Höfrungur (dolphin) shipwreck in Iceland

Old Akranes Lighthouse - One of the Most Picturesque Lighthouses in the World

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The lighthouse at Akranes

See Akranes on the west coast of Iceland

If you are into photography or just interested in exploring new things in Iceland I would like to show you a place that you might find attractive.  If you love lighthouses and or abandoned subjects I would recommend a trip or a little detour to Akranes, a town in the west part of Iceland.  Either you could take a trip there from Reykjavík or if you are heading North or West you could take a little detour to this little village. Akranes is a port town on the west coast of Iceland about 45 km north of Reykjavík.  It’s the ninth most populous town in Iceland with populations of around 6.600. The fishing industry is the town´s most important source but commerce is also growing there so if you love to explore little towns and fishing villages then this might be something for you.

Since I'm into photography I'm always looking for fascinating spots to shoot and in Akranes you can find the coolest little lighthouse my opinion and also a spectacular old abandoned shipwreck close to the harbor. Both the lighthouse and the shipwreck are extremely photogenic and fun to shoot or explore.  Both would make an excellent northern light or sunset/sunrise foreground as well.  There is something about lighthouses don't you think?!?  They are so mysterious and full of stories somehow. 

Two lighthouses

If you drive to the harbour you will notice two lighthouses.  The bigger one that is currently in use is open to the public so you can go up and enjoy the view from there and there is even a photography exhibition to enjoy in there.

Akranes lighthouse in west Iceland

The smaller lighthouse is one of the oldest concrete lighthouses in Iceland and was built in 1918.  It served the fishing town until it was deactivated in 1947 in favour of the larger structure several meters away.  In winter time this location is a popular place to shoot the Northern lights. The old lighthouse is really charming standing on a rough textured cliff very close to the sea and makes an excellent spot for photography.  It has even been nominated one of the 6 most iconic and picturesque lighthouses in the world.

Abandoned shipwreck

Höfrungur (dolphin) shipwreck in Iceland

To find this shipwreck you have to drive to the harbour and go to the slipway located there. The shipwreck is called "Höfrungur" (Dolphin).  Now it stands and decays in the slipway on the north coast of Akranes. It was built in Akranes shipyard in 1955 and was for a long time part of the herring fleet. I personally love to photograph everything that is old, rusty and abandoned so for me this is a real photography gem. 

My above recommendation are of course just a few out of many things you can explore at Akranes so feel free to contact me if you want more information or tips or if you want to explore something totally different up there.  

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