Exciting 1.5-Hour Helicopter Tour with a Glacier Landing from Reykjavik

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Embark on a 1.5-hour helicopter journey with a glacier landing from Reykjavik that promises unmatched views of Iceland's mesmerizing landscapes and historical treasures. Travelers eager for a birds-eye perspective of Southwest Iceland's natural wonders should book this tour now.

Starting from Reykjavik airport, your experienced pilot will greet you. They'll share a brief on the day's itinerary and ensure you're comfortable for the upcoming aerial adventure. 

Then, it's time to ascend into the air, enjoying a glorious overhead view of Reykjavik's cityscape. Your pilot will head towards Hvalfjordur fjord, a stunning body of water north of the capital.

You'll fly over the majestic Glymur waterfall at the bottom of Hvalfjordur. Standing at a staggering 650 feet (198 meters), it's not just its height that's impressive. Glymur's rich history, interwoven with local folklore and legends, makes it an iconic spot. 

The helicopter's ability to hover means you'll savor unparalleled views of the waterfall's moss-covered canyons and the waters plunging dramatically into the depths below.

From Glymur, you'll head to the serene and expansive Langjokull glacier, today's landing spot. This vast ice cap covers an area of about 367 square miles (950 square kilometers). Its vast white expanse contrasts beautifully with the dark surrounding peaks.

Upon landing, the sheer tranquility and crisp glacial air are instantly invigorating. The untouched snow, sprawling icy vistas, and distant mountain peaks offer a tranquil moment for reflection.

Next, you'll fly over the 9,000-year-old Skjaldbreidur shield volcano. This volcano's smooth, rounded shape is a testament to the lava flows that once emanated from its center. As you circle it, consider the powerful geologic forces that shaped this landscape millennia ago.

Your flight then takes a historical turn as you approach Thingvellir National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage site is not only a geologic wonder, showcasing the rift between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, but also a symbol of Iceland's rich history. It was here that the world's first democratic parliament, the Althingi, was established in 930 AD. 

The clear waters of the Oxara river and the cascading Oxararfoss waterfall add to the park's allure. Ensure your camera is ready to capture lasting memories of this famous site from your unique viewpoint.

Helicopter tours offer a distinct advantage over ground-based excursions. They provide quick access to remote locations, intimate views of hard-to-reach spots, and a thrilling sense of adventure that ground tours can't replicate. 

The perspective shift is dramatic as you hover above these sites. Mountain ranges become textured canvases, rivers appear as winding threads, and humanity's footprint looks both significant and minuscule.

As your journey concludes, the helicopter will descend back to Reykjavik airport. Reflect on the extraordinary sights you've witnessed on this flight as you land with a camera full of beautiful shots to remember the profound beauty of Iceland from above.

Don't miss the chance to witness Iceland's natural treasures from the skies with this 1.5-hour helicopter tour from Reykjavik, including a glacier landing. Check availability now by choosing a date.

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1.5-hour helicopter flight and glacier landing from Reykjavik airport



What to bring

Warm clothes and good outdoor footwear for the glacier landing

Good to know

There is a 4-person minimum passenger requirement for this tour.

This tour is weather-dependent. If it is canceled due to weather or factors outside human control, you can reschedule your tour or receive a refund.

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