Feel the Heat | Real Lava Pouring in Vik

Feel the Heat | Real Lava Pouring in Vik
The lava is visually stunning
See Real Lava in Action!
The only live lava show in the world!
The exterior of the Lava Show house in Vík.
Playing with Lava! The host manipulates the lava in an epic way!
The lava is just as impressive when it cools down
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Get close to real lava and try something exhilarating and different on this unique lava and volcano activity show. Iceland is one of the most active volcanic landscape on the planet with over 30 active volcano systems and a volcano eruption every 3-5 years on average.

Despite this, most of the eruptions are not accessible, either because of toxic gasses or because they take place below the massive ice caps of the Icelandic glaciers. But now, for the first time in history, it is possible to get the extraordinary close-up experience of a volcanic eruption, without any risk involved.

By pouring molten lava, over 1100 degrees Celsius (2000°F), into a showroom full of people, Icelandic Lava show has managed to recreate a miniature volcano eruption. It is the first show of its kind in the world and the only place on Earth where you can safely experience real lava in action in such close proximity.

The show is entertaining from beginning to end. After the host has greeted you, the show starts with a short educational video that explains Icelandic volcanism. It tells a truly dramatic story of eruptions in Iceland, and about the 1918 Katla eruption, but Katla is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world.

Then it is time for the highlight of the show. The lights dim, and the rumbling sounds roar as the red-hot lava starts flowing into the showroom. The sensory onslaught is very powerful. Seeing the vibrant colours of the flowing lava, hearing it sizzling, smelling the melting minerals and feeling the intense heat is an indescribable sensation. It is simply something that you must experience yourself to fully understand.

Icelandic Lava Show is located in Vík on the South Coast of Iceland, surrounded by volcanoes, glaciers and black sand beaches. It is situated in the heart of Vík in a newly renovated house that is both modern and cosy and has been specifically adjusted for the lava show.

There is also an excellent restaurant here that offers a variety of delicious soups, salads and paninis, with both vegan and vegetarian options available. And of course, there is free Wi-Fi.

Do not miss this unforgettable and unique show, and grab the opportunity to see a volcanic eruption up close. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Activities: Cultural Activity
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English, Icelandic
  • Highlights: Vík í Mýrdal
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 11:00, 13:30, 17:00, 20:00.

Icelandic Lava Show in Vík

Icelandic Lava Show is located in the lovely town of Vík on the South Coast of Iceland (5 minutes away from Reynisfjara, also known as "The Black Sand Beach"), approximately 2 hours straight drive from Reykjavik to Vík. The address is Víkurbraut 5, 870 Vík. 

  • Admission to the Lava Show

  • Security goggles

  • The unique chance to experience REAL molten lava in close proximity

  • A short educational video about Icelandic volcanism

  • A true story from the 1918 Katla volcano eruption

  • The chance to touch cooling lava that was molten seconds before

  • Q&A session at the end where the staff will answer all your questions

  • Pieces of lava from the show

  • Souvenirs

What to bring:
  • Please show your e-ticket (or printed version) to the personnel by the counter at arrival

Good to know:

Please show your e-ticket (or printed version) to the personnel by the counter on arrival.

The lava is over 1100 degrees Celcius (2000 degrees Fahrenheit) so it gets HOT inside. Thus we advise you to remove your thick coats and sweaters before the lava is poured into the showroom.

There is a restaurant on site where you can buy delicious soups, paninis and salads at a reasonable price (vegan and vegetarian dishes available).

There is free Wi-Fi at the location.


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The co-founder and owner of Icelandic Lava Show - very passionate about lava and obsessed with leaving every single visitor satisfied with the experience


The first employee of Icelandic Lava Show. Loves lava and specifically moved to Iceland to work for the lava show. Enjoys seeing people's faces lit up when they see the lava flowing into the showroom.

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