Þórgnýr Thoroddsen

Local contact


English, Icelandic, Danish

Hey! My name is Þórgnýr and I'm born and raised in the tourism industry. Ever since I was a child my parents ran a guesthouse right downtown in Reykjavík. I'm therefore not only experienced in interacting with travellers, it's literally in my blood.I've got a fantastic network and an easy going, adventurous personality.In my day to day life I'm neck-deep in political activism. I'm a cycler, Lindy-Hopper, traveller, Pirate, a beginner at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a father.I'm a professional leisure time consultant and formerly I worked for years in the Icelandic film industry.I've got a fantasticly good network so if there's anything you need to figure out, feel free to contact me!