Grand West | Latrabjarg, Raudasandur & More

Grand West | Latrabjarg, Raudasandur & More
Rauðasandur is a beautiful beach unlike any other in Iceland.
Puffins are adorable animals that nest in the millions at Látrabjarg.
A puffin stretches its wings on the Látrabjarg cliffs.
Chunks of rock litter Rauðasandur beach.
Látrabjarg is a birdwatching cliff in Iceland, where hours can be spent.
Careful not to get too close to the edge of Látrabjarg; you may slip or break through into a puffin's burrow.

Explore the wonders of the Westfjords in just a day, with this fantastic excursion. If you are passionate about wildlife, nature and history, then this is the tour for you.

You will begin this tour when you meet your guides in the lovely town of Patreksfjörður; they will pick you up, and immediately begin to take you to your first destination. Your journey will take you by stunning seascapes and dramatic mountains, and you can ask your guides any questions you have about the region, its history and its folklore.

The first place you are headed to is the Látrabjarg birdwatching cliffs. At fourteen kilometres long and 440 metres high, they are mightily impressive in their own right, without even speaking of the millions of creatures that live upon them.

Over a dozen species nest here, but most impressive and sought out is no doubt the resident puffins. They can be found all over, and as they have not been hunted here for decades, they have very little fear of visitors. 

You can get within arm’s reach, although you are asked not to, as the edge of the cliff is fragile, and puffins nest in burrows, so you may collapse one. Even so, you will have an incredible, intimate experience.

Látrabjarg is also the westernmost point of Iceland and considered by some to be the westernmost point of Europe. Furthermore, it was the site of a dramatic shipwreck and awe-inspiring rescue, which you will learn more about later on this tour.

Following your time here, you will head to a beautiful nearby beach called Rauðasandur. Unlike on the South Coast, where the shoreline is an ominous black, the sands here are golden and pink. A walk along here is a scenic, relaxing experience, that feels like it belongs in another country.

Finally, you will head to the Hnjótur Heritage Museum, which this tour includes admission to. Here, you will learn all about the past millennium of history in the Westfjords, including the shipwreck at Látrabjarg, and how Icelanders managed to rescue sailors trapped at the bottom of the cliff.

Don’t miss this wildlife, nature and cultural tour of the Westfjords. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Bird watching
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Westfjords, Látrabjarg, Rauðasandur
Pickup information:
    Patreksfjörður Tourist information center

    Please be at the tour start location in good time before departure. If you need assistance finding it, seek guidance in your Hotel's reception or contact your tour provider directly.

    • Local guidance in English

    • Entrance to the Heritage Museum at Hnjótur

    • Transportation

    What to bring:
    • Warm outdoor clothing

    • Comfortable shoes

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