Whale Watching & Aurora Reykjavik Exhibition: A Celestial and Aquatic Adventure

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Aurora Reykjavik

Take a walk through history and learn how people and cultures around the world saw the Northern Lights via legends and myths connected to this amazing phenomenon. There are interactive displays as well as a specially equipped ‘photo booth’ where you can learn how to adjust your camera’s settings should you want to try your hand at capturing the auroras yourself.

The high point of your visit to the center will certainly be our theater where a continuously running HD film is playing throughout the day. Projected onto a 7 metre wide screen, you can sit back and enjoy this 20 minute film that features some of the most magnificent aurora displays seen over Iceland. The film is accompanied by soft music in surround-sound, making this a therapeutic and restful experience. You’ll feel like you have just come back from a blissful holiday!

Aurora Reykjavík - The Northern Lights Center

Grandagarður 2, Reykjavík 101, IS

Whale Watching

Experience the best Iceland has to offer with spectacular Whale Watching opportunities.

Our tours offer a unique experience and we do our best to make this a lifetime experience for you.

A 2-3,5-hour Whale Watching adventure departing from Old harbour in downtown Reykjavik. We sail into Faxaflói bay in search of Minke and Humpback whales, Dolphins, Harbour porpoises and Killer whales. On this tour, you will also experience the spectacular views of the mountains and islands around Reykjavik as well as the wonderful bird life. On board we have warm overalls, heated spacious indoor cabins, a nice bar and free WiFi.

NOTE: You should schedule to be at our departure point at least 30 minutes before scheduled departure.

Please be aware that due to environmental reasons during certain times of the year our trips may be delivered on a shared boat with one of our partners. At Reykjavik Sailors, we are committed to ensuring the environment is kept pristine by making sure fewer boats are on the water.

Please note: Whale Watching is a natural activity governed by the laws of the weather. If the trip is cancelled due to bad weather, the Whale Watching ticket is refunded if the following tour was not joined before or you can change your reservation to the next available day.

Please, check our DAILY DIARY before you come for the tour. All the important daily information of all our tours will be notified on our website.

If you don't see a whale, you have the option to take the tour again for free.

Disclaimer for pick-ups

Pick-ups must be booked with a minimum of one hour before the tour departure time, all pick-ups booked after that will be discarded.

Pickup service (round trip) fee applies to first boat tour, if due to lack of sightings tour is joined for free again, pickup service must be added and paid again.


We start at Geirsgata 11 (https://maps.app.goo.gl/DatKA6eiZ5sXyxTW7)

Get there 30 minutes early to join the excitement.

See you soon!

Please note that in case of cancellation of the whale watching tour, the price of the entire ticket will not be refunded, only the whale watching part. The ticket to the museum is open, meaning you can freely choose when you want to go. This does not have to happen on the same day that your whale watching tour is scheduled.

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Entry fee Aurora Exhibition
2-3,5 hours Whale Watching tour
Experienced and professional guides
Free ticket to join again in case of no sightings
Warm flotation overalls
Free WiFi on board
Heated indoor cabins with toilet facilities
Complimentary seasickness tablets available

What to bring

Here's a friendly recommendation for your comfort and enjoyment:
We suggest wearing sturdy footwear and warm clothing to stay cozy during the tour.
Don't forget to bring your camera to capture amazing photos of your Whale Watching adventure!
Prepare for an unforgettable experience and make lasting memories with these handy tips.

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