LAVA Centre Volcano and Earthquake Exhibition, Cinema & Observation Deck

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LAVA Centre, Austurvegur, Hvolsvöllur, Iceland
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Embark on an enlightening exploration of Iceland's remarkable geological history at the LAVA Centre. This captivating journey is designed to deepen your understanding of Earth's inner forces and is suitable for anyone intrigued by Iceland's volcanic activity and its far-reaching effects.

You'll find the LAVA Centre nestled in the town of Hvolsvollur, conveniently located on the main ring road near the South Coast. Upon arrival, you'll step into a realm where science and technology merge seamlessly, making for a unique and immersive museum experience.

Begin your voyage by delving into Iceland's volcanoes. This exhibition provides a fascinating look at the inner workings of these colossal mountains. 

Interactive screens offer a compelling sense of scale, helping you comprehend the vast power of volcanic eruptions. Feel the textures of various lava and tephra specimens, forging a tangible connection to the materials that have sculpted Iceland's distinctive landscape.

As you progress through the exhibition, you'll gain insight into the dynamic processes that have shaped Iceland over millennia. Explore volcanic and rift systems, faults, and glacial floods, all of which have left their indelible mark on this land of fire and ice. 

Witness the intricate interplay between the movement of tectonic plates, specifically the North American and Eurasian plates, and a subterranean hotspot of surging magma from the Earth's mantle, which fuels Iceland's perpetual volcanic activity.

The volatile history of Iceland is interwoven with these natural phenomena. Discover how cataclysmic eruptions have profoundly influenced Icelandic society across the ages, leaving behind a legacy of destruction and rebirth. 

Engaging narratives from the LAVA Centre's team of volcano experts will transport you into the captivating realm of "Iceland on the Move," unveiling the ongoing geological dance that defines this island nation.

Additionally, the LAVA Centre provides insights into Iceland's meticulous monitoring of volcanoes and earthquake zones. Explore the Katla Geopark and gain an appreciation for the sophisticated systems in place to safeguard this ever-changing landscape.

Conclude your visit by ascending to the observation platform, where you'll be treated to sweeping vistas of iconic volcanoes such as Eyjafjallajokull, Katla, and Hekla. The distant Westman Islands add to the awe-inspiring panorama, reinforcing why Iceland is renowned as "the land of ice and fire."

To round off your experience, the LAVA Centre offers a restaurant, coffee shop, and souvenir store, making it a perfect stop for sustenance and keepsakes either before or after your adventures along the South Coast.

This is your opportunity to unravel the enigmas of Iceland's geological wonders at the LAVA Centre. Secure your spot now and set out on an unforgettable journey to grasp the Earth's inner forces. Discover availability by selecting a date.

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