good Icelandic music. Also just rent boots there probably. Need the right sturdiness for the climbing.

Absolutely loved this adventure, the glaciers are so blue and the climb was exhilarating. Our guides were friendly, informative and fun. Also encouraging extreme selfies and a bit of competition

This was one of the more worthwhile experiences we did in Iceland. The views (weather permitting!) are fantastic and running around the glacier is really fun. It helped we had an awesome guide (Atty rocks!). The wait for the ice climbing is a tad frustrating, but not worth removing a star for.

Great landscape, unique experience but mind the bad weather: you will get wet and may have cold while waiting for others to climb on ice wall (waiting for others under rain do not keep you warm unfortunately). Other than this, friendly and very helpful guides. Recommended!

I can't recommend this tour enough. It gives a good taste for anyone who wants to dig into Iceland's glacial landscape and get out for a hike. Jono, our guide, was absolutely stellar. He was friendly and informative, keeping the group engaged with interesting facts while getting us all set for the climb. Weather was a little less than ideal but his warm spirit kept everyone happy and excited. Thank you for an awesome experience!

Great tour and professional guides. The view of the glacier is amazing. Highly recommended!

It was one of the best tour I have ever been. We were so lucky to have a nice guide and he brought us to ice cave and the top of the glacier. He was so nice to fix our problem with shoes or tools and extra. I highly recommend this if you will travel to Iceland!

The tour was so much fun! We had such a great time and learned a lot about glaciers and Iceland as a whole from the guides. The tour was a great value even with transportation and some gear rental added on. The views on the glacier were amazing. We also got to see some of the ice climbing tour and I wished we'd signed up for that one too! Would definitely do again!

The guides were friendly with a sense of humour. The view was breathtaking up the glaciers.

The was a great hike. The guides are very attentive and make sure everybody has the correct gear. They have vast knowledge about the glacier. The ice climb was fun.. It was much easier than I expected, of course they adjust the level to suit everyone. Highly recommended!

The most awesome thing I've been part of in a very long while. The guides were knowledgeable, funny and very helpful. The views were astonishing and backed up with very interesting information regarding the geology and geography of the place. Walking/hiking on a glacier is unlike any other kind of hiking, since the landscape changes from one season to another (hence why you need a properly trained guide no matter what). All in all I totally recommend this tour to anyone interested in nature and wild landscapes. Get it while you can, since the Sólheimajokull glacier is receding more and more every year ;)

It was an amazing tour for me!! Not only the friendly-environmetnel connection to the ice world but also the personal experience on the outdoor activities have impressed us at every touching moment, especially surrounded by such an astonishing landscape. The most important was the excellent guides that provided informative stories we couldn't get if we just travel alone. Thanking you for guiding us as experts and friends, we had learned a lot and felt a lot about this wonderful land!!!

Fantastic tour!!! Started with the Ice climbing part where the guides were really helpful and showed us how to use the axes and the crampons correctly. While climbing they were making jokes and really make it fun. After the climb, we did a really nice hike on the glacier where we the guides told us a LOT of fun knowledge of the glacier and the area. We saw rivers and a waterfall on top of the glacier and even went in a ice cave. Would advice to bring high quality boots on the tour, or rent with the company.

Amazing trip with Limas and Juan. They are both amazing guides who were concerned for our safety but also always made sure we had fun. Even though the weather was rainy and we were freezing they still made it a memorable experience!!!

Guides was funny, knowledgeable. They taught us well about how to ice climb and about the glacier. The view of course is unforgettable and breath-taking.

This was the highlight of my trip besides aurora. It was a really amazing experience. Our guides were very friendly, patient and attentive with great stories to tell. They gave us a great education about the glacier.And the weather was changeable. We experienced all four seasons in one day with freeze, rain, snow, sun and heavy winds. The view over the glacier was phenomenal!!

Amazing experience with very knowledgeable guides who made the trip that whole lot more interesting. The ice climbing was a personal highlight! Would recommend to all.

Excellent value - even included an ice cave. The guides were friendly, patient and attentive with great stories to tell.

Best tour we took in all of Iceland. Guide was super informative, taught us a lot about Iceland and the history of the nation as well as the glaciers. So much fun! Highly recommend.

Our guides were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. They had many other surprises along the way that really made this experience stand out to me. Thank you! I can't return to Iceland again and I will recommend your services to any of my friends travelling there.

Beautiful, but please mind the bad weathers. I think when everyone is waiting for each to experience climbing on the ice wall, it's a bit waste of time, especially in an extreme weather. Separating to smaller groups could be better. But I really appreciate your passion and the mind of sharing the great views and knowledges.

Very good experience. Would recommend this to all!

cool guides and nice view on glacier

It was a great experience! The surrounding area was breathtaking and it was really fun to try your hand at ice climbing-it was exerting but exciting! The only thing I would improve is asking the guides to slow down so people have adequate time for pictures. We seemed in a rush and as I was taking pictures, I lagged behind and then missed any explanation provided by the guides. I would recommend this tour!

It was absolutely incredible. The guides were great too. Cant wait to come back to Iceland and do more exploring!!

Really good, would have enjoyed more ice climbing and technical terrain though! Worth being there for the stunning scenery.

I have done quite a number of tours in Iceland, and definitely recommend this Ice climbing tour with Arctic Adventures! The location, Solheimajokull has breathtaking scenery, and the friendly guides add more fun into the tour. If you are looking for something to experience Icelandic nature as well as some exciting adventure, this is the tour for you! I have never laughed so hard on any other tour before :D

The tour was fantastic and our guide Eli? was on point. Even though I had a bit of my own anxiety, I felt safe with our guides security measures and knowledge. I recommend this tour to anyone looking to have a moment in life when you feel you've accomplished something amazing...My only issues were regarding billing of the excursion, we were overcharged and when I reached out through the email several times (avoiding international charges) I never heard back, I did get it resolved through my CC company though, also, the initial communication sent out to confirm the excursion did not specify details of how long to wait before the companies arrival and the nasty unpaved road long drive to destination (gravel insurance recommended), we had waited almost 30 minutes not sure if we were in the right place and almost left but it was worth the wait!

Very very nice trip!!! It's an awesome exprience for me and my friends. We enjoyed ourselves on the huge glaciers. It's amazing to see so many beautiful views, volcanos, glaciers. I will never forget this trip. Although I seemed awkward when I climbed the ice due to my big own boots, I really enjoyed my first time climbing the ice. I will recommend to all my friends. With more and more Chinese people knowing about this amazing place and this awesome trip, many people will come to enjoy!!!! Thanks! ----Linxuan Lyu

Albeit weather was a factor and caused not to proceed with the climb,the hike over solheimajokull scenery was breathtaking,the view was picturesque.only let down was the climb.but that was beyond any rectification.oh and the guides were amazing.I think they were trained to become superheroes.I was impressed by how they multitasked the whole entire trip.would recommend to anyone who is new to iceland ,a worth doing activity.and definitely will come back for this after conquering New Zealand.

The guides were great, and the Solheimajokull area is beautiful. I wish that the groups had been smaller and the route more adventurous. I understand that there are people of many different fitness levels that take the tours, but there should be more difficult options that don't require hiring a private guide.

I thought the tour was very fun but wish it could have been slightly longer. The ice climbing part was great but I felt it was too short. Still great for those who prefer glacier hiking.

Awesome guides! Make the whole trip fun!


One of the most fun times I have had in mu life. Full house of stars!

This was soooo much fun you will never forget it. Climb a glacier: check. Have a great time guys!

The glacier hiking experience was a once in a lifetime experience. Be sure to get this tour and climb up a glacier while in Iceland!

We went on top of a glacier, what more can there be said. You should try this tour is you want to experience that. I love Iceland.

This was a very fun with a great group of people. The glacier was very interesting and guide was great too. I will recommend this tour to friends and definitely return again!

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Small Group Glacier Hiking & Ice Climbing Tour on Solheimajokull Glacier

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