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Great experience. We lived for 10 in the van and everything was really cool. We had some problems with car lights, mechanic solved that and Procar refund us the money for that. I would recommend Procar to others...

The overall was very positive. It is definitely the best way to travel around Iceland and the van was fully equiped and good for driving for long distances confortably. The explanation given by Procar was very detailed. We had some problems with the secondary heating system which didn’t stay turned on through the entire night and with the stove drawer which was a bit rusty. Everything else worked perfectly. The Wifi router is very helpful and the van has several usb charging ports. We would definitely recommend this camper van.

Overall, I had a very positive experience with Procar. The campervan we rented was exactly as expected and allowed us to see Iceland exactly as we wanted and hoped, and I would highly recommend it as an experience for anyone. The portable WiFi hot spot made it easy to find and book anything we wanted. Procar had a representative at the airport to bring us to their office (It was a separate shuttle, not the big bus shuttle that goes to many of the other rental agencies, FYI) even though our flight was late. Service at the office was adequate. There were some billing issues that came up after the fact, but overall it was dealt with very well. Dealing with a company in a different country after you return home regarding billing is definitely the type of situation that can be stressful, but all my concerns and issues were acknowledged and resolved in a professional, and most importantly, understanding manner. Specifically, Anna was my point of contact regarding these issues and she was a pleasure to deal with. Any company can be good at taking your money from you, but Procar provided service after the fact and resolved any issues I had quickly and efficiently, and I believe that speaks to why I would recommend dealing with them more than anything else.

We had a poor experience with the Procar renting. The guy who "explained" us the functions of the van was, clearly, a young and inexperienced assistant. He merely showed us the different items included: GPS, WiFi, kitchen, heating, etc, but did not explained how to use them. I refer especially to the heating system which was not a on/off switch but the "on" button needed to be pressed for about 10 seconds to start. He merely referred to a sheet with instructions (a very bad automated translation, probably from Chinese) if we had any problem. The WiFi set did not work. from the beginning it did nothing. This is something we want to complain about since we have been paying for a functionality that did not work. Apart from this frustrating experiences, the car worked properly on all types of roads and circumstances.

Everything went fast and without Problems. When we got the Car we got an easy and very good explanation of everything that had to do with the Car and icelandic Roads. Would definitely recommend.

The car itself was perfect. It came with all possible equipment, warm blankets, bed fitted quite comfortably two people. However we had big troubles with the voucher from Guide to Iceland as the Procar company didn't want to accept it. They kept asking for different type of voucher and Guide to Iceland kept saying they didn't have any other types of vouchers. When we contacted the Procar company during our trip, trying to solve the issue, they never replied to our e-mails and didn't tell us anything by phone. At the end we had to provide them with our bank account statement to prove the car payment. It was quite annoying to deal with that during the whole trip. However as I said at the beginning, the car itself was great.

Procar is an Icelandic car rental located both in the heart of central Reykjavík near Keflavik airport. Procar offers vehicles from small economy cars upto large 4x4 vehicles and luxury cars. All cars are new and in perfect condition. Procar provides pick-up and drop-off service, both to and from the international airport as well as hotels in Reykjavík Capital area. Procar‘s main objective is to provide competitive rates as well as to provide customer service around the clock, all year long.
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