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Imagine encountering whales in wild nature. This is what we do at Gentle Giants and welcome you to join us.

Gentle Giants offers whale watching tours and other exciting seafaring adventures from Húsavík town in North Iceland—which is often considered Europe's Whale Watching Capital.

Our company is proud of its history and background, with more than 150 years of family history in Skjálfandi Bay.

Welcome aboard traditional Icelandic oak boats or modern RIB speedboats in search of the giants of the ocean. Your chances of seeing whales are on our tours are between 97% and 99%.



An average customer rating of 4.5 ranks Gentle Giants Whale Watching as an excellent tour operator.
Excellent company 239 reviews
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Gentle Giants Whale Watching

Average review rating 4.5

239 traveller reviews

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To sum up, May has been a really successful month: We spotted loads of humpback whales within the past weeks – for many days we counted about 15 to 20 individuals on the tours. Many of them have been seen feeding, breaking the surface with a mouth filled up with food. Others have been acting very acrobatic: Breaching, lobtailing, flipper slapping and spyhopping could be observed again and again. Above that, the blue whales have arrived and were sighted on several trips during the past week. Esp

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Almost twenty Humpbacks in Skjalfandi bay

The last snow has not disappeared completely and also summer is slow in coming. In contrast, our bay is getting full of life at the same time. Some weeks ago the beautiful puffins returned to their island in Skjálfandi bay and also many other seabirds have been spotted during our whale watching tours. Now in May, more and more humpback whales reached their feeding grounds situated in this bay. First one by one seemed to enter the bay, but during the past days several new individuals have been

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