Silfra Snorkelling Tour

Silfra Snorkelling Tour
Taking a snorkelling tour in Silfra Fissure is a surefire way of making a lifetime of holiday memories.
To protect your head from the cold, you will be wearing a thick neoprene hood.
Diving down in the water can be difficult with a buoyant drysuit; why not consider taking to the fissure donned in a wet suit instead?
Silfra Cathedral is the largest, deepest and most dramatic segment of the glacial spring.
Getting changed in the Silfra car park can be a chilly experience in itself; make sure to bring warm layers of clothing!
Silfra is surrounded by the gorgeous landscapes of Þingvellir National Park, the only UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Icelandic mainland.
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Join this fantastic snorkelling tour in the world famous Silfra Fissure, found in Iceland's only UNESCO World Heritage site, Þingvellir National Park. This is the perfect tour opportunity for adventure-hungry travellers looking to experience an activity that can be found nowhere else on earth; swimming between the continents.

After being picked up from your accommodation in Iceland's capital, Reykjavík, you will be driven roughly forty minutes to one of the country's most beautiful and important regions, Þingvellir. Not only is this one of the only places in the world that you can see both the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates exposed from the earth, it is also where the world's first democratically elected parliament, the Alþingi, was formed in 930 AD. 

Aside from its rich geological and historical draws, Þingvellir is also home to the glacial spring, Silfra Fissure. Here, water originating from Langjökull glacier travels for half a century through underground tunnel networks before exiting at Silfra. 

The fissure itself is directly between the North American and Eurasian plates, taking the form of a deep blue canyon with visibility that can often reach 100 metres. The water at Silfra is 2-4° Celsius (35-39°Fahrenheit), never freezing thanks to the light current that runs through the fissure. 

In order to give yourself thermal protection in the water, you will be wearing 7mm wetsuits; whilst thinner than a drysuit, wetsuits provide more flexibility and movement in the water, allowing you to dive and swim to your heart's content rather than merely float on the surface. 

Silfra Fissure is split into three distinct segments; Silfra Hall (the fissure's widest point), Silfra Cathedral (the fissure's deepest point) and "The Real Blue Lagoon", a shallow area of cracks and sand at the fissure's end. Snorkelling in Silfra Fissure is available as a tour all year round. 

So don't don't hesitate any longer. Hurry now and you too can experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the underwater majesty of Silfra Fissure. Check availability by choosing a date. 

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Activities: Snorkelling
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 12 years.
  • Languages: English, Icelandic, Danish
  • Highlights: Þingvellir, Silfra
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 08:30. 09:30, 13:00,

When pickup is needed. We pick up approx 1 hour before tour starts. Pickup is 8:30 from 1. april until 31 oct.

Pickup is 9:30 from 1. Nov until 31 mars

  • All snorkel gear needed to do the tour

  • Thingvellir national park fees

  • Dryrobe overcoat while doing the tour

  • Hot cocoa after snorkel tour

  • Pickup in surrounding Reykjavik area

What to bring:
  • Bathing suits and a towel

  • Warm Clothing

  • Your Camera

Good to know:

Prerequisites for this tour:

Be at least 145 cm (4’9") and max 2.10m (6,10")

Be at least 45 kg (100 lbs) and max 130 kg. (300 lbs)

Be able to swim and be comfortable in water

Be physically fit

Not pregnant

Be at least 12 years of age

Be mentally, physically, psychologically and medically fit to do swim in the water

This tour is not suitable for pregnant women. Please note that should you have any neurological, circulatory or respiratory problems or underlying diseases, battled any illnesses or have any physical problems you might have to turn in a physicians allowance to participate in this tour. If you are over 45 and partake/have partaken in pipe smoking or heavy alcohol intake, you might need a medical waiver. If you are over 60 years of age, you need a medical waiver. Please contact the operator for further information and application papers.


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My boyfriend and I had an amazing time snorkelling with Dive Iceland! I was a little nervous of how cold it would be swimming in glacial water, but to my surprise it wasn't bad at ALL. We could have stayed in there all day in our wetsuits ogling over the unique and incredible view below. It ended up being just the two of us with Biggi as our guide. He kept us laughing the whole time and made sure we were confident and comfortable going into the fissure. As newbies to snorkelling, he taught us the techniques of freediving which was a game changer! So much fun and an experience we will never forget. Thanks Biggi!
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I cannot recall our guides name but he was fantastic. Explained everything was super funny and did not rush us. We had only us two on the tour and so it was great to have our own private tour. When my partner started to have a panic attack he helped him, though we could not go the usual route he let me stay swimming around as long as I liked. It was a blast and I think the best snorkelling I have done in the best water, just opened mouth and drank the water. Look forward to the video and pictures.
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Amazing tour! Such an unique experience doing snorkelling throught the American and Eurasia tectonic plates! Both guides was very funny, informative and careful about us. Also they help us with all the equipment and provided a hot chocolate at the end what was perfect! We did it on March and it was not crowded at all. The guides also took great photos with their go pro (and shared them with all of us for free). We hightly recommend it for sure!
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It was an unforgettable experience! We got to experience Island in a unique way! Definitely a good choice to snorkel even in the winter! Our coaches were very friendly and helpful! Go for it!
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The most amazing experience of my trip to Iceland. The guide was very knowledgeable about the area, freediving, and Iceland in general. The company took crystal clear pictures and sent them in an email later that day. While there were only 3 of us diving that day he encouraged us to venture out and take in the entirety of Silfra. I highly recommend this once in a lifetime experience!
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The best decision of my trip to Iceland. Biggi picked me up at the bus terminal, drove us to the site, and was incredibly friendly and knowledgable. He was professional but was so funny and warm-hearted! He prepared us well with equipment, safety instructions, and told us he'd be there every step of the way. He took great pictures (for free with his GoPro!) and really personalized the tour, as there were only two of us. He was encouraging of me to continue with free diving and made hot chocolate for us at the end! He drove me back to my hostel, which was quite far out of Reykjavik. I loved the tour, I loved the flexibility (no pun intended) and it was a great experience I would gladly do again.
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Thorsteinn was a wonderful guide! He was very knowledgeable about the area and Silfra itself, and it was great to hear about his expertise in free diving and some of his latest endeavors. Our group was far smaller than the dry suit tours, probably because many thought it would be too cold, which allowed for a great more personal experience with lots of photos (Thorsteinn brought a GoPro and emailed them to us). As a swimmer I liked the flexibility to be able to dive down deeper for some photos (that you can't do in a drysuit). As for the temperature, the 7mm wetsuit kept us plenty warm, and we only barely started to get cold fingers and faces towards the end of the swim. Plus, the hot chocolate and parka's at the end warmed us right up.
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This was a great experience with Biggy. We were the only 2 people in his group so he tailored it to where we wanted to snorkel. The only part that was cold was when we had to put on and take off the wetsuit. When we’re in the suit and when we’re in the water, we’re warm! Biggy let us change in his van and he had the heater on. He is a funny guy and he will take grat care of you.
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Honestly the best thing we did in Iceland. The wetsuits, while a challenge to get on (with help!) are unbelievably warm; you don't even notice the water temperature. The extra manoeuvrability and ability to dive was much more freeing than the drysuits. The visibility is something else and being able to dive into the fissure was incredible. Guide was absolutely excellent and in April we had two of us and one guide! Expensive, but totally worth it.
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Great experience! Thanks to our guide for a great time.
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