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I'm a licensed and independent provider of tours around Iceland.

My adventure with Iceland started thirteen years ago. It was just an ordinary trip, but it changed my life completely... Throughout those years, I had the pleasure of planning dozens of excursions for my family and friends visiting Iceland. With all the fantastic experiences which I had always ensured, they convinced me to organize such trips professionally. I came up with routes for one-day tours around Iceland, including all the beautiful spots which I had found during thirteen years of living on this island, which, with all the pleasure, these days I can call my home. Let me show you places which made me fall in love with Iceland. We can adjust our trips to the time you are spending in Iceland. Let me make your Iceland memories unforgettable!

Forget about crowded buses that are full of tourists and strictly follow their busy schedules regarding visiting destinations. I want to offer you a chance to discover Iceland in a relaxing atmosphere of traveling in a comfortable ecological electric SUV.

It is you who is the most important for me during our trips. Your experience is my priority!

It is crucial for me, so you feel like you're visiting your friend in Iceland. We can stop at any time and take pictures of breathtaking landscapes or simply enjoy the moment. Before every trip, I pick you up from your hotel, and there is also a possibility of a pick-up from the airport. I always have water, hot tea, and coffee in my car. At the end of each day, I offer a relaxing visit to one of the many thermal pools in Reykjavik. We can adjust our trips to the time you are spending on Iceland. Let me make your Iceland memories unforgettable!

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