Siberian Husky Tour | Dog Sledding in the Myvatn Area

Siberian Husky Tour | Dog Sledding in the Myvatn Area
The Siberian Husky Tour This tour is perfect for those who love animals, adventure, and spectacular scenery.
On the Siberian Husky Tour, you will shoot up to eight kilometres through the stunning scenery that surrounds Lake Mývatn in North Iceland.
Before embarking on the Siberian Husky Tour, your musher will teach you the basics of dogsledding.
As Siberian Huskies are as friendly as they are trained
Before going on the Siberian Husky Tour, you will meet the dogs.
The Siberian Huskies are warm animals that love belly rubs.
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Shoot across the snow-covered Icelandic countryside behind a team of Siberian Huskies. This tour is perfect for those who love animals, adventure, and spectacular scenery. With a maximum of two people per dogsled and guide (or musher), it also promises to be as personal as it is exhilarating.

You will begin this tour at the Unchained Siberian Husky Kennel at a farm called Heiði, and before going anywhere will meet the dogs. As friendly as they are highly trained, you will have plenty of opportunities to give them a pat and cuddle. Your musher will then teach you the basics of dogsledding, and you’ll climb aboard.

From here, it will be two hours of adventure as you shoot up to eight kilometres through the stunning scenery of Lake Mývatn. As you travel through an otherworldly plain of white snow, you will be surrounded by mountain peaks, ridges and craters; you will also rush by active geothermal areas. These dramatic features are caused by the extreme geological processes that occur due to Mývatn’s position in the centre of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. 

Because of these effects, Mývatn is considered one of Iceland’s most diverse and beautiful regions. There are few better ways to see it than from the back of a dogsled. You will have plenty of opportunities to take photographs so that you can bring a physical memory of this magical place back home with you.

Fans of the HBO Game of Thrones series may find some sites familiar as they shoot over the snow. It was in this area where the scenes North of the Wall were filmed, such as those of Mance Rayder’s wildling camp.

Once back at the kennel, you will have more opportunities to take your photos with the dogs and give them more attention, in thanks for the incredible experience they have just provided.

Do not hesitate to book this great excursion; jump aboard a dogsled and immerse yourself in the beauty of Lake Mývatn. Check availability by choosing a date. 

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Nov. - Apr.
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Dog sledding
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 2 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Attractions: Mývatn
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 10:00. 11:00,

The farm Heiði, south of Lake Mývatn. From ringroad number 1, turn south and drive on road 849. Turn right after 5km towards the farm Heiði.
No pick-ups available from Reykjavík. If pick-up is needed from Akureyri, Húsavík or Lake Mývatn area, contact for assistance.
  • Dog sledding tour with Musher

  • Kennel visit to meet the dogs

  • Cold weather gear (Warm overalls, hat and gloves, if needed)

What to bring:
  • Warm clothing and outerwear suited to rainy or cold weather

  • Sturdy boots for walking/hiking

  • Sunglasses (to combat snow glare)

  • Sunblock

Good to know:

If you would like to book large groups or a private tour, contact us!

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Sooo AMAZING!!!! The best part of our Iceland experience!!! Such sweet people and huskies, we even got to play with the puppies. Definitely worth every penny! If your on the fence about doing it, just go for it!!! It’s the best ❤️
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Wow! What an experience. The husky sledding itself was amazing, but was made even better by having such friendly tour guides. As soon as we arrived we were offered a cup of tea or coffee, and since we were travelling on to Reykjavik afterwards, they even wanted to check the road conditions for us to make sure all of the roads were open. The actual sledding was such an awesome experience, and we even got to stand up with the musher to try it out ourselves. The dogs were absolutely lovely, such wonderful natured animals. We had a few stops along the way in order to meet the dogs, and got to give them a long cuddle and pat after the tour. It was just awesome. We also got to meet some of the younger dogs, around 4 months old, who were puppies of some of the dogs we had on our tour. They were so excitable when we got there, but so so cute. One of them just sat on me for a good while, I was loving it. The views were also spectacular, so serene. I also loved that the whole experience was so laid back compared to a previous husky sledding tour I had done elsewhere. I had a smile on my face for the entire time. It was amazing and something I would recommend to everyone that loves adventure and of course, huskies.
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Es war eine unglaublich tolle Erfahrung die wir unser Leben lang nicht vergessen werden! Die Landschaft, die Hunde und der nahe Kontakt zu den Hunden, sowie die super freundlichen Gastgeber und Schlittenführer machten die zwei Stunden zu einem unglaublichem Ereignis! Diese Tour hat uns den Islandaufenthalt noch gekrönt! Unsere Tour startete um 10 Uhr und wir waren um 9:45 Uhr vor Ort. Wir wurden dann noch hinein gebeten und uns wurde Tee, Kaffee und heiße Schokolade zum Aufwärmen angeboten. Als die andern beiden Gäste kamen sind wir in den Keller gegangen wo uns Thermo-overalls gegeben wurden die wir über unsere Kleidung ziehen konnten. Zusätzlich gab es noch ein Gesichtstuch, das wir behalten durften, und eine Skibrille sowie Handschuhe wenn jemand keine hatte. Anschließend sind wir raus zu den Hunden die bereits vor dem Schlitten gespannt waren und sehr aufgeregt waren. Uns wurde kurz erklärt wie wir uns auf DEM Schlitten verhalten sollten und dann ging es auch schon los. Wir hatten strahlend blauen Himmel und die Sonne ging gerade zu der Zeit über dem Gletscher auf. Unbeschreiblich schön! Nach gut 20 min haben wir kurz gestoppt und wir durften die Hunde begrüßen. Jeden einzelnen durften wir von der Spitze an zu. Schlitten hin begrüßen, streicheln und auch viele Bilder machen. dabei konnten wir uns so viel Zeit lassen wie wir wollten. Dann ging es weiter. Wir waren zu zweit mit dem Schlittenführer auf dem Schlitten der uns zwischedurch auch anbot hinten auf dem Schlitten mit zu fahren. Ebenfalls unbeschreiblich schön! Als die Tour zu Ende war konnten wir noch gut eine halbe Stunde mit den Hunden verbringen die uns über das Eis gezogen haben. Anschließend ging es dann noch zu den Welpen, die zwar "schon 4 Monate alt waren aber immer noch total verspielt sind. Zu guter letzt haben wir dann unsere Overalls abgelegt und uns wurde wieder ein Tee, Kaffee und heiße Schokolade angeboten. Zusätzlich gab es noch wertvolle Insidertips von der Gastgeberin. Also eine perfekte Tour!
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This was a bucketlist thing for me and SO worth the money. The family was really nice and friendly. They are located in the middle of nowhere, what makes the dogslidding even more special than it already was. After the dogslidding we get a guided tour in the house where the dogs where staying. We could ask all kind of questions and get all the time we wanted with the dogs.
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