Skaftafell Ice Climbing & Glacier Hike Tour

Skaftafell Ice Climbing & Glacier Hike Tour
Two adventurers climb a glacier in Skaftafell.
Iceland has plenty of glaciers where ice climbing is possible.
Glaciers such as those in Skaftafell beg to be explored.
On glacier hiking tours in Iceland, ropes, axes and crampons are all provided.
Glacier guides in Iceland are expertly trained to make glacier hiking safe and fun.
The Skaftafell Ice Climbing & Glacier Hike Tour is fun packed and full of pleasant surprises.
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Experience the wild with this exhilarating expeditionary hike and ice climbing tour on an outlet glacier of Vatnajökull glacier, one of Skaftafell Nature Reserve's most intriguing wonders.

At the car park by the Skaftafell Visitor Center, you will meet your certified glacier guide, who will quickly proceed to teach you the basics of glacier safety, the usage of crampons and ice climbing techniques.

Your guide will be quick to distribute all of the necessary equipment for the journey, including crampons, helmets, harnesses, and ice axes. They will also be eager to teach you more details about both the National Park and the glacier itself, its geological makeup and centuries' old formation. 

When you're ready to begin the adventure, you will go to a glacier tongue, just one of the many glacier tongues that make up Vatnajökull, Europe's largest glacier. As soon as you step onto the ice cap, you will have an incredible perspective of the surrounding mountains, including the country's tallest peak, Hvannadalshnúkur, instantly recognisable to fans of HBO's Game of Thrones. 

The journey continues on foot, and you will soon be trekking through the majesty of a white blanketed wilderness; the silence is only broken by the sounds of your boots treading the snow and ice. 

You will be surrounded by fascinating natural phenomena, such as a glacier moulin—best described as a vertical canyon that cuts deep into the ice cap—and age-old ice sculptures, turned electric blue due to the ancient oxygen trapped inside.

Throughout your hike, you will have the opportunity to try climbing with ice axes, adding an extreme edge to this largely picturesque tour.

Hurry now and you too can experience the incredible thrill of scaling one of nature's most magnificent giants, the mighty glaciers. Check availability now by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Activities: Glacier Hiking, Ice Climbing, Sightseeing
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Minimum age: 12 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Attractions: Vatnajökull, Hvannadalshnúkur, Skaftafell, South Coast
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 12:00. 13:00,

Skaftafell Terminal
We will see you at our meeting point 20 minutes before departure time. Please note that if you arrive after departure time your place on the tour can't be guaranteed or refunded.  The meeting point is at Skaftafell Terminal Tour Center by the main road. You can look up "Skaftafell Terminal" on Google Maps to find the exact location and driving directions. Driving time to Skaftafell from Reykjavík is around 4 hours and 30 minutes. If you arrive early, you can visit Skaftafell Terminal Tour Center which offers free parking and has restrooms. 
  • Certified English Speaking Glacier Guide

  • Ice climbing Boots

  • Glacier Equipment: harness, helmet, crampons, and ice axe

  • Free parking (From May 1st)

What to bring:
  • Warm clothing (first layer)

  • Waterproof clothing (second layer)

  • Gloves to protect your hands from the hard ice during the climb

Good to know:

- This tour does not require any prior experience glacier hiking or ice climbing.

- The difficulty of the Ice Climb is tailored to each individual. Your personal abilities and physical condition will be taken into account when the ice wall, which you will climb, is selected.



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We have good fun! Our guide was patient and very clear in teaching us how to ice climb. We also enjoyed the views during the hike up the glacier, and were especially stoked at the opportunity to explore a small ice cave!
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We had an amazing time on the hike and climb! Our guide Boris was extremely knowledgeable, personable, and accommodating. We would definitely recommend this tour. It was one of the highlights of our trip!
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Our guide was very nice and helpful. He had many iceland stories to tell and he taught us how to ice climb. The view of the glacier is great. And the ice climb was a once in a lifetime experience for us. We really enjoyed it!! The weather was perfect. It was windy that day and our tour was moved to the afternoon but it was the right choice since the weather when we did the trip was perfect. Very good service. We booked here during our 1st and 2nd trip to iceland and we’ll book again of we were lucky to have a 3rd trip here. Till next time!!
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It was an incredible experience. There were 12 persons in my tour but fortunately, every one was skillful and mastered the climbing technique easily which left time for a hike through a random route (always led and assessed by the guides) which made the tour more fun. The guides were very knowledgable and friendly. Steff in particular has a great vibe and is very friendly. I think this tour is much more worth than doing only the glacier hiking.
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This was my favorite activity in Iceland. I would highly recommend this tour. The tour guides were accommodating, informative, allowed us to take pictures, and made the tour really fun. This is a tour that is totally doable. So I would highly recommend it for those who are even scared or having second guesses, because it was a blast.
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We did the four-hour “Skaftafell Ice Climbing and Glacier Hike Tour” with Troll Expedition on August 14, 2018. It was a wonderful experience! There were six people in our group coming from different parts of the world with one guide. Our guide Vincenzo was great! He was patient, knowledgeable, and helpful. He gave us the basic knowledge about glaciers and detailed instructions about how to put on the crampons, how to use ice axes, how to walk on the glacier, and how to climb up and down a glacier wall. The ice climbing was fun and is not that hard if you follow the instructions well. But it does take away a pretty long time from your tour, because the guide has to climb up the wall setting up the safety rope first and you have to wait for everyone climbing up and coming down the wall one at a time. Our group did one climbing and decided to spend rest of the time on glacier walk and sightseeing instead of a second climb. Our guide took us for a long walk on the glacier to an amazing moulin. He set up the safety rope and held us one by one to the edge of this deep moulin. The wall of the moulin from hundreds of years ago was pure electric blue, with the water running on the bottom. That was very pretty! He told us about the formation of moulins. It was way over four hours before we finished our tour. Thank you to our wonderful guide, Vincenzo, for the unforgettable experience!
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The tour is amazing! Our guide is pretty considerate and helpful that he helped us walk like a pro and get our lost glove back :) Also, the glacier info shared is interesting and ensure our background knowledge to enjoy our tour. Not to mention the ice climbing, we cannot make it to the top without their teaching, it was totally worthy and everyone should give it a try! 今天的旅程非常精彩,感謝領隊教了我們很多,讓我們在冰川行走自如,攀冰的經驗更是重點,如果沒有他們的帶領我們絕對無法安心上下冰牆。個人認為這個的長度剛剛好,想體驗的也絕對沒少,很值得!
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This was one of the best tours I did in Iceland. The Icelandic experience would not be complete without climbing the glacier. Our guide was very helpful and informative. We climbed two ice caps. It was really fun and exciting. It was quite a bit of exercise. The tour was about 4.5 hours in total.
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Amazing experience! Definitely the best adventure on our trip to Iceland. Big thank you to our guide!
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Despite some rainy and cold weather, the ice climbing tour with Michael and Oskar was the highlight of our trip. We really enjoyed the climbing, but the walk along the glacier top was also very informative and pretty. The guides really made the tour enjoyable.
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