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Kvernufoss as a Photography Location

Kvernufoss as a Photography Location

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Kvernufoss as a Photography Location

Kvernufoss is a hidden gem close to Skogafoss.

To find it just turn left from the ring road, where you turn into the Skogafoss area. Instead of turning left towards Skogafoss, stay on the road until you can turn right on an asphalt road. When you’ve turned right just go all the way to the bottom and park your car behind the farm. Cross the fence and walk to the nearest valley. The waterfall is located at the end of that valley, which by itself is a beautiful walk and looks like something out of the lord of the rings. There’re no signs to the waterfall, but it’s not that hard to find.

As at Seljalandsfoss you’re able to walk behind Kvernufoss.

Kvernufoss as a Photography Location

For this location, you benefit mostly from an ultra-wide angle lens to capture as much of the waterfall as possible. A lens with the focal length of 16mm is recommended. Like Skogafoss the waterfall points south which actually gives it the best light during winter, where the sun is low in the sky at noon.

My video from this location contains a lot of drone footage!

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