Iceland was an amazing experience that changed me and my wife's life forever.  a few suggestions.

1. Eat the local traditional foods.

2. Check out and eat and drink at Kex hostel you will love this place.

3. Cafe Loki... Rye bread Icecream

4. Drink water fresh from a river it's that clean and lava rock filtered. 

5. Check out the music scene.

6. Check out Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon and ice caves they won't exist much longer. 

7. Use a GoPro camera to capture the northern lights on night time-lapse mode the Northern lights can sometimes be seen with the camera but not the naked eye.

8.  Shop at Bonus ( Look for the pink pig) & Kronan, Bonus is better though.

9. Don't do tourist gifts go to the Red Cross Thrift store Way higher quality souvenirs from locals. ( picked up a very large piece of actual Icelandic rock would have been $1000+ in a shop. USD for $5 USD. (also almost all the jewelry and Icelandic rock sold in shops are Chinese Icelandic Volcanic rock is very brittle.) Contact us for more tips and money saving ideas.

!0. Just explore....

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