Waking up quite late in the morning.... The sun already shines. Today is a hiking day !

It's time to have a short lunch before catching the bus: direction Esja bus station, in order to hitchhike in the direction of Glymur.

It's quite easy to get a lift to the tunnel, but then only a few cars go on the fjord road... However, most of these cars stop for hitchhikers !

Thus, It's possible to reach the parking where the hike begin. Probably one hour drive from Reykjavik to reach it. But certainly less fun than hitchhiking.

Glymur waterfall

Then a serious hike, which requires to cross a river, we can see the beautiful Glymur waterfall. It's steep at the end but it's worthy !

river crossing is required to hike the loop around the waterfall

Be careful  when crossing the river upstream the waterfall, some place are a little bit too deep ! Then a nice descent go directly to the parking, where it is easy to get a lift with others hikers...