Please send the first Icelandic woman to space!

I Need your help to go to space!

I've entered a competition in order to go to space - if I do, I'll be the first Icelandic woman to go to space! I would also get fabulous views of the earth and get to experience weightlessness - and I've wanted to go to space ever since I was a little kid!

The competition is in a few parts, for the first part I need people to vote for me - and the top 200 people with the most votes go through to the second round. This is where YOU come in!

If you could please, PLEASE, please go to this link and press vote for me, I'll be eternally grateful! You will be asked for your e-mail address to verify your vote - but you won't get any spam! You have to act fast because there are only 7 days left of voting (until the 30th of April) - and I'm currently number 261 - out of thousands of entries!

I promise to take lots of pretty pictures and post them here for everyone to see if I get through. I also promise to take a picture of the earth and myself in a dinosaur outfit. And I even made this silly space video for your enjoyment. :)


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