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Filming in Iceland this week!

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Venus & Mars poster

I haven't written anything in a while now. Last time I was in Iceland was in June, when I had a wonderful time dining out, snowmobiling, chilling in the Blue Lagoon and going to ATP Festival. Since then I've been in London, Edinburgh and Oslo, busy finding a new job, auditioning for roles, working as a stilt princess and moving house!

But now I'm going back to Iceland, this Friday for 2 whole weeks :)

It will be an interesting trip, seeing as I will be taking care of 6 Brits making the short film Venus & Mars in that time, . None of them have been to Iceland before and it's up to me to scout some locations to film in, make practical arrangements without a budget (if anyone wants to lend me a car that fits 7 people for 10 days or be an extra driver and provide the extra car, I'd appreciate it!!) - and also, of course, show them all the best things Iceland has to offer! Hopefully the Northern Lights will make an appearance!

Making a short film is a pretty expensive and tricky business, especially when everything is coming out of your own pocket. This short film is almost finished, without a few crucial scenes being shot in Iceland - but if you want to help Black Mountain Films get their next film going, The Cross, you can help out by donating money via Kickstarter.

The timing for filmmaking in Iceland could hardly be better, seeing as there is not only one, but TWO film festivals taking place in Iceland whilst we're there: RIFF (Reykjavík International Film Festival) all over Reykjavík from the 26th of September to 6th of October and EFFI (European Film Festival Iceland) in Bíó Paradís from the 19th-29th of September. We've already booked tickets to go and see the classic Airplane in Sundhöllin swimming pool for example - a great combination: swimming pool and a movie!

I can't wait to go to Iceland to shoot this film: Iceland is a photographic and filming paradise :D