Calm Water Kayaking by Ísafjörður - the Kayaking Centre of Iceland

I had been travelling for 5 days in the Westfjords of Iceland and had by now reached Ísafjörður, the capital of the Westfjords. I was wondering what to do and see here and checked out the tours available at Borea Adventures. They had several tours to choose from, amongst them a selection of kayaking tours

I had wanted to try out kayaking for the longest time, as I have seen that kayaking has become an increasingly popular sport in Iceland.  This was my first time to do some kayaking, so I opted for calm water kayaking in the calm fjord by Ísafjörður town, which is often called the kayaking centre of Iceland.

I highlight calm as this tour is an introduction to kayaking in a calm fjord, just the tour for me :) Here is a link to the calm water tour.

Calm Water Kayaking by Ísafjörður - the Kayaking Centre of Iceland

We met up with the guide at the offices of Borea Adventures in Aðalstræti - Main Street - in Ísafjörður town. There we got some kayaking gear and walked for a couple of minutes to the small harbour behind the oldest houses in Ísafjörður, carrying the oars and wearing a life-west, feeling very sporty ;)

Before we entered the sea, we got a lesson in kayaking, i.e. how to paddle and steer the kayak and what to do were it to capsize! That apparently happens occasionally on the smaller kayaks, but we opted for the tandem kayak, which is very stable.  And were you to capsize, then the experienced kayak-guide is always next to you and picks you up.

Calm Water Kayaking by Ísafjörður - the Kayaking Centre of Iceland

After the basic kayaking lesson, we got some more gear, f.ex. Gloves which we fastened to the oars, an apron to attach to us and the kayak, so we wouldn't get wet - and I also got a waterproof bag for my camera. The guide now pushed us into the sea, and off we went kayaking in the fjord!

On this tour, apart from my husband and me, was a French couple, who was also kayaking for the first time. I was glad that I was not the only beginner as at first, you feel a little flustered, but you quickly get the hang of it and start enjoying the ride.

It is amazing paddling like this in beautiful surroundings. Of course, if you are new to kayaking like I was, then I was concentrating on the paddling, following the guide and the idea that I was actually floating on the sea. But the sea was calm, and the mountain range is absolutely beautiful.

We let ourselves float and enjoyed the surroundings. I barely noticed that I was sitting in a kayak, it was so stable, but I think my husband was doing most of the paddling for both of us. My paddling might have been more for a show, although I felt very sporty paddling and sat there paddling like there was no tomorrow ;) 

Calm Water Kayaking by Ísafjörður - the Kayaking Centre of Iceland

The 2-hour kayaking tour is easy, and you will very soon get the hang of it, so do try it out. Before the tour, you will be provided with all the kayaking gear, like a waterproof jacket, life-west and special gloves for the oars.  

But remember to bring a cap and wear warm clothes, and don't wear jeans, just in case you were to get wet. I got a little wet when I reached out for the camera in the waterproof bag, and my hair was a little wet as well, as I was not wearing a cap.

Calm Water Kayaking by Ísafjörður - the Kayaking Centre of Iceland

Borea Adventures also offer a wide selection of kayaking tours for the more experienced kayakers, which I would love to join later on. Plus loads more interesting tours, like hiking tours and Hornstrandir tours, but visiting Hornstrandir nature reserve is high up on my wish list.

So I will most definitely be visiting the northern part of the Westfjords of Iceland again soon!

Calm Water Kayaking by Ísafjörður - the Kayaking Centre of Iceland

This tour is available from July until October and departure is from the offices of Borea Adventures in Aðalstræti 22b at 09:30 and 13:30.

I stayed for one night in Ísafjörður, at the Salvation Army, as it was the cheapest place I could find at short notice. It was outdated but extremely clean. 

Have a great time in the Westfjords of Iceland :)

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