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A huge earthquake shook Nepal on the 25th of April, as the world is so painfully aware of. Thousands of people died and thousands more are injured.

You can help out by going whale watching this Saturday!

Icelandic charities as well as tourist agencies and individuals are doing their bit to help in the aftermath of the earthquake. This Saturday Whale Safari is organising special whale watching tours every hour from 9am until 4pm. The weather is supposed to be good so it's the perfect thing to do to show support! All of the proceedings go towards rescue and relief programs for victims of the Nepalese earthquake. The minimum cost is 5000 ISK but further donations are obviously appreciated.

Read more about Whale Safari's Nepal whale watching tour here.

Bookings should be made directly at nepal@whalesafari.is

Whale in Reykjavík bay

Donate money through Arctic Adventures to help Nepal

Anup Gurung, a Nepalese man that lives in Iceland and works as a rafting guide is going to Nepal on the 1st of May to help in the rescue and relief programs. An interview with him (in English) can be found hereAnother interview with him (in Icelandic) can be found here.

A strong bond has been formed between the Icelandic rafting society and Nepal, as many Nepalese rafting guides came to Iceland to teach rafting techniques in Iceland, many years ago. People working for Arctic Adventures call themselves the Arctic Family and many of them have been to Nepal to train and many Nepalese people work as guides in the Icelandic rivers. A range of rafting tours is available in Iceland, much due to this collaboration between Icelandic and Nepalese guides.

Anup's friends at Arctic Adventures, one of Iceland's leading tour operators, have started a bank account where people can donate money that will go directly to those in need with Anup. People have also been encouraged to donate clothes and more than 200 kg of clothes have been assembled, that Anup will be taking with him to Nepal this Friday. Jónar Transport have offered to pay for the transport of the clothes.

Here is a picture from Anup's FB page, detailing bank account details for those that want to donate money to help.

Bank details to help Nepal


"At times like this, direct action is what counts - not a 'like' on Facebook."

Let us all show support to those in need in Nepal.


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